Brendam Docks


Brendam, also known as Brendam Docks or Brendam Bay , is a town with a population of 5,000. It is the top station for Edward's Branch Line and an important harbour. Bill and Ben bring china clay from the nearby China Clay Workings, and it is shipped to the mainland.

The Sodor China Clay Company, established in 1948, occasionally hosts days when enthusiasts may look around. Bill and Ben particularly enjoy the attention these visitors give them.

Brendam is also home to Cranky, who always loads and unloads cargo to and from the dock, Porter, a new tank engine, and Salty, who loves to work at the Docks and tell tales of the sea.

In the television series, a coastal branch line runs from the port, and is mainly used for fish traffic. It also appears that the express stops here on its way to Vicarstown, to collect passengers from the many ocean liners that come in here. In the second and third seasons, there was a station near the docks, but it has not been seen since. In the fifth and sixth seasons, there was a large goods shed nearby Cranky, but after he accidentally knocked it over, it has not been rebuilt or seen since. The mail barge also docks here. The docks here are large and extensive, with many warehouses, cranes, rail yards and canals.

In Thomas the Slender Engine, the map heavily resembles the original. However, it is mostly abandoned with no sign of people or locomotives. The place functioned normally until Spencer mutated the characters that work there. Salty, Porter, Big Mickey, Carly, and Cranky were all infected. The Docks are only seen in Story Mode at the beginning when Percy and Diesel are talking. While it is never seen again for the Story Mode, it appears as one of the maps.

In Thomas the Slender Engine

At Day, it is inhabited by 'Arry & Bert.

At Dusk, it is inhabited by Big Mickey, Carly, and Porter.

At Night, it is inhabited by Cranky.



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