Clever Thinking is the ninth episode of the twelfth season.

Clever Thinking
Season 12, Episode 9
Air date May 31st, 2013
Written by MainLineEngines
Directed by MainLineEngines
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David was enjoying life on the Wellsworth-Brendam Branch Line. He was capable of taking any type of goods, whether on the Main Line or the Branch.

Everyday James brings down trucks from Vicarstown. Trucks from British Railways are used to more type of engines and so know more types of tricks. David knew this.

"Take care. They were bumping me. I'm so glad this stupid project at Brendam is nearly over," he groaned crossly.

"Don't worry," David replied confidently, eyeing the trucks.

James just went about his business.

"We are going to bump and make him have an accident," the leader truck said to the others. And they began discussing ideas to spite him.

"Let's go. No tricks," he said firmly.

"Give up, give up. You can't pull us, you can't. You can't pull us, you can't pull us you waste of space."

But no matter what happened it seemed like he was indestructable.

Several times before Suddery, they began putting on their brakes. And every time the trouble was put right, and he continued.

"Come on, come on, come on, come on," David chanted, "come on you stupid trucks."

"He called us stupid."

"Oh, we'll get back."

"Not before I do," David whispered.

There is a hill a bit after Suddery. David picked up trucks there, and headed off.

"With more we'll have some fun!"

The leader was excited, but little did he know that David was going to have some more fun that him.

At the hill, he struggled to get up.

"Give. Up. Give. Up," the trucks chanted.

"I. Won't. I. Won't," David kept retorting.

They reached the top of the hill where David knew they were going to push, and they did!

"Don't put on the brakes, just go in reverse!" David yelled to his crew.

So, they put on the reverser, and waited.

As they neared the Docks, Edward watched in horror!

"Stop!" he yelled.

And they slid right to a stop by him!

"I made up for lost time, didn't I?" chuckled David.

"How, how did you do that?"

"Well, BR expirence always help."

Edward smiled, and David grinned with delight of a job well done."


  • Edward
  • James
  • David
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