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Carly is a large gantry crane who works at Brendam Docks with Cranky and Big Mickey.


When Cranky was creaking and groaning and falling behind in his work, Sir Topham Hatt thought he needed some help, so he asked Thomas and Edward to bring a "big, new, fancy crane" back from the Mainland. The crane turned out to be Carly and although he feared that he was being replaced, Cranky warmed up to her when he realized she creaks and groans too.

However, not long after her arrival, Carly and Cranky started challenging each other to see who could do more work than the other. They worked so fast and hard, they accidentally got their chains tangled and were stuck. Salty then told them a story about a two-headed sea serpent trying to work together and this made the two cranes realized they needed to do so to untangle themselves. After they did, Cranky apologized for being jealous and Carly apologized for appearing to take over his duties.

Soon after, Carly was introduced to Big Mickey and they and Cranky agreed they should all work together to get their jobs done.


Carly is very bubbly and chirpy and always eager to work. She is also very friendly as well and makes friends with everyone she meets. Sometimes she likes to take on more jobs than usual, but nevertheless, she wants to be really useful.


Carly is based on a Chinese portal crane built by Kcrane.


Carly's main body is painted bright yellow, and has dark blue railings and stairs. Her name is written in dark blue on each side of her cab, and she has a dark blue section above her face, and black hazard stripes on her superstructure and base.

In Thomas the Slender Engine

She inhabits Brendam Docks (Dusk) with Big Mickey and Porter.

She is a large bright yellow and dark blue robot.


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