Christmas, 1914 is the fifth episode of The Dark Days of Thomas the Tank Engine.


The Christmas Eve party of 1991 had been great and as Thomas slept he had a flashback.

A flashback of his first Christmas in steam. He had had a Christmas in the Works, but was now happy to be spending a Christmas with his brothers

He remembered all the Christmas decorations at Southampton Docks; Christmas tree with lights, garland, spheres and a star on the top, lights on the shed, and many Christmas decorations came in everyday.

He remembered many passengers coming to welcome their family from outside Britian, or how they were going to travel to their families.

There were also many post cards, so the mail train was fuller than ever before.

On Christmas Eve, they had a party, with food, music, and games it was fun.

It was his first Christmas with his brothers, and the last.

But, he had enjoyed it very much.


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