Daisy, Ryan, and the Cows is the fifth story of the second volume and thirty-first story overall of The New Adventures on Rails.

Daisy, Ryan, and the Cows
Season X, Episode 31
Air date 27 March 2020
Written by MainLineEngines
Directed by MainLineEngines
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Daisy and Ryan enjoyed life on the Harwick branch line. They kept busy with passengers and goods, especially in the spring and summer seasons. The line was especially popular with locals.

"Not many visitors come here," they said.

Sometimes, Duck and Oliver would help out with passengers.

"Otherwise, I have to pull coaches," said Daisy.

"So you're a mixed-traffic engine now," teased Ryan.

"Of course not."

Ryan laughed and went to fetch his train.

The next day, he picked up a goods train at the Big Station, and then headed up the line. He passed Arlesburgh, rounded a bend, and thought he saw something on the line ahead.

"There's something on the track," he told his Driver.

His Driver reduced steam.

"It's an animal," he observed.

Ryan came nearer and nearer.

"I must stop," he groaned.

Finally, he came to a stop and saw it was a cow, eating grass on the side of the line.

"I have to get through," thought Ryan. "But we mustn't hurt her."

"Of course not," agreed the Driver.

Ryan blew his whistle but the cow payed no attention.

Meanwhile, Daisy had departed Harwick and was on her way to Arlesburgh when she was flagged down by a farmer.

"One of my cows escaped from my field," he explained. "She's probably wandered off down the line."

"All right. We'll take you to her," said the Driver.

There they found Ryan trying to 'shoo' the cow away.

"Daisy. Thank goodness you've come."

"Don't worry. The farmer is here to help," said Daisy. "I don't mean to brag but I fancy shoo-ing cows."

"So I've heard," chuckled the farmer.

Ryan was impressed. "How do you do it?"

"You just have to give them a little fright."

"I see."

Ryan wanted to help the farmer, so he pumped his pistons and wheeshed very loudly. The cow jumped and ran around frantically.

"Just not like that," murmured Daisy.

"I'm very sorry," faltered Ryan.

"I know you were trying to help, but now, I must catch her."

The Driver used the radio on Daisy to let Arlesburgh know that the line was blocked.

In no time at all, Duck arrived with a cattle truck. By now, the cow had calmed down and the farmer was able to lure her into the truck.

Finally, both engines were on their way.

That night, Daisy noticed Ryan was a bit upset.

"Are you still down about the cow incident?"

"Yeah. I wasn't exactly helpful."

"Well, neither was I at first. I thought I could do anything but this one bull proved me wrong!"

Ryan chuckled a bit.

"It is kind of funny looking back," she said. "But anyways, Toby taught me the proper way to do things."

"So how does it go?"

"Well, you were right in wheeshing steam, just don't do it so violently."

"Okay. Does Toby do it that way?"

"Yes. He knows a lot from his old branch which ran through many farms and villages."

"Thanks for telling me Daisy."

"No problem."

The next few days went by with no major problems. The farmer began repairs on his fence.

But one day, Ryan was heading to the Big Station with some empties when he noticed that the farmer's fence still had an opening to the line. Soon, he was nearing Arlesburgh when he saw five cows on the line. He stopped.

"Now there's even more!" he exclaimed. "How will we round them up?"

"Just like Daisy told you," encouraged the Driver.

"Speaking of Daisy, we better warn Arlesburgh," said the Fireman.

They telephoned the Stationmaster.

"Daisy has just left the station," he said.

"Daisy will be here any minute," said the Fireman, urgently.

"We must get them out of the way!" cried Ryan.

So Ryan took a deep breath, and slowly let out steam.

The cows jumped a bit. Ryan let out a 'whoosh' of steam. The cows looked up.

They saw Ryan and went towards him. But Ryan hissed some steam and the cows went to the side of the line where there was grass.

He was just in time for Daisy roared by. She tooted "hullo".

"Phew! The cows are safe," said Ryan, relieved.

The farmer arrived in no time.

"Thanks for keeping my cows safe," he said.

"It was my pleasure."

"And rest assured, I'll have the fence finished tomorrow."

In the sheds, Daisy was very pleased for Ryan.

"You did a good job today."

"Yes. All thanks to you."

"Well, we are friends."

Daisy was glad to have helped Ryan, and he was glad to have Daisy as his friend.




  • The original idea was to feature a bull.
  • Daisy makes a reference to Bull's-eyes.
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