BoCo's Return
Season 2, Episode 1
Air date October 5th, 2018
Written by Semaj5nodrog4
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BoCo's Return is the first episode of the second season of the Many Adventures on the Island of Sodor.


It was a beautiful morning on the Island of Sodor. The sun was shining, birds were singing, and everyone was waking up and getting ready to start their day.

At the China Clay Pits, Bill and Ben were especially wide awake and ready for their day, but Timothy and Marion were still sound asleep. The twins saw this as a chance for a cheeky trick.

"Ready Bill?" whispered Ben.

"Ready Ben," replied Bill. "On the count of three. 1…2…3!" And they blasted their whistles as loud as they could. Timothy and Marion woke with a startled.

"Aah! What's happening? Where's the fire? Where's the hurricane? Where's the landslide? Is the world ending? What…what…" cried Marion.

"Oh never mind, Marion," sulked Timothy. "It's just Bill and Ben playing another one of their silly tricks, that's all."

The twins chuckled. "And one that has worked once again!" chuckled Bill.

"Yeah, worked like a charm, more like!" added Ben, and the twins laughed again.

Timothy yawned and scoffed. "Come on, you two," he grumbled. "The sun's just coming up and already you're up to your old tricks? When will you ever stop?"

"Hmm, well let's see," chuffed Bill. "Today's Tuesday and tomorrow's Wednesday, so um…never, right Ben?"

"Right Bill," chuckled Ben cheekily, and the twins laughed again. "We like to be cheeky whenever we want to. The only time we'll stop is when there's an emergency or Sir Topham Hatt shows up."

"Well seems like that last one is about to happen," puffed Marion, "because look who just showed up."

The twins and Timothy looked ahead and there was Sir Topham Hatt walking towards them. The twins quickly sized themselves up.

"Good morning everyone," Sir Topham Hatt announced. "I hope all of you had a good night's sleep because today is going to be busy. A large shipment of china clay is due to go out later this afternoon at the docks and I need all of you to work hard to make sure the shipment goes out on time."

"Yes sir," replied the engines.

"And," added Sir Topham Hatt, looking particularly at Bill and Ben, "that means no mucking about or fooling around either, so I expect everyone to be on their best behavior today."

Timothy and Marion looked at the twins, while the twins casually looked away.

"Oh and before I forget," added Sir Topham Hatt, "because the shipment is large, there will be several trips to the docks as well, but don't worry. While you all are getting the clay and trains ready, I've ordered another engine to help with taking the clay to the docks in the meantime."

"Oh? Well, thank you sir," said Timothy. "Who is the engine that will be helping us?"

Sir Topham Hatt grinned. "Well, I want to keep it as a surprise for two of you, but all I can say is…it's an engine that those two engines know very well." He once again looked at Bill and Ben when he said this. "But for now, you all best be getting to work when you're ready. I'll check on your progress later today, so good luck to all of you and work hard." Then Sir Topham Hatt drove away.

After he left, the engines were curious. "Well it's nice that another engine will be helping us," said Marion, "but the question is…who is it?"

"Well apparently, according to Sir Topham Hatt," chuffed Timothy, "it's one that Bill and Ben know very well. Do you two have any idea who it might be?"

Bill and Ben thought for a moment. "Hmm, I don't think we do, Timothy," replied Bill.

"Yeah, we're not sure who it is," added Ben. "Based on what Sir Topham Hatt said, it sounds like it might be an engine that we haven't seen in a while."

"Good point, Ben," said Bill. "Maybe it's someone like, uh, Edward."

"No we saw him just last week," said Ben.

"Oh right," said Bill. "Well maybe it's Gordon."

"No silly, he wouldn't come down here," muttered Ben. "He's too big and fat, remember? And he's scared of us too." He and Bill chuckled.

"Oh wait! I think I know who it is," Bill said ecstatically. "It might be…" But before Bill could finish, they all heard a loud horn and looked forward to see a big green diesel coming towards them.

"Good morning, everyone," he said.

"BoCo!!!" exclaimed the twins excitedly.

"Well, well, well," smiled BoCo. "Look who it is. A couple of troublesome little twins." He was being cheeky and the twins could tell, and they chuckled. "Oh-ho, I'm just joking," laughed BoCo. "Nice to see you again, Bill and Ben."

"Nice to see you too, BoCo," replied the twins.

Timothy and Marion were surprised. "Oh, you three know each other?" asked Marion.

"Yes indeed, Marion," replied Bill.

"This is BoCo," Ben proudly introduced. "He's an old friend of ours. We've known him for many years."

"Indeed you have," said BoCo. "I've known these two rascals ever since they almost made my eyes pop out the first time I met them."

Timothy was concerned. "Um, I beg your pardon?" he asked nervously.

BoCo chuckled. "Oh don't worry," he said. "They didn't actually do that. They were just playing a little joke on me, that's all."

"Oh, okay I see," Timothy said feeling relieved, but still giving Bill and Ben a nervous look. "Ahem, well it's a pleasure to meet you, BoCo. My name is Timothy, by the way."

"And I'm Marion," said Marion. "We all work together here at the clay pits. I take it you’re the engine who's going to be helping us today?"

"You are correct, Marion," replied BoCo. "Sir Topham Hatt told me that he needed assistance at the Clay Pits for an important load and I told him I was happy to help. He also mentioned that two engines would be pleased to see me again," he added looking at the twins.

"And we certainly are," replied Bill. "We haven't seen you in years BoCo, and we can't wait to work with you again."

"Yeah we really missed you," added Ben. "As in we missed playing pranks on you." And he and Bill laughed. BoCo just rolled his eyes in a joking way. Timothy and Marion scoffed at the twins.

"Ah," sighed BoCo. "You two never stop, do you?"

"Huh, you could say that again," muttered Timothy. "Bill and Ben have been playing so many tricks on me and Marion, we’ve honestly lost track. They really never stop, and quite frankly we've had it."

"Oh well, don't worry about it, Timothy," said BoCo. "These two are harmless really, and besides: they're Bill and Ben. They're always known for being cheeky and mischievious. Everyone knows that, and that's something that no one can change about them. If they want to be that, then that's what they shall be."

"Well, I guess you're right BoCo," sighed Timothy. "Some people just never change, no matter what happens."

"Exactly," said BoCo. "Now I think we've been talking long enough, so shall we get started?"

"Oh yes indeed," replied Marion. "The more we talk, the more we'll be keeping ourselves from being busy, and me from digging and shoveling. So how about I start doing that, and the rest of you can get the trucks ready?"

"Sounds like a plan to me, Marion," said BoCo. "What do you three say?" he asked Bill, Ben, and Timothy.

"I say sounds fine to me," replied Timothy, but Bill and Ben were silent, looking thoughtful about something.

"Bill, Ben? What do you say?" asked BoCo again.

"Huh? Oh yes, yes, sounds good," replied Bill.

"Yeah, let's get started," added Ben. "What are we waiting for?"

"Alright then," said BoCo. "Let's get going." Then he, Timothy, and Marion puffed off, but Bill and Ben were concerned.

Later, as Marion was loading their trucks, Bill and Ben were talking about what BoCo said.

"What do you think BoCo meant by us 'always being cheeky and mischievious' and 'that's something that no one can change about them'?" asked Bill.

"I'm not sure," replied Ben, "but from what it sounds like, it seems like he meant that we're famous for playing around all the time and that's all we do."

"That's what I thought he meant," said Bill, then he thought for a moment. "You don't think he also meant that we're not useful, do you?"

"I certainly hope he doesn't," scoffed Ben. "We might love playing jokes and being cheeky, but we can be really useful too."

"Exactly," agreed Bill, "and BoCo ought to know that by now. Oh, but I have to admit, and if you think about it, whenever we were around BoCo, we have played a lot of jokes on him, so maybe that's why he thinks we're always cheeky."

"Hmmm, good point, Bill," said Ben. "Well in that case, we're just going to have to prove him wrong and show him that we have changed and that we really are useful engines."

"Right," agreed Bill, "but, uh, how are we going to do that?"

"By stop playing games and working hard today, that's how," replied Ben. "So come on Bill. Let's show BoCo what we can do."

Bill felt a little more confident now. "Right you are, Ben. Let's do it." Then once Marion was finished loading their trucks, Bill and Ben started working extra hard to prove themselves to BoCo. However, it was easier said than done, for the twins found it rather hard to not make mistakes or prove that they weren't being cheeky.

First, Bill was shunting some trucks, then he saw BoCo coming up. Bill decided to let him go first when they came to some points, so he stopped.

"After you, BoCo," said Bill.

"Oh, thank you Bill. That was kind of you," replied BoCo, and he moved ahead.

Bill felt pleased, but then…"Ow!" Ben shunted a train as well and he didn’t see Bill and pushed it right into him, causing Bill to jerk forward and push his trucks right onto the points that were still set against them, causing them to derail.

"Ben! Watch where you're going!" yelled Bill.

"Me? You're the one who's blocking my way! Watch where you're going!" hissed Ben.

Then Timothy came up and his line was blocked because of the trucks.

"Oh come on, you two," he grumbled. "We just started and already you're derailing trucks? Huh, honestly."

The twins were insulted, but then they noticed BoCo looking disappointed with them. They quickly decided not to argue.

Next, Ben was loading more trucks with Marion. He was carefully pushing the trucks up one by one, and he saw BoCo smiling at him.

"Good job being patient, Ben," said BoCo. "It's takes a lot of that to get this sort of job done."

"Thank you, BoCo," replied Ben, and BoCo moved on.

Ben felt pleased, but when he tried pushing his train again, the trucks wouldn't move.

"Hey, what gives?" he grumbled. He tried pushing harder, but they still wouldn't move. Ben was getting annoyed, and he decided to give the trucks a hard bump, but what he didn't realize was the workmen accidentally put the brakes on one of the trucks. They realized it, but as soon as they released it, Ben bashed the train and shot forward. He stopped quickly, but right underneath Marion's shovel.

"Oh no! Marion, wait! Wait! Wait! Wait!" But it was too late. Marion dropped the clay all over Ben and he was covered from funnel to footplate.

"Oh Ben, do be careful," said Marion. "You shouldn't have moved forward so quickly. I wasn't ready to load you yet." And she chuckled. Ben snorted, but became upset when he saw BoCo looking at him with an unhappy expression.

Later, the twins were getting the trains ready. This time, they were trying to prove they could work together.

"This ought to show him," puffed Bill.

"Yeah," agreed Ben. "Once he sees we can work together without arguing, he'll definitely realize we have changed and we are really useful." But they weren't aware that Timothy was in their way between one half of the train and the other.

Timothy had a sudden jolt and then found himself shunted right in the middle of the train.

"Hey! What's going on here?" he huffed. "I'm not a truck and going to the docks! Get me out of here!"

"Oops!" said the twins meekly, then BoCo rolled up and sighed. This made the twins even more upset. Throughout the day, the twins tried everything, but no matter what they did, they still wound up making mistakes in the end and making them look silly in front of BoCo.

A little later, the twins were resting, feeling rather exasperated.

"Well we tried everything we could," sighed Ben, "but nothing seems to be working."

"I know," huffed Bill. "I'm trying to think of what else we could do, but so far, I've got nothing. Maybe we are just silly, cheeky engines after all."

"Nonsense," said Ben. "We are not that, Bill. We just got to think of something else." The twins thought for a moment, then Bill had an idea.

"I've got it!" he said excitedly. "I think our problem is we're just shunting around here and not doing the actual hard work."

"What are you saying Bill?" asked Ben.

"I'm saying that maybe what we have to do is pull a train!" said Bill. "Think about it, Ben. All we've been doing is shunting trucks around, but that's it. We haven’t done the actual really useful work which is taking a train."

"Hmmm, that is true, Bill," admitted Ben, "but what train are we going to take? BoCo's taking all of ours down to the docks and Sir Topham Hatt said nothing about us taking any of them."

"True, but don't you think BoCo would find it nice if we worked together to help him out with taking some of his trains for him?" asked Bill. "It would help him save some time and be really useful."

This made Ben think for a moment. "You know what, that's an excellent point!" he puffed. "He would be pleased with us if we did that! Good thinking Bill."

"Told you," said Bill proudly. "Now let's go ahead and couple up to that train over there and get going."

"Right, let's do it," said Ben, and the two engines headed over to collect one of the clay trains.

However, they were so conceited with themselves, they didn't pay attention to how long the train was. It was definitely too much for them to handle, but the twins didn't realize this yet.

They were soon coupled up to the train and were about to set off. Then BoCo returned from delivering one of the trains.

"Hello you two," he said. "Um, what are you doing with that train? You know I'm supposed to be taking them, right?"

"Oh we know," replied Bill. "We're doing you a favor by taking this train for you."

"Yeah, we're trying to help you save some time so you won't have to go back and forth so many times," added Ben.

BoCo was concerned. "Well, I appreciate your help, but are you sure you can pull a train like this? It's about ten trucks long, you know, and no offense, you are two tank engines. I'm not sure you both can handle it at the same time."

"Nonsense, BoCo," soothed Bill. "We've pulled trains like this before and we never had a problem. Right Ben?"

"Right Bill," replied Ben.

BoCo was still unsure, but he knew arguing wasn't going to solve anything, so he conceded. "Well alright. If you two want to take it, then be my guest, but do be careful. You don't want to get into trouble."

"Don't worry, we won't," smiled Ben.

"We can take it from here," said Bill, then with that, the twins set off with a jerk. The train was heavy at first, but slowly and surely, Bill and Ben managed to pull the train out of the pits.

Timothy came up and he noticed the twins. "What are Bill and Ben doing?" he asked BoCo.

"Oh they're doing me a favor by taking one of the trains for me," huffed BoCo, "but to me, I think they're going too far and doing too much for their own good."

"I'll say," puffed Timothy. "I've never seen them pull so many trucks before. I'm not sure they'll be able to pull all of that clay to the docks."

"Well they sounded confident," said BoCo, "and I decided to let them go, but I have a feeling they might be making a mistake."

"I hate to say it BoCo," sighed Timothy, "but I think you might be right."

And they were about to be right, for the twins were heaving and huffing as hard as they could, but the train was just too heavy for them.

"Come on, Ben," huffed Bill. "Pull…harder! I can't do…all…the work…myself you know!"

"Me?" hissed Ben. "What about you? You're making…me pull…and push…at the same time! You do something!"�"I am," grumbled Bill. "I'm listening…to you…boiler ache!" Ben snorted at that.

Then the twins were puffing up a hill. It was extra hard work for them, but they did their best slowly creepy up the hill. At last, they reached the top, but then there was trouble. Once they made it over the top, they both felt the trucks surge into them and before they knew, they were pushed down the hill and racing out of control.

"Whoa!!!" cried Bill. "Slow down, Ben! We're going too fast!"

"Don't you think I know that?!" yelled Ben. "I'm trying my best!!! You try doing something!"

"I am!!!" called Bill. The twins tried to put on their brakes as hard as they could, but it was no use. They still kept racing towards the docks.

Meanwhile, at the docks, Porter was having pallets of oil being loaded onto some flatbeds by Franklin. Then quite suddenly, they heard Salty.

"Help! Help! Abandon ship! Abandon ship!" he called, as he raced by. "Twin torpedo coming in! Clear the area!"

"Huh? What is Salty talking about?" asked Porter, then he heard the sounds of brakes screeching and whistles blowing and looked behind him to see Bill and Ben charging up on the same line as him.

"Look out!!!!" cried the twins, but it was too late. They crashed into Porter's flatbeds and oil went everywhere, on them, on Porter and Franklin. Cranky, Carly and Big Mickey were surprised. Luckily, no one was hurt, but Bill and Ben were derailed, covered in oil, and felt foolish.

Salty came back. "Argh, you two know there was a better way to make such an entrance, right?" "Yeah, yeah, we know Salty," huffed Bill.

"It's all Bill's fault," grumbled Ben.

"What? No it wasn't!" hissed Bill. "You agreed to this plan!"

"Yeah because you made me!" retorted Ben. "Now I regret it!"

"Well I have a feeling you two are about to regret this next part," puffed Franklin. "Look who's arriving right now." The twins looked over and saw a familiar blue car pull up, and a familiar figure step out: it was Sir Topham Hatt. BoCo also arrived at the same time.

"Bill and Ben!!!" boomed Sir Topham Hatt. "What on earth were you two thinking? I told you BoCo was to take all of the trains here and you two were supposed to stay at the clay pits!"

"We're sorry, sir," said Bill meekly.

"W-we were trying to be really useful and help BoCo out," added Ben.

"Oh! if you wanted to help BoCo, you should've stayed at the clay pits and gotten the rest of his trains ready!" grumbled Sir Topham Hatt. "Now you left Timothy and Marion to handle the loading and shunting by themselves! And you caused this mess!" He sighed. "At least you didn't ruin all of the clay, but I'm still unhappy with you two."

The twins felt ashamed. "We really are sorry, sir," said Ben.

"All we wanted to do was prove to BoCo that we're really useful engines, that's all," said Bill.

Sir Topham Hatt pondered. "Why would you have to prove that to someone you've known for years? BoCo knows you two very well. Of course he knows you're really useful. He may not now considering the mess you made today, and frankly I'm not impressed either."

"Um, excuse me sir," BoCo cut in.

"Not now, BoCo," interrupted Sir Topham Hatt. "Now I expect better behavior and better common sense from the both of you tomorrow. For now, let's get you back on the tracks and back to the clay pits, where you'll remain shunting for the rest of the day, and BoCo, you can continue with delivering the rest of the clay."

"Yes sir," replied the twins. Then Sir Topham Hatt got back into his car and drove away. BoCo looked puzzled at the twins for a second, but then he headed back to the clay pits. The twins couldn't have felt sadder.

"BoCo really didn't seem like he thinks we're useful now," sighed Bill.

"Yeah," moaned Ben. "He probably thinks we're really silly engines."

Salty, Porter and Franklin could tell they were upset. "Ah don't fret, me hardies," soothed Salty. "It'll be alright. Things will turn out better in the end. Now let's get you two back on the tracks."

"And cleaned up for that matter too," added Porter.

"And you'll be back on your way to clay pits in no time," smiled Franklin.

"And I'm sure things will turn out for the better too, like Salty said. You just wait and see, Chuck," added Carly. The twins smiled slightly, but they were still unhappy with themselves.

The next day, the clay pits were busy again and work was back to normal. Bill and Ben, however, were very solemn and quiet as they worked, still feeling disappointed about yesterday, and hearing the workmen's meeting didn't help either.

"Okay, so good news is we got the shipment out on time yesterday," the foreman said to the workmen. "The bad news is oil got into some of the clay, no thanks to Bill and Ben, but luckily it was only a little bit and wasn't too serious."

Bill and Ben frowned. Then BoCo came up to them. "Hello you two," he said.

"Hey BoCo," said the twins mournfully.

BoCo could tell they were upset. "You two are still upset about your accident yesterday, aren't you?" he asked.

"Yeah," said Bill. "We should have known better than to pull all those trucks."

"We were just trying to help," added Ben.

"Well, I have to admit I shouldn't have let you two pull them too," added BoCo. "I should have taken them myself and I appreciate you two for trying to help, but yes, you should've known your own strength. So why exactly did you two think you could pull all those trucks anyway?"

"Well, to tell you the truth, BoCo," said Ben, "it has something to do with what you said yesterday."

"Oh? And what was that, Ben?" asked BoCo.

The twins took a deep a breath and sighed. "You remember when you said that everyone knows we're cheeky and mischievious and no one can change that about us?" asked Ben.

"And that some people never change?" added Bill.

"Yes, I remember," replied BoCo.

"Well, from what it sounds like BoCo, you made it sound like we're always cheeky and mischievious and not useful," explained Bill.

"And we were trying to prove that we are useful yesterday by not playing games and trying to work hard," added Ben.

BoCo suddenly realized everything. "So that's why you two were behaving like that," he exclaimed. "I see. Well, you know you two, I've known you for years and you know what? Despite all your tricks and jokes, I know deep down you are really useful engines. Of course I don't think you're just cheeky and mischievious all the time. I'm sorry if you misunderstood me yesterday, but I in no way think you two are useless. You may play a lot of tricks sometimes, but you still leave room to prove that you are both hard working and loyal engines on this railway."

This made Bill and Ben beamed with pride. "You mean it, BoCo?" asked Bill.

"Of course, I do," smiled BoCo, "and don't let anyone tell you different." This made the twins smile.

Then quite suddenly there was a massive boom! It shook the clay pits everywhere.

"Whaa!" cried Marion, who was nearby. "What on earth was that?"

The foreman looked at the workmen. "Did one of you leave one of the dynamites unattended?" he demanded. The workmen all looked shamefully at each other.

Then everyone listened. They could hear a faint rumbling sound growing slowly louder.

"That doesn't sound good," said BoCo.

The twins looked very nervous. "It isn't, BoCo," said Bill shaking.

"It's because that's the beginning…of a rockslide!!!" cried Ben, and he was right: the alarm quickly sounded out across the clay pits.

"Danger! Danger! Emergency evacuation! Please make way to the nearest exit!" came the voice from the control tower.

Everyone was worried. Marion however raced right up the hill towards the tunnel. "Ah! Run away! Everyone engine and steam shovel for themselves! I'm getting out of here!" And she disappeared into the tunnel.

Boco, the twins, and the workmen were worried.

"How are we going to get out of here?!" cried one of the workmen.

No one knew how. Then Bill and Ben looked and saw BoCo's trucks were empty and got an idea.

"Everyone! Listen!" whistled Bill. "Get into BoCo's trucks! It's your only chance to get out of here and back to safety!"

"But quickly!" added Ben. "There's no time for arguing!"

The workmen didn't hesitate at all, and as quickly as they could, they climbed up and scurried into BoCo's trucks.

"Phew, good thinking you two," puffed BoCo, but now the rockslide was becoming bigger and louder and it was slowly beginning to start where they were! Luckily all the workmen were in the trucks now.

"Alright! Now let's get out of here!" called Ben, and they quickly started heading towards the track that led them to safety.

But just as they reached the points to the tunnel, they heard something. "Help!! Don't leave me here!" Everyone looked and saw Timothy was left behind. He had run out of fuel and was broken down. Everyone was worried.

Then Bill and Ben had another idea. "BoCo! Get the workmen to safety! We'll go save Timothy!" said Ben.

"What?!" cried BoCo. "Are you sure? The rockslide is getting worse and…"

"Yes we're sure!" interrupted Bill hastily. "Now go!"

BoCo was worried, but he knew this was no time for arguing, so he went ahead and took the workmen up towards the tunnel. Bill and Ben quickly made their way towards Timothy.

Small rocks were starting to fall near them, but the twins knew they had to save their friend.

"Hang on Timothy," said Bill as he coupled up. "We'll get you out of here in no time."

"Uh that's great, Bill," began Timothy, "but…" Then the twins tugged at him but he wouldn't move. Then they saw the problem. "I'm still coupled up to all these trucks!" said Timothy.

Now the twins were very worried. More rocks were falling near them and it was too dangerous for their drivers to go and uncouple them.

"Well," said Ben, "then we're going to have to break the coupling. On the count of three Bill?"

"Right Ben," replied Bill. "1…2…" But before they could say three, a large boulder fell from the cliff and landed with a mighty boom next to them.

"Aah!!!" cried the three engines, and all three of them were so frighten that they shot backwards, broke the coupling between Timothy and the trucks, and raced right up the track towards the tunnel, and ducked into it just in the nick of time.

Now the rockslide was in full swing and rocks and china clay fell everywhere. Buildings were hit, scaffolding was destroyed, machines were damaged, and trucks were sent all over the place.

After a little while, the rockslide was finished. Luckily, no one was hurt and everyone was safe, but the main area of the clay pits was in a terrible mess. BoCo, Bill, Ben, and Timothy all returned when it was deemed safe enough to at least come back to the shed area of the pits.

"Phew," said Bill. "That was a close one."

"I'll say," said Ben. "I wonder how much damaged there is."

"I think we'll find out soon enough," puffed Timothy, as he looked up. Everyone looked up and saw Harold the helicopter flying overhead, inspecting the damage and debris. Then he came down and landed near the engines, then stepping out of his cab was Sir Topham Hatt.

The twins were worried. "Oh dear," whispered Bill. "You don't think he's going to blame us for this, do you?" he asked Ben.

"I hope he doesn't," whispered Ben back.

"Oh dear, oh dear," sighed Sir Topham Hatt. "This is not good at all. This rockslide has caused a terrible mess. It'll take weeks to clear all this clay and repair all this damage. Oh!" Then he looked at Bill and Ben, and smiled. "But at least everyone is safe and sound, thanks to you, Bill and Ben." The twins were surprised. "Bill and Ben, you too might be two of the cheekiest engines on my railway and you might try to do too much than you can handle," said Sir Topham Hatt, "but I know for a fact that whenever there's an emergency, I can count on you two to save the day. I heard all about your bravery and quick thinking to get the workmen to safety and you rescuing Timothy and I can honestly say, I am very proud of you both."

Bill and Ben were pleased. "Thank you sir!" they said proudly.

"Now everyone!" declared Sir Topham Hatt. "I say we should all give these two three cheers for their quick and really useful thinking. Hip hip hooray! Hip hip…"

"Hooray!" called the workmen, and they continued to cheer for Bill and Ben. The twins felt very pleased.

BoCo was most impressed. "Well," he puffed. "I must say you two, that was probably the most amazing and really useful thing you've ever done. How in the world did you two know what to do in that situation?"

"Well, to tell you the truth, BoCo," said Bill. "That was not our first time being caught in a rockslide."

"Indeed," agreed Ben. "There was one many years ago and we didn't know what to do at first, but our crew and the workmen did and once they told us, we quickly got into action and we got everyone out of the pits just before it happened. It was a scary, but from that day on, we know what to do in times of an emergency and you can count on us to save the day."

BoCo was amazed. "Wow, I never knew that happened, but after hearing about that, Bill and Ben, I have to say you two are most certainly really useful engines indeed." The twins beamed.

"I have to agree, BoCo," added Timothy. "If you would've told me you did the same thing all those years ago, Bill and Ben, I would've taken back everything I said about you too being cheeky all the time years ago."

"Well technically we did, Timothy," puffed Ben.

"Remember?" added Bill. "'The only time we'll stop being cheeky is when there's an emergency or Sir Topham Hatt shows up.'"

"Oh right, that's true," puffed Timothy meekly. "You did say that. I'm sorry for saying that, by the way. I see now that two are truly really useful engines and on top of that, you proved that you're not always cheeky and you can change who you are after all."

"Thanks Timothy," said the twins.

"And also," added Timothy, "thank you for rescuing me. I don't know what would've become of me if you hadn't come, but from this day on, you have my utmost respect."

"You're welcome, Timothy," said the twins. "Does that mean if we happened to play a trick on you, you wouldn't get cross?" added Ben cheekily.

Timothy snorted jokingly. "Don't push it, Ben," he muttered, and they laughed.

Then Sir Topham Hatt spoke again. "Now Bill and Ben, based on your performance today, can I also count on you to be just as useful with cleaning up the mess for the next week?"

"Oh yes of course sir," replied the twins. "You can count on us."

"That's great to hear," said Sir Topham Hatt, "and I hope continuing to work with BoCo won't be an issue this time?"

"No it won't sir," replied the twins again. "We'll work hard and well together with BoCo this time, sir. You can count on us." BoCo smiled at the twins.

"Excellent," said Sir Topham Hatt, "and I'm sure Timothy and Marion will be a big help too."

"Yes we will sir," said Timothy, then they paused. "Say where is Marion?" No one knew.

Then they heard a voice. "Is it safe to come out now?" It was Marion. She had been hiding in the tunnel near the coal hopper. She came puffing out looking frazzled.

"Marion?" exclaimed Bill. "What were you doing in there?"

"Ah well, um, you see Bill," stammered Marion. "When the rockslide started, I uh…realized that there was some clay that I forgot to, uh…move and I was trying to move it before it got hit. That's all. Ahem, but hooray for you two for saving the day!"

Everyone smirked at Marion. "And I was scared about getting hit and I'm sorry for running away too," she added meekly.

"It's alright Marion," said Ben. "At least now there will be extra digging for you now. Do you like the sound of that?"

"Oh yes indeed," replied Marion excitedly. "Oh this will be so exciting! More clay, more dirt, and more chances to play 'Guess What's in My…'" Then a rock landed in her shovel, spooking her. "Aah!" she cried.

Everyone was surprised, but then they all laughed, and even though she was embarrassed, Marion couldn't help but laugh too.




  • References to the television series episodes, The Dieseasel, Wrong Road, and Heroes, are made in this episode.
    • Parts of this episode are similar to the aforementioned episode as well.
  • Going canonically by the television series, this episode marks BoCo's first appearance since the television series fifth season episode, Double Teething Troubles.


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