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Branch Line Adventures is a special edition three disk DVD containing all twenty Branch Line Adventures episodes on Disk One. One first season episode, and one second season episode,three third season episodes, and five fourth season. Disk Three included five other fourth season episodes, two fifth season episodes, and one sixth season episode. Along with two songs and three games.

Branch Line Adventures

No. of episodes-


Release Date-

March 13, 2012


The Best of Donald and Douglas


The Pilot Episode and Other Thomas Adventures

Disk 1

  1. Thomas' Accident
  2. Percy and The Leaky Pipe
  3. Mavis' Truck Trouble
  4. Daisy
  5. Toby's Train
  6. Duck Helps Out
  7. Coaches
  8. Near Plunge
  9. Quarrys and Bridges
  10. Daisy and The Milk Tanker
  11. Point Failure
  12. Annie, Clarabel, Henrietta, Alice, and Mirabel
  13. Trucks Everywhere
  14. The News
  15. Lyme and Ghosts
  16. On Time
  17. Duck and The Harbour
  18. The VIPs
  19. Thomas' Welcome Party
  20. Thomas Comes Home

Disk 2

  1. The Pilot Episode
  2. Edward & The Coaches
  3. Percy & The Truck
  4. The Three Tank Engines
  5. Thomas' Bad Day
  6. A Thanksgiving Celebration
  7. The Truck (episode)
  8. The End of November
  9. The End of November Redux
  10. The Final Decision


  • Thomas' Anthem

Disk 3

  1. Thomas' Snowplough
  2. Thomas' Turntable Spin
  3. The Fall Out
  4. Branches
  5. Thomas in Trouble
  6. Hank
  7. Bill, Ben, and The Diseasel
  8. Fish and Forklifts


  • The Work Song


  • Help Henry, Gordon, James, Daisy, and Duck collect passengers
  • Help Mavis load trucks for Douglas
  • Help Donald and Rex unload and load ballast trucks.


  • This DVD usually comes with Percy covered in water.
  • This is the second DVD to have more than one disk.