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GWR 4400 Class







Celeste is one of the characters who appears in The Sudrian Rejects, she is one of the four main characters.


Celeste is a mild-mannered motherly figure to the younger engines at Steelhead Isle. At first, everyone expected her to pass her trials at the North Western Railway, as most engines liked her, and was a great help on Duck's Branch Line. But, she eventually met Charlie, and that was her demise. The one time he told a legitimate joke, most of the engines laughed, as it was actually somewhat funny, but Celeste didn't get it. She was sent away due to her lacking a sense of humor, and a passenger engine was needed for Steelhead Isle Line, thus she went there. Her stoical attitude to jokes has mostly left her entitled "The Death of the Party", and she often is the one who will stop a trick if things get out of hand. Out of all the engines, Celeste is the only one Mask seems to like, albeit not much.


Celeste is based off the GWR 4400 Class, a 2-6-2 tank engine class, the second of many on the Great Western Railway. They were built between 1905 and 1906, and more were built in 1914. All eleven members of the class was scrapped by 1955, thus they survived for a long time.


Celeste is painted in an unlined black, with the number '2' on the sides of her cab in white, and the lettering 'SIL', meaning 'Steelhead Isle Line' in white on her tanks.