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one night at brendam boco was chatting with bill ben and duck when the fat controller arrived "boco you have a delivery from brendam docks to tidmouth docks" he said "ok sir" boco said the next morning porter shunted boco's train "here you go boco!" porter said "thanks see you porter!" boco said as he pulled out of the docks boco was making good time as he rattled down the line as he reached the top of the hill his engine broke down the weight of the trucks suddenly pushed him down hill he zoomed down the line he passed pufle who was pulling the local montana and audrey raced by with the express when boco neared the docks puffa chuffa koko farnsworth and top hat were there boco shut his eyes as he derailed and hit the shed and splashed into the shallow water livi was coming in with a cheese train and she applied her brakes but crashed through boco's trucks and also splashed into the shallow water soon the mess was cleared but many trains were delayed soon boco was fixed and put back to working order now a days boco doesnt break down as much


  • livi
  • boco
  • farnsworth
  • audrey
  • montana
  • pufle
  • bill
  • ben
  • duck
  • koko
  • puffa
  • chuffa
  • sir topham hatt
  • trucks
  • top hat
  • 98462 (cameo)
  • 87546 (cameo)
  • brewster (cameo)
  • big city engine (cameo)
  • ten cents (cameo)
  • marklin (cameo)
  • flying scotsman (cameo)
  • tornado (cameo)
  • old stuck up (cameo)


  • brendam docks
  • gordon's hill
  • tidmouth station
  • tidmouth docks
  • crovan's gate works/steamworks