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Colin is a steam crane who works at The Wharf.


Colin is a fixed crane at the Wharf, because of this, he often feels left out. So, Freddie wanted to have the Christmas party at the Wharf, but didn't tell the Thin Controller. When he did tell the Thin Controller, he agreed and Colin had fun at the party.


Colin is lonely deep inside, as he is fixed in place at the wharf. He feels left out of some of the fun that the narrow gauge engines have. He's also good friends with Freddie.


Colin is mostly green with red pulleys and cogwheels amongst his mechanism. He has a grey roof with grey boards along the top of his cab above his door.


Sodor Adventures

  • Season 1 - Sir Handel and the Ghost Engine
  • Season 3 - The Fastest Engine in the Hills and Luke and the Christmas Party
  • Season 4 - Harold and the Climbers
  • Season 5 - High Expectations and Creepy Cutting
  • Season 6 - Paul and Colin


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