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BoCo and the Branch Line
Season 2, Episode 11 - 13
Air date September 21st, 2017 (Part 1)
September 28th, 2017 (Part 2)
October 5th, 2017 (Part 3)
Written by TheLocoLover
Directed by TheLocoLover
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BoCo and the Branch Line is a 3-part episode making up the 11th - 13th episodes of the 2nd season of Sudrian Stories.

BoCo and the Branch Line

  1. Part 1 - When an old branch line is discovered, BoCo and some workmen are given 3 weeks to restore it. With support, BoCo agrees.
  2. Part 2 - BoCo is trying to find engines for the line, and meets a new engine who can handle the goods, and then comes across Edward's old friend...
  3. Part 3 - Things are going great during construction, until some track erodes, trapping BoCo. Who will rescue him and fix the track?


Part 1

Sodor has various different express trains, but the most popular is the Wild 'nor Wester, which is a direct connection from Tidmouth to London, with a stop at Knapford. While originally pulled by Edward, Gordon pulled the train for most of his time on the North Western Railway, until Pip and Emma came along in 2011. Ever since, he has mostly been pulling The Limited, a secondary express train that goes from Tidmouth to Barrow-in-Furness, but it also stops at Wellsworth, Knapford, and Crovan's Gate.

You may wonder why this is important, but remember that The Limited stops at Wellsworth, thus conflict between Gordon and Diesel is frequent. While most of the engines ignored it, or intervened, it really annoyed BoCo, he wanted Diesel to just ignore Gordon, but he never did. One night, BoCo expressed his annoyance at Wellsworth Sheds. "Diesel, you really just need to stop paying attention to Gordon." He explained.

"It's harder than you think, you know!" Retorted Diesel.

"Well, it's really starting to irritate me, I think I need a break from it all."

Before Diesel could reply, they heard a familiar voice. "Well, then, BoCo, maybe you'd like a change of scenery!" Suggested Sir Topham Hatt.

BoCo was confused. "Where would that be, sir?" He asked.

Smiling, Sir Topham Hatt began to speak. "I'm giving some workmen 2 weeks to restore the Kirk Ronan Branch Line, and it would be great to see an engine pulling the workmen and supplies instead of just having to call others to do it."

BoCo was honored. "Why, I'd love to!"

"Good, then it's settled. I need you to take a china clay train to Brendam Docks in the morning, thus you should be there by noon."

"Well, good luck." Remarked Diesel. "Edward's told me about the Kirk Ronan branch, and it seems like you're in charge of a handful."

But, BoCo just chuckled. "Don't worry, Diesel. I deal with Bill and Ben for a living, I know how to keep things orderly."

"I guess that's true, I couldn't do that."

Diesel and BoCo went to sleep, but the latter had a number of thoughts rushing through his mind. This will be some hard work... ever since the Cement Works shut down, the branch line's been abandoned. I don't know if I can do it.

Although he struggled to go to sleep, BoCo eventually did. But, he obviously wasn't happy when his driver awoke him. "Wake up, old boy!" He called.

BoCo groaned. "Ugh.. it's too early! It's only 5:30."

"Nonsense!" Retorted the driver. "That clock's 2 hours slow, remember?"

"Wait... shouldn't that be fixed?"

"Sir Topham Hatt always forgets."

BoCo went on his way to the Clay Pits, he was still thinking about if being in charge of the branch line's construction was the best idea. "I hope the line can handle without me." He sighed.

When he got to Brendam Docks, the place was a mess. While Edward was trying to help Salty and Porter tidy it up, it was evident that it would take a bit. The 3 seemed to be in need of some assistance. "What happened here?" Asked BoCo.

"Well, the inaccurate clocks threw us off." Explained Porter. "Me and Salty panicked a little bit."

"Yes, and I was stuck helping them." Groaned Edward, it was obvious he wasn't too happy about the whole problem.

"I guess I could help real quick." Said BoCo.

With four engines, the mess was cleaned up much quicker. BoCo (noticing the time) panicked. "It's 11:00 already?! I should of left by now!" Shrieked the green diesel.

"It's the clock." Chuckled Porter. "It's only about 9:00."

BoCo sighed. "I swear, that clock will give me a panic attack."

"Don't be silly, matey! Engines can't have panic attacks!" Salty replied.

While Salty and Porter had to get back to work, Edward rolled up to BoCo, whom was filling up on diesel fuel. "So, are you excited to help construction?" He asked.

"I'm not so sure... this is a worrying thing. Will the branch line manage?"

"Don't worry, everything will be fine."

BoCo still wasn't sure. "Who will pull the china clay? And the passengers to the animal park? Or-"

"Silence!" Demanded Edward. "BoCo, Sir Topham Hatt would rather have an engine leading construction, we'll manage. You're much faster and stronger than me, you can do it."

BoCo was quite shocked by Edward raising his voice, but understood.

"Thanks, Edward!" BoCo called as he left.

Smiling to himself, Edward watched as his friend left. "Godspeed." He whispered.

Rushing down the line, BoCo headed towards Kellsthorpe Road, he was determined. "Edward's right, they need me." He said to nobody.

But, Mavis had heard. "Who are you talking to?"

A happier and more determined engine, BoCo headed towards the Kirk Ronan Branch, as it was his destiny.

Part 2

It had been only a day ago since BoCo arrived to help rebuild the Kirk Ronan Branch Line, but it felt like an eternity. "This is insane." He sighed.

"What's insane?" Asked his driver.

"It feels like I've been here for weeks!" Exclaimed BoCo. "I regret doing this."

"So, you would rather endure Gordon and Diesel arguing?"

"...never mind."

BoCo's driver couldn't help but laugh. "Don't forget that Fergus is helping too!"

"Yeah, but he's a bit.... slow." BoCo sighed.

Meanwhile, Fergus slowly trundled along with a train of only 2 trucks of construction supplies. He was going so slow, even Stephen could beat him in a race. "Morning, BoCo!" Called the traction engine.

"Hello, Fergus!" Replied BoCo.

"8 miles per hour, a speed even Stephen could beat." His driver chuckled. "Thank goodness he's good at shunting."

BoCo grinned. "We all have our flaws."

While construction had been going well, it was evident that another engine was needed badly. "I need to get more supplies. Do you think you'll be fine, Fergus?" Asked BoCo.

"I'll try." Sighed Fergus. "This is harder than you think."

"I'll be quick, with any hope the Steamworks isn't crowded."

BoCo decided that he should be as fast as possible, even if this did mean he had to run a red signal, leading to him and Henry nearly colliding. "Hurry up, old boy... almost there." He gasped.

Luckily, he was right. "Nobody's in there, great!" He exclaimed.

But, suddenly, an unfamiliar horn nearly scared him off the rails. "Welcome to the Steamworks!" Called a voice BoCo didn't identify.

A large, sleek diesel pulled up alongside him. "Oh, hello. Who are you?" He asked.

"My name's Skye." Smiled the large engine. "I'm new, I've been helping Victor shunt supplies around the facility."

"You're permanently located here?" BoCo asked.

Skye giggled. "No, I was originally based at a line up on the western part of the island, but I bumped into a railcar, and she refused to work with me."

"Well, Skye, that's Daisy for you."

Before the 2 could continue talking, however, Victor pulled up. "Oh, BoCo, my friend! We didn't expect you to be here so early!"

"I'm ahead of schedule, I wanna get back as soon as possible, with Fergus' low speed."

"Ah, I understand." Replied the narrow gauge engine.

"I'll go get the construction supplies, then you can be on your way." Beamed Skye as she left to enter the Steamworks building.

BoCo smiled. "It seems like you've got a good worker."

However, Victor had to sigh. "I feel bad for Skye. She was built especially for the North Western, and I guess she was based off of some new diesel design, but with more wheels. She can't just stay here, though, but Skye needs to learn."

"You don't think she'll be sent to Steelhead Isle, do you?" BoCo asked.

"It was discussed, maybe she can find a place on that branch line that you're helping build."

"I think she would like that, Fergus can't run the line alone, after all." Chuckled the green diesel.

Suddenly, BoCo and Victor heard Skye's horn as she came up to the former 2. "Here you are, BoCo!"

"Thanks, Skye."

BoCo went back to Kellsthorpe Road, only for him to see that the construction yard was a mess. "Uh.. hi, BoCo." Said Fergus awkwardly.

"What happened?!" Shrieked BoCo in horror.

"I'm no genius, but we need another engine." Chuckled Fergus.

BoCo agreed. "Well, let's try to clean this yard up."

The 2 shunted trucks around the yard into sidings in an organized fashion, but 1 secluded siding was mostly covered by leaves and trees. Fergus shunted some flatbeds into a structure, then he stopped. "I must of hit something." Pondered Fergus, he went to the nearby turntable to see what happened.

"It's probably just an abandoned truck or something." Suggested BoCo.

The 2 engines slowly approached the siding, seeing what it was. "It's an abandoned shed!" Fergus said. "I wonder if there's anything salvageable in there."

Fergus' fireman stepped out. "I'll check." He volunteered.

Slowly walking up, the fireman opened up the shed to see something that shocked them all. "Agh! It'd be too bright!" Gasped a rusty thing.

"It's an engine!" Exclaimed the fireman.

He was correct, a small, rusty tank engine with a square boiler and four wheels was squinting, trying to adjust to the daylight. "What do ye lads want? I was sleeping." He grumbled.

BoCo and Fergus were both speechless, the small engine glared. He was on an old flatbed, which was in much better condition than the engine itself. "How long have you been here?" Asked BoCo.

"Eh, only about 90 years. Ye know what, lad? It didn't feel that long."

"90 YEARS?!" Boomed the 2 in shock.

The old engine groaned. "Well, why don't ye help an old, wee engine out? Is there a place I can at least get some new wheels? These ones hurt to even have."

"Oh, sure." BoCo smiled. "I'm BoCo, and this is Fergus."

BoCo was coupled up to the flatbed and left with the old engine. "Don't make the yard a mess again, Fergus!"

"No promises!" Chuckled the traction engine.

Once again, BoCo went to the Steamworks. "We'll go to Crovan's Gate, the Steamworks can fix you up." He said.

"Wait, do the wee engines still work there?" Asked the abandoned engine.

"Yeah, Skarloey and the others are still working."

"I remember when Skarloey arrived, that was too many years ago, I can't remember most of me past, though, I'm afraid me age has degraded me memory." He chuckled.

Going back to the Steamworks, BoCo was once again greeted by the jolly Skye. "Hi, BoCo!" She cheerfully greeted. "Wait, what's that?!"

Victor had come out to see what was going on. "Oh, my..." He gasped. "Come on, BoCo! Let's get him in!"

Edward (meanwhile) was being repainted. "Good evening, BoCo! How are-" The tender engine stopped mid-sentence, eyeing the small, rusty engine.

"Yeah, yeah, eye it up." He grumbled. The workmen attached the engine to the hoist, he creaked and moaned as he was lifted. "I'm old, aye, I get the point."

"Wait... do I know you?" Asked Edward.

"I dinnae know. I'm old. Let me think..." A moment later, the old engine gasped. "Edward?!"

Edward's eyes widened.


Part 3

The Steamworks was silent with shock. Edward stared at the strange old engine, and he stared back. "I... I... I can't believe you're still alive!" Exclaimed Edward in awe.

The old engine grinned a little bit. "Aye, they left me in a siding, until this box over here found me." He chuckled, obviously referring to BoCo.

"Wait, so who is this?" Asked BoCo, who was obviously confused. "I've never seen this engine before."

Edward gave a large smile. "BoCo, meet Neil, we worked together back in the 20s." He explained.

"Well, good to meet ye." Neil said, BoCo then knew who Neil was.

"Skarloey's mentioned you before!"

Neil laughed. "Of course the wee engine has, I brought him to his line."

Skye had since popped in, wanting to see what Neil was. "Wow, you really must be old!" She explained.

"Skye!" Scolded Victor. "It's not nice to call somebody old."

"Oh, sorry, Victor." She sighed.

But, Neil knew what the young diesel meant. "Aye, I am old. Over 100 at this point."

"Well, I am too!" Chuckled Edward. "You're not the only one."

"And Skarloey, Rheneas, Stephen, Emily, Glynn-" Kevin added, wanted to be involved, although before he could finish, Neil cut off the clumsy crane.

"Glynn's still alive?! Well, I never!" Acknowledged Neil. "Ye must be joking."

"No, it's true. He was restored sometime in the 50s or 60s, they found him on accident." BoCo explained.

"1 of Sodor's only good accidents." Chuckled Victor.

Before they could all continue talking, however, the Steamworks got a phone call. "BoCo, you're needed back at Kellsthorpe Road!" Called the Steamworks manager.

"Oh, gotta go! See you later!" Called BoCo as he left.

Edward looking at the clock, noticed he should get ready to go too. "Me too, I have to explain to some protestors that I didn't move to Wellsworth with Philip in an hour."

"What?" Asked Victor.

"I don't even want to know." Sighed Neil.

Before BoCo had even left the Steamworks, however, he was stopped by a calling Victor. "BoCo, wait!" Called the Cuban tank engine.

"What's the matter?!" He replied.

"Can you take Skye with you? She's faster and stronger than you, perhaps she could help with construction."

Skye was shocked. "Wait, what?! Victor, I don't think I can do it."

"Nonsense." Laughed Victor. "Skye, you can't stay here at the Steamworks, either way, maybe you can work at the Kirk Ronan Branch Line afterwards."

Albeit worried, Skye agreed. "Alright."

The 2 diesels left to Kirk Ronan. "So, what will I be doing?" Skye asked.

"Just shunting trucks and collecting supplies." Replied BoCo. I hope Fergus kept things under control. He thought, it took a bit to clean up the construction yard last time, and BoCo didn't want to do it again.

Luckily, the yard was fine. Fergus was glad to see Skye. "This will end up great." He said.

"I hope." Chuckled BoCo.

Looking up at the clock, BoCo was glad that the one at Kellsthorpe Road was accurate. "I have to go to Kirk Ronan, they're almost done with that station, so I'm gonna see if they need help." He explained.

"Bye, BoCo!" Called Skye.

However, Fergus was concerned. "Be careful! That trackbed near the station is still a bit weak!" He called.

"I should be fine." Comforted BoCo.

As he headed towards Kirk Ronan, BoCo was confident. "Once this station's done, the branch line's pretty much done with a few days to spare!" Called his driver.

"Yes!" Shouted BoCo. "Sir Topham Hatt will be pleased."

At the moment, stations were closed, but the station at Rolf's Castle already had eager citizens decorating the station. BoCo sounded his horn, but he had to stop at a red signal.

The stationmaster walked up. "The signal's broken, I'll make sure it's fixed by tomorrow. Before you go, I bet the local priest would like to talk. He's leading the decorating." He explained.

"Fine by me, what do you think, BoCo?" Asked the diesel's driver.


After a quick discussion, BoCo was on his way. "Well, that was nice." BoCo smiled as he left.

Suddenly, the 2 heard a rattle. "Was that you?" Asked the driver. "Maybe your engine's acting up."

"No, I'm fine." Reassured BoCo.

BoCo was technically correct, and suddenly, the ground gave way and BoCo fell onto his sides. "Ow! Are you alright, driver?" He asked.

There was no reply, BoCo knew what happened, his driver was out cold. That meant there was no chance that he could get any assistance.

"Hello?" Called BoCo. "Anybody there?"

A few hours later, BoCo was abandoned in an isolated part of the line, it was surrounded by trees and shrubs, he would be there for a while.

A meeting consisting of Sir Topham Hatt, Skye, Fergus, and some workmen had been set up. "So, nobody has seen BoCo in a few hours, correct?" Asked Sir Topham Hatt. Many of the others muttered in agreement.

But, before there could be any ideas for where he could be, a small station wagon pulled up, and a familiar elderly man walked out. "Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. I believe I may know where your BoCo is." He said, he remained calm and stoical the entire time. "I believe that a crane is necessary." It was the priest.

"I knew that trackbed would cause trouble!" Ranted Fergus.

Sir Topham Hatt got into the car with the priest, and the 2 went off. "Skye, go get Rocky!" Commanded Sir Topham Hatt.

It was almost midnight when Skye and Rocky had arrived, luckily BoCo was fairly unharmed. However, BoCo's driver had to be taken to a hospital via ambulance. "I hope your driver's okay." Skye sighed.


"BoCo!" Called Sir Topham Hatt. "I'm glad you're alright, you should be fine for the line's reopening on Sunday."

"Thank you, sir." He smiled.

He was absolutely correct, and on Sunday, BoCo, Fergus, and Skye gathered at Kirk Ronan, where the trackbed had since been repaired. "Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, engines and excavators, coaches, cranes, and brake vans, I welcome you to the reopening of the Kirk Ronan Branch Line!" He announced. The crowd cheered, and Sir Topham Hatt had to quiet them. "For this line, I will have Fergus and Skye, 2 of my engines, running it. But, they won't be alone..."

Suddenly, an unfamiliar whistle sounded as a green, boxy tank engine rolled into the yard. "Neil the Box Tank Engine, the North Western's oldest engine!" Having a smug look on his face, Neil slowly rolled in. "He refused to let the Earl buy him."

"Aye, I'm glad to be back in service." Remarked the small engine.

"Now..." Began Sir Topham Hatt. "I'd like BoCo to pull the 1st passenger train!"

"Why... thank you, sir!" Beamed BoCo.

"Wait!" Called a voice. The priest walked up. "I would like to give a quick prayer, if that's fine with you." He grinned.

"That's fine." Sir Topham Hatt said, BoCo agreed. The former (along with the priest) boarded BoCo's coaches, and the train began.

That night, BoCo returned to Wellsworth Sheds, Edward decided to stay at the 4th berth that night so he could talk to his friend. "3 cheers for BoCo!" Cheered Derek.

Edward, Diesel, and Derek all blew their horns or whistles, whatever they had. BoCo felt honored. "It's great to be home." He said.

That night, BoCo slept, satisfied with the job he had done.


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

  • Edward
  • Fergus
  • Neil
  • BoCo
  • Derek
  • Skye
  • Victor
  • Kevin
  • Sir Topham Hatt
  • Diesel (Does not speak)
  • Rocky (Does not speak)
  • Emily (Mentioned)
  • Stephen (Mentioned)
  • Glynn (Mentioned)
  • Philip (Mentioned)
  • Skarloey (Mentioned)
  • Rheneas (Mentioned)


  • In Part 1:
    • The idea of BoCo and the Branch Line was inspired by a Railway Series-esque book TheLocoLover planned to write, but it never came through.
      • This is also why the story is in 3 parts.
    • The story was originally longer, but was cut due to time constraints. Some removed parts include:
      • BoCo was planned to be shown at the Clay Pits, where Timothy helps him with support as well.
      • A much bigger cliffhanger into part 2.
  • In Part 2:
    • Originally, the first 2 parts were meant to be combined, with Neil being revealed at the end, but TheLocoLover decided it was too long for a single part.
    • Steelhead Isle (the locale for The Sudrian Rejects) is mentioned for the 1st time in Sudrian Stories.
  • In Part 3:
    • A reference to A Shed for Edward is made.
    • This is by far the longest of the Sudrian Stories episodes at the time of it being written, excluding Saving Diesel, which is a special.
BoCo and the Branch Line
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