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one day cain puffed out of phillip's extra shed next to edward just then the shed collapsed dust flew everywhere! just then the fat controller arrived "well cain" said sir topham hatt "you were supposed to take a goods train to barrow-in-furness but now you need repairs" cain was upset soon iori took him away to the works soon cain was in the works when edward came with some news "your shed cant be fixed" edward said this made cain more upset soon cain was fixed but now he had to decide to where he would sleep now he could either sleep at knapford good's yard with jake the red engine stanley and some other engines or at vicarstown with the mainland engines with henry rosie and some other engines or at another place cain finally made his decision the next day cain headed to tidmouth docks where his arch nemises slept at alberto cain slept in the goods shed while alberto was on the other side of the docks soon cain adapted to tidmouth docks and got used to his friends like adam andre and some other friends passing by an making noise


  • cain
  • edward
  • alberto
  • andre
  • adam
  • iori
  • phillip
  • sir topham hatt
  • henry
  • rosie
  • jake
  • stanley
  • hector
  • micko
  • joey
  • ten cents (cameo)
  • puffa (cameo)
  • chuffa (cameo)
  • hercules (cameo)
  • theodore (cameo)
  • izzy gomez (cameo)