Daisy and the Milk is the third story of the second volume and twenty-ninth overall in The New Adventures on Rails.

Daisy and the Milk
Season X, Episode 29
Air date 29 February 2020
Written by MainLineEngines
Directed by MainLineEngines
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One morning, David brought a goods train to the Big Station.

"Time to sort out this train," said Jessie, as she took the trucks to the yard.

Minutes later, she puffed back to the station just as David was about to go to the sheds.

"I see you brought the milk," he observed.

"Yes. From what I hear, Daisy will take with her return train to Harwick," she replied.

David chuckled. "I don't think Daisy will like that."

"Yeah, but still, she pulls it despite not liking it."

"Though I wouldn't be surprised if Daisy tried some of her old tricks again."

"I don't she will."

"Yeah, she has grown used to it."

Meanwhile, up at Harwick, both Ryan and Daisy were getting ready for the day.

"It's a lovely day," said Ryan.

"Yes. Perfect for carrying passengers up and down the line," agreed Daisy.

"I have to collect some goods from Edward's station."

"Enjoy the journey then and be careful with those trucks."

"I will!"

Ryan puffed away and not long afterwards, Daisy purred over to the station where the passengers were waiting. In no time at all, Daisy started off and was soon resting at the Big Station.

Jessie was bringing in some coaches as Daisy was waiting at the platform.

"Hullo Daisy."

"Hey, Jessie. How are you?"

"I'm good. Had a good journey down?"

"I did."

"Great. Now, for your return journey, you must take these milk vans with you."

Daisy stopped suddenly.

"Milk? Again?"

"Yes, milk," repeated Jessie. "Come on, you're a master at this job."

"I wish I was," sighed Daisy, "but its been such a long time. I don't think I can do it again."

"No worries. You'll get used to it again."

"Well, but, I think my passengers would object."

"Why? They know you can pull trucks."

"But then, some don't really like milk."

"It's not for sale, yet."

Daisy did not want to pull the milk again.

"The thing is Ryan told me he'd be happy to take the milk for me."


"Yeah. I explained to him the trouble I've had with the milk train in the past and he told me he would take care of it for me."

"Well how thoughtful of 'him'," grinned Jessie.

"Yes, a really nice gesture," stammered Daisy.

Then, her passengers began to arrive.

"I'll have to go soon," continued Daisy.

"That's all right. If I see Ryan later, should I tell him what you just told me."

"Yeah, no problem. We talked about it last night anyways."

"So you say," said Jessie, quietly.

Daisy was soon out of the station. Jessie took the vans back to the Yard.

Daisy felt pleased with herself.

"I avoided getting into that mess. Besides, I have my own work to worry about. And Jessie will probably be somewhere else by the time Ryan gets back."

Meanwhile, Jessie chuckled to herself.

"I'm more than certain Ryan did not agree to taking the milk," she told Douglas.

"There is a sly chance though," warned Douglas.

"I know. But still."

"I didna suppose, ye'd want tae stay in the yard to tell Ryan aboot this whole milk situation."

"That'd be great. But don't worry, things are fine on the Ffarquhar Branch, so I'm going to be here all day."

"Weel, let me know how things turn out."

"I will!"

Later that day, Jessie did see Ryan at the Big Station.

"You're here for the tankers, aren't you."


"I'll fetch them for you." Jessie soon returned with some tankers and the milk vans. "By the way, Daisy mentioned that you agreed to take charge of the milk train."

Ryan stopped. He was confused. "I don't recall talking about milk," he went on slowly.

"As I thought," said Jessie. "She lied to me."

"What do you mean?"

"She was supposed to take the milk vans but kept making excuses. In the end, she told me you agreed to do it."

"I don't mind taking the milk."

"You really are a good friend," smiled Jessie. "But don't take on all the work. You've already got a long train."

"I'm sure I can handle it."

"All right. Just take care, you know."

Ryan was soon on his way but it was hard work. By the time he reached Arlesburgh, he was exhausted.

Luckily, Donald was there to help.

That night, the engines were resting when the Stationmaster came up.

"The Fat Controller says you both have a busy day tomorrow. He expects both of you to do your assigned jobs. That includes taking the milk." Then he walked away.

"I'm sorry for making you take the milk," apologised Daisy.

"I don't mind extra work," smiled Ryan.

"I know, but it is still not fair for you."

"Why didn't you want to take the milk?"

"I was quite relieved to not have to pull anything when I was transferred here. But now the milk train is back. What's all that about?"

"Who knows," chuckled Ryan, "it really is your job."

Daisy sighed. She went to sleep, a bit upset but woke the next morning feeling cheerful again.

She had a good journey down and was preparing for the return journey. Jessie shunted the vans into place behind.

"It will be all right," encouraged Jessie. "You can do it easily."

"I sure hope so. But why is it now two vans. What is that about?"

"I'm not totally sure. Something to do with supply and demand perhaps. No worries though. You've pulled more with ease."

Daisy wasn't sure, but she tried to focus on other things instead.

"At least it is still lovely out and the rails are dry."

Daisy was soon ready to go but as she departed, the coupling between her and the first van came loose. Daisy didn't notice. When the Guard and Signalman realised this, Daisy was away. It wasn't until she reached Haultraugh that she realised.

"Bother," she groaned. "And I didn't do it on purpose."

"Of course not," soothed her Driver.

It was decided that Duck would bring the vans to Harwick.

"Well, you avoided that milk today," said Ryan that night.

"Yeah, I only wish it could happen more often," said Daisy.

The next day, she tried to start before the vans were coupled. Another time she tried to go to another platform but to no avail.

"There really is no avoiding this job is there," said Daisy.

"That's what we have been saying. It's your job," chuckled Jessie.

"And do a grand job too."


Gradually, Daisy became used to taking the milk as part of her daily routine. The others think she does a very good job.

"Too good," said Ryan.

"But we don't want her gloating about it too much," grinned Jessie.

Still, the others know that Daisy is happy as long as she is Really Useful.



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