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Bulleid the Leader
Season 1, Episode 1
Air date 6/24/2022
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Tales of Sodor
Model Engine

Bulleid the Leader is the first episode of Tales of Sodor.


A new engine named Bulleid has arrived on the Island of Sodor. However, due to his design and fuel type, neither the steamies or the diesels will accept him, so he must prove he is a leader.


One bright sunny day on the island of Sodor, a new face was hurrying across the island. At Knapford yards, Thomas, Percy, James, Henry, Edward, and Gordon were waiting for the Fat Controller.

”What’s taking him so long?” Said James

”Hush,” said Edward, “An engine is coming.”

There, coming into the yard, was seemingly a diesel! He stopped in front of James.

”Get your filthy buffers away from me!” Exclaimed James.

Just then, Sir Topham Hatt stepped out.

“Everyone, say hello to Bulleid, the Leader!” He said.

”He doesn’t look like a leader to me,” Gordon whispered to Edward.

”Now Gordon that isn’t nice,” Edward replied.

”Bulleid will be on loan for a week so make him feel at home, that will be all.” And with that, Topham walked back into his office.

“Hmph,” sniffed James, “how can we trust this diesel?”

”He’s not a diesel James,” explained Edward, “he is a steam engine, just like us!”

”I doubt that,” he replied, and with that, James steamed away.

Later that day, Bulleid went past the docks and overheard Henry talking to Charlie.

”That new engine is sure to replace us!” Henry said.

”You’re right Henry, I’ll spread the news of the threat.”

Bulleid grew sad, “ Nobody trusts me,” he thought to himself.

Later, he was taking a train of fuel to the Dieselworks. Inside, there were 3 diesels. They were Diesel, Arry, and Bert.

”Hello there! I am-“ but before Bulleid could finish, Diesel interrupted.

”Leave your train here and exit you stinky steamy,” he growled.

“Yeah!” Arry joined in.

”How rude,” Bulleid said to himself, “If the steam engines nor Diesel engines will accept me, there is no way I will be brought onto the railway.”

Later, Bulleid found Edward to give him some suggestions.

”Well,” Edward said thoughtfully, “There is no way you can get the diesels to respect you, so try to prove to the steamies you are one of them.”

“But they already know I’m a steam engine!”

Edward chuckled, “No that’s not what I meant, try to get on their good side by helping with their jobs.”

Just then the guard’s whistle blew.

”That’s my leave, good luck!” And Edward puffed away.

He saw Gordon later that day. He realized he had a chance.

”Oh Gordon!” Can I take the express?” He said

Gordon was about to say no, when he thought of something very cheeky.

”Why yes my dear engine, you may do it tomorrow.”

“Thank you Gordon,” and he rolled away.

What Bulleid didn’t know was that Gordon had only given him the express to become humiliated.

The next day, He went to Knapford to take it. Gordon was waiting for him.

”Go on!” He called.

He quickly coupled up to the coaches.

”Are you sure about this?” Bulleid’s driver asked.

”Positive,” he replied.

With that, he started off. His wheels spun and screeched. With a puff of steam, the train started off. Just as it seemed like the train would depart, a loud SNAP shook the station.

”What was that?” Bulleid asked.

His crew checked his undercarriage.

”One of your axles broke!” They said.


He got his axles fixed and he searched for more engines to help. At Elsbridge he saw Thomas stuck on the line.

”What’s wrong Thomas?”

”I broke down and I need to take this train of supplies to the orchard for a party,” he replied.

“May I take the train?” He asked.

“No, you can’t be trusted.” Thomas crossly said.

”Come on Thomas, give him a chance,” Thomas’ driver said.

”Fine,” he said.

So Bulleid coupled up and took the train. However he kept stopping for water as he was using up so much of it. This took up much valuable time. By the time he got to the orchard, nobody was to be seen.

”Where is everybody?” His fireman asked curiously.

Trevor rolled up to them, “Sorry, you’re too late. They left 10 minutes ago,” he replied.

”Drats.” He thought.

With that, he took the trucks back to the yards.

”I haven’t been able to help anybody!” Bulleid said to his crew.

”I’m sure somebody will need help soon.” They said.

Just then an alarm rang.

”An engine is stuck inside Henry’s Tunnel which is surrounded by fire and we’re out of water! Can you help?” Said a fireman.

”We’ll try,” Bulleid said.

When they got there, Bulleid was shocked. A ring of fire surrounded the tunnel. Trees were burning down. And fire trucks without water were littered around. And an engine stuck inside. It was Henry!

”We need to get him out!” Bulleid exclaimed.

”It’s too dangerous!” His driver said.

But his engine wasn’t listening. As soon as the crew stepped out trying to survey the scene to find anyway to stop the fire, Bulleid quickly set off.

”Come back!” They shouted, but he just ignored them.

He rushed through the fire and buffered up to Henry. He struggled to push the big green engine but eventually he got to slowly start moving. With a mighty shove, he and Henry burst through the wall of fire just as his new axle snapped and they slowed to a stop. Just then, the fire grew into one huge flame!

”You saved me,” Henry said awestruck.

”It was nothing” He replied.

”Well done Bulleid!” Cheered Flynn.

After he got back from the works, Bulleid was ordered to go to Vicarstown. When he got there, he was surprised about the scene. Many of the engines were waiting for him inside the station, and cheered when he was in site.

”What is this sir?” Bulleid asked.

”Well, seeing as you’re a hero, I thought you would deserve this,” he replied.

“And you saved me!” Henry called.

”Yes that too. Now, I know that you have many problems, correct?” Sir Topham asked.

”Yes sir,” Bulleid said shamefully.

”Well I have figured out how to fix them”

“You have?” He asked.

”Wait a second,” Topham said, “so, as you are a cheap purchase, I have decided to purchase you!”

”Does that mean?”

“Yes!” Topham Hatt said, “You are part of my railway now! Welcome Leader!

And all the engines whistled and peeped, but Bulleid the leader was most happy of all.




  • Bulleid was told off-screen that Gordon pulled the express.