Cranky is a dockyard loading crane who works for the Sodor S
hipping Co. at Brendam Docks.


Cranky arrived in Sodor in 1998. When he was still new, he insulted Thomas and Percy by calling them bugs. However after a strong storm and a rather hard pull of the rope by Percy, he has leaned his lesson and has reformed. 

The reason why Cranky is so grumpy is because he doesn't get enough sleep at night. He one time let his anger get the best of him and knocked the whole goods shed down at Brendam Docks

He was involved in the starting of the jet engine out of rage, which pushed Thomas down the line very fast. 


Cranky is grumpy because he doesn't get any sleep at night. He works all day and his only company is the seagulls. 

In Thomas the Slender Engine

Cranky is an antagonist. He inhabits Brendam Docks at Night.

Cranky is a huge, green robot with glowing green eyes.


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