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Bruce and Edward is the third episode of the first season of Bruce the Runaway Engine.

Bruce and Edward
Season 1, Episode 3
Air date July 12th, 2015
Written by Percyduckfan1111
Directed by Percyduckfan1111
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A Mangled Mess

Bruce was going to start working today. It was warm, and he was happy. Sir Topham Hatt came to check on Bruce. "You will be working on Edward's Branch Line. He will pick you up in a few minutes." He said. Sir Topham Hatt was right, as Edward arrived to the Sodor Steamworks. "Hello there, I'm Edward, and you are?" Edward happily said. "....Bruce." Bruce quietly said. To say the least, Bruce has bad social skills. They're terrible. Just TERRIBLE. Edward was coupled up to Bruce, then got Phillip. Victor and Kevin said their goodbyes. "Have a nice time, my friend!" Victor happily said. Bruce just blew his whistle. Edward was shocked by how deep it was. Phillip chuckled. "You'll get used to it." Bruce told Edward.

When they arrived, BoCo oiled by, and was coupled to a train. Edward was supposed to help BoCo, but he saw Bruce. He was pale. So, Edward lied when he got Bruce his coal. "You must pull the train with BoCo." Edward explained, and Bruce believed him. He coupled to the train, and Edward pulled Bruce's passenger train. "Hello. I'm BoCo, who are you?" BoCo asked Bruce, and he smiled a little. "B-Bruce." Bruce quietly said. BoCo smiled, and they were making great time with the train. The two were becoming friends quickly, but Bruce was still nervous about him being a diesel. However, he didn't mention it. At one point, Bruce got another friend. Trevor. He was stuck at a level crossing.

When Bruce arrived, he went to Edward. He was resting in a siding. "I know you lied." Bruce said coldly. "H-H-How did you know?" Edward asked, Bruce could easily overpower him, but Bruce chuckled. "BoCo told me you were supposed to pull it with him. I'm not angry at you, I made new friends!" Bruce said, and Edward smiled. "That's great." Edward said.

At night, Edward arrived at Tidmouth Sheds. He went into the berth still available. "That Bruce takes a bunch of work off me." Edward said. "He's so nice!" Percy happily added. But, James had other feelings. "I think Bruce is keeping a secret, maybe he's evil." James said that last part sarcastically, and all the engines laughed, but Bruce didn't know that when he was going to ask if there was a place to sleep. Bruce puffed away, having new feelings about the seven.