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Semaj5nodrog4 Semaj5nodrog4 31 December 2018

Thomas’ Wonderful Life/Regular Update

Hey everyone, I know I say I was going to publish my Christmas special, Thomas’ Wonderful Life, before the new year, but I got some upsetting news for those of you who were interested: I’ve decided to cancel the special.

It’s because I’ve been busy lately like I said in my previous blog, and also because as I was writing, I realized I wasn’t going to finish it on time and the plot was becoming very complicated and it was going to be way too long to keep people interested in the story. So that’s why I decided to cancel the story overall.

However, despite canceling my special, I’m still going to continue the second season of my series and I’ll be starting up on it again soon, so look out for that.

Also, even though I canceled the special, I’m ha…

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Semaj5nodrog4 Semaj5nodrog4 26 December 2018

Christmas/New Year Update

Hay everyone! First of all, I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas! Second of all, I've been on yet another hiatus from my series lately mainly due to Christmas shopping and other things, but I'm back at it again and currently writing my Christmas special, Thomas' Wonderful Life. Yes it'll obviously be posted after Christmas and be a bit late, but my goal is to at least have it posted before the new year, so stay tuned for that. Also, as for my second season of TMAOTIOS, I will resume writing it again starting after New Year's, so stayed tuned for that as well :)

Once again, hope everyone had a Merry Christmas, be on the look out for my upcoming episodes, and Happy Holidays!!!

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MainLineEngines MainLineEngines 3 December 2018


Hullo again. I actually was gonna include this in the December updates, but forgot (silly me!). Anyways, as the title suggests I'll be talking about translations. Translating what you might ask. Well, I've had this idea for a while but I've been thinking about translating some of my episodes into Spanish. I have also noted the use of French, German and other languages in several works on the wiki which is great since it works for characters such as Millie (actually makes it easier to read with a French accent). I'm not sure when I would start translating episodes but it'd go along with the rewrites, upcoming shorts, outside life, etc. It's just a fun thing I want to try soon so don't be if you see an episode in Español soon.

On a related no…

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MainLineEngines MainLineEngines 2 December 2018

Updates as of December 2018

It's that time again. Christmas is near as well as many other Holidays. Anyways, here to give the latest on Adventures on Rails.

  • First off, I've gotten around to rewriting some of the episodes I'd said I would and most recently that was Molly's Special Job. I'm thinking of revising at least one episode/short each month.
  • On the subject of rewrites, the next two that I have planned are The Escape Plan and I'm highly considering Thomas and the Avalanche. For the latter, it includes Emily, Connor and Caitlin. I meant to integrate them into the series but for some reason, they haven't featured since so I'm think about changing their roles (in theory, I would've integrated everything from The Engines of Sodor, but that fell through). Either that o…
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MainLineEngines MainLineEngines 22 November 2018

Thanksgiving Message

Hullo everyone! And a happy Thanksgiving. I just want to throw out this message to everyone in the Thomas community.

On this day of giving thanks, I really want to give thanks to this community that has a wealth of talent. From story-writers, actors, modellers, you name it, we've got it. There is so much original content that is fantastic to view. And yes, we may not agree always, but then no one ever does and it wouldn't be an interesting world without disagreements but so as long as we respect each other despite different opinions. I've mentioned before, I don't like the direction of the current show, but it makes me so happy to see people both on here, SiF, YouTube that make content that brightens up my day.

As for the current show, I've …

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MainLineEngines MainLineEngines 1 November 2018

BWBA/Season 22 Analysis

Well recently I had to write an essay for my English class but I got stuck so whilst thinking about ideas, I side-tracked myself and wrote my overall analysis and thoughts into the most recent installment of the TV series.

I do want to point out that it is kinda sarcastic and some strong langauge (still within the guidelines of the wikia, of course). Feel free to leave questions or comments and I'll get back whenever I can.

Also remember that if you liked it, disliked it, kinda in middle, whatever your opinion is, I respect it and I can't force you to share my opinion. These are simply my thoughts I want to share since its been on my mind for while. But in that regard, I also except the same treatment in return.

Grab a drink(s) and/or snacks.…

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MainLineEngines MainLineEngines 1 November 2018

Updates as of November 2018

Hope everyone had a great Halloween as we move on to November. Well, here's a couple updates for Adventures on Rails.

  • Recently, I re-wrote The Football Special. I always dissatisfied with the episode since I first released it and using David's past at Leicester, I created a much better story. Check it out!
  • Of course, several more things will be rewritten. Next up will Molly's Special Job. I don't have an exact date but it'll be sometime this month so just look out for that.
  • Next March will see the release of Work and Play, introducing Jessie to the North Western Railway and based on a true story.
  • After that, the short James and Percy will be revised. Well, actually, I've wanted to revise it for quite a while but when I figured I should include…
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Number1Edwardfan1995 Number1Edwardfan1995 11 October 2018

Katie the e2 tank engine

hello readers as u may have guessed im going to be posting my uk oc back story on here as well as youtube. im working on it slowly but surely and i hope u all will love it 

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MainLineEngines MainLineEngines 1 October 2018

Updates as of October 2018

Hullo! Lots of stuff this time around: recent releases, re-writes coming up, upcoming shorts, more ideas (BWBA opinions? oh my . . .) Grab a drink and/or snack and let's begin.

  • First off, I've released Real Engines on Saturday. The main reason as I've stated is to officially retcon and establish the pre-NWR life of Molly, Dodger and David. I've had this idea for about a year and now its all paid off.
  • With that said, there are several episodes in the Adventures on Rails series that will be revised. Most of it will just be to make sure they coincide with what was established in Real Engines. The Football Special is one episode that will be rewritten. Using David's past at Leicester, I have a fantastic idea for a story. Albeit not part of Adventu…
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MainLineEngines MainLineEngines 4 September 2018

Updates as of September 2018

Alright, Autumn time, school's back and several new things coming up in Adventures on Rails.

  • First off, I originally meant to post these updates on Saturday but I have been working on a couple of things which revolve around Dodger, David and Molly's pre-Sodor life. I have posted an updated bio for the latter a couple days ago and I have been re-working David and Dodger's. For the former, the only significant change is his arrival date which is set after Molly's and coincides when his basis BR No. 68899 was actually near withdrawal. I specifically chose Molly's number because I realised it coincided with Dodger's at Norwich Thorpe for a period of time. Moving onto David: the number I had been using was BR No. 64349 but I am planning to chang…
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Mpatton17 Mpatton17 2 September 2018

San Francisco railway show

San Francisco railway show

Murdoch, James, Rebecca and Charlie goes to the great railway show in San Francisco and meets all new friends. They will also meet 6 people with unique abilities 

The great railway show is a international event where engines compete in 4 different events. The events are strength, looks, speed, and agility. Last year, both Thomas and Ashima won the shunting race. This year, the show was being held in San Francisco. A few weeks before the show. Sir Topham Hatt called Murdoch, James, Rebecca, and Charlie down to knapford. They were all puzzled as to why they were there. Soon Sir Topham Hatt arrived. 

Sir Topham Hatt: Good morning engines

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Semaj5nodrog4 Semaj5nodrog4 22 August 2018

A Quick Update

Hey everyone! I’m back again and here with another announcement. I’m currently working/finishing up on the last story of the first season of my series and it’ll most likely be ready and done by next week! So stay tuned and look forward to it!

Also, good luck to all of you starting school again!

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Mpatton17 Mpatton17 17 August 2018

Samsons big leap

Samsons big leap

Samson has a accident when he tries to show how he doesn't make mistakes during a demolition job near Spring City

Sometimes the engines of the North Western Railway venture off Sodor to take trains to destinations on the mainland.  There's Brighton, York, and an place the engines love to travel to, this place is called Spring City. Engines, road vehicles and people all mix and mingle here. One day Neville was taking a goods train to spring city He was making good time.

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Mpatton17 Mpatton17 6 August 2018

Oliver and Bradford

Oliver and Bradford 

Bradford works with Oliver, an engine who the trucks all fear. 

Oliver the great western engine is a hard working engine. Whenever he pulls goods trains, he is almost never seen without his trusty brakevan Toad. The trucks never play tricks on him, because they know what would happen if they did, he would pull them in half like he did with S.C. Ruffey.

(Flashback of Toad stands by plays)

To be honest, S.C. Ruffey had rotten wood and rusty frames. The trucks don't know that, it was bad for discipline.

One evening Oliver had just brought his last goods train of the day to Knapford.

Oliver: "Ahh, last train of the day"

Toad: "Mister Oliver, shouldn't we be getting back to Arlesburgh soon?" Oliver: "Soon Toad, let me shunt the tr…

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MainLineEngines MainLineEngines 1 August 2018

Updates as of August 2018

It's still Summer and here's more updates for Adventures on Rails

  • First off, progress on Work and Play has been moving smoothly. I'm still unsure when it would be released but the latest it would be is June 2019. I have decided to utilise a Railway Series format meaning that the short will be comprised of four stories. I have released an updated character list though that is subject to change as I write the short. Also, there'll be more to come on Jessie the 'Austerity' Tank Engine and I promise her story is one that will surprise a lot of you. Some of you might have read it before if not, I'll be a nice treat.
  • I'll let you in on a little secret: most of my ideas for shorts and other things come when I'm in the shower. What happened was there …
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TheLocoLover TheLocoLover 20 July 2018

Sudrian Stories is Back!

Hello, everyone, I have returned! I know I said I needed a break for a week or two, but that eventually changed to over two months. Now, I have returned with a story for The Sudrian Rejects, expect it in a few minutes.

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MainLineEngines MainLineEngines 1 July 2018

Updates as of July 2018

Hullo everybody! Hope you're enjoying summer. I know I am and all these 76 degrees Fahrenheit days ah! Typical San Diego summer. Anyways, here's the latest from Adventures on Rails.

  • First off, That's What Friends Are for has been released! Enjoy reading it and feel free to leave back feedback if you'd like.
  • Continuing on the subject of the short, I have now integrated Ryan and the Harwick Branch Line into my series. Now, as Daisy has transferred there and that puts more work on Thomas's Branch Line. So, this leads us right to my next short.
  • Work and Play ("draft" title, of course) is the next short due for release in 2019. I am not sure when but it could be as early as January but the latest it would be is June. Recently, through the TTTE Wik…
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Semaj5nodrog4 Semaj5nodrog4 20 June 2018

Another Few Updates

Hey everyone! I’m back again with another few updates. So here’s some good news: I’ve found some time to write my stories and I’m about half way through my next episode! Publication is still TBA for now, but should be posted by next week at the lastest.

As for the the episode after the next, I’m going to try to publish it before the month ends as well, but if not, then definitely early July and my next season will start in late July/early August.

Feels good to get back in the habit again, guys and I hope y’all are still keeping up to date! So with that being said, stay tuned and look out for the next episode!

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OliverDuckandToad11 OliverDuckandToad11 8 June 2018

Important Announcement

Hello everyone! It's me, the creator of The Adventures on Sodor. I have some important announcements to make, but they might not be good ones, sadly.

First off, I have officially decided to cancel my ongoing series "The Adventures on Sodor", which means they'll be no more stories written for it or anything. Yes, sad isn't it? :(

Because of the cancellation of my series, the stories Back to Misty Island and Sidney Gets Lost will remain unfinished and the upcoming third season of my series, along with The Great Journey of Sodor, will both be cancelled.

The reason why I have decided to cancel my series is because I've been struggling with life and school. Not just that, but it's also because of the future. I can't take any more of all the change…

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MainLineEngines MainLineEngines 2 June 2018

Updates as of June 2018

Hullo again, hope everyone has been well and here's some news for Adventures on Rails.

  • First off, work on That's What Friends Are for is moving along as planned. While I have explained all the things about how it will connect with next year's short I do want to keep in focus what will be the overall theme of the short if you've wondering, yes it does have inspiration from the song of the same name.
  • As for the 2019 short, I obviously have the idea and the concept but work on that will not begin until this upcoming short is released.
  • If we really wanted to look ahead to the future, meaning into 2020. I'm not opposed to doing more shorts, it just depends on my schedule and ideas.
  • Finally, closing off with the usual thoughts on the latest of Big W…
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Semaj5nodrog4 Semaj5nodrog4 12 May 2018

A Few Updates

Hey everyone! Long time, no see. So in case anyone was wondering where I’ve been the past few weeks, I’ve been busy in my life again and haven’t had much time to write my stories, so that’s why I’ve been inactive.

That being said, it’ll be quite a while until I publish the last two episodes of my first season and the second season will most likely premiere towards the end of this year, but nevertheless, they will get published eventually. So in the meantime, feel free to read all the other stories on this wikia and stay tuned for more updates! :)

See ya later, folks!

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MainLineEngines MainLineEngines 2 May 2018

Updates as of May 2018

Here we go again with some more updates from Adventures on Rails.

  • I will be revealing a trailer and some more details on That's What Friends Are for this weekend so keep on the look out for that. Not too much to say about it (as I don't want to give it away) and I'm still finalising a couple of things prior to the trailer's release.
  • Next up, and I'm pretty happy to say this, but I am planning on having at least one short next year. Just today, I read an article which really intrigued me and I'm interested in seeing if I can adapt it in any way. I have a couple ideas in mind for said story and I'm pretty excited for it. So, yes there will be one short next year and I'm not against doing more if I can.
  • As I mentioned above, this short will be b…
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TheLocoLover TheLocoLover 30 April 2018


Hello, everyone, I’m back to give a much-needed announcement.

For the time being, I’m taking a hiatus from writing, my emotions and mental state are completely out of check at the moment, and I want to take a break for a week or two. The reason I’ve removed Homeland from the second season of The Sudrian Rejects is that it was poorly written, especially when compared to Express Engines. I’ll be back soon, hoepfully with Loud and Proud as well.

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ThomasAndTugs ThomasAndTugs 17 April 2018


This is a test. First Blog post.

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MainLineEngines MainLineEngines 2 April 2018

Updates as of April 2018

It's no joke. Here are the announcements and on time too! Without further ado, let's get to it.

  • First off, Very Famous Engines was released just two days ago. Definitely pretty reflective on the Flying Scotsman's famous career, significant railway achievements and such. Also, tonnes of references throughout the story and also looking back on Thomas and Gordon's time on Sodor. Lots to look forward so feel free to read and enjoy.
  • Next off, I am ready to reveal the draft title (kind of a joke 'cause every time I say "draft title" it ends up being the final title) for the short due to release in June. That's What Friends Are for and as mentioned will be released mid to late June of this year. There's not a lot I can reveal, partly because even I …
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MainLineEngines MainLineEngines 15 March 2018

Updates as of March 2018

First off, a late but beloved Pi day which happens to come up ever so often in AP Calculus, so how can I not give tribute?. Anyways, been more than two months (and I'll discuss a bit about that later) so let's get to the announcements, shall we?

  • Progress on Very Famous Engines has been great. Depending on how things go, it might be released during the last week of March, if not early April. On the short itself, definitely reflective on the history of steam engines, preservation and the Flying Scotsman himself. It recounts some of Flying Scotsman's most famous moments and some of his difficulties too. I'll be honest, I was inspired to do this special based on the opening scene in The Great Race and my initial thought was just like; "How would…
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OliverDuckandToad11 OliverDuckandToad11 11 March 2018

The Adventures on Sodor Updates/Announcements

  • 1 March 11, 2018
  • 2 March 22, 2018
  • 3 March 31, 2018
  • 4 May 31, 2018

Hello everyone! It's me, creator of the series The Adventures on Sodor, which a lot of you may know of right now.

Currently, the second season of TAOS has just started premiering on March 3rd, 2018. However, I was planning on scheduling the release in September 2017, right after I finished with the first season. Then I pushed its release date to November, but then pushed it again to March 2018, as I have been very busy with school, which also explains my long absence from the wiki between November and March. So far, I've published the first five episodes of the second season, which I'd say you could have a read of those, I will publish the sixth episode later today or tomorrow, it de…

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Semaj5nodrog4 Semaj5nodrog4 6 January 2018

The Many Adventures on the Island of Sodor Updates/Announcements

Hello everyone! Since some people have been giving updates about their series, I’ve decided to give fans of my series a little update too.

First of all, I’ve been really inactive with my stories lately because I’ve been busy and lost some interest in writing (hence the reason why I’ve been updating several character galleries instead), but now I have some more time and I’m planning on finishing my first season this year. I’m going to try and aim for the traditional 26 episode format before July (because that’s the month I started my series back in 2016 (yes, I take a very long time to write my stories)), but if I find myself unable to reach that goal, the season will be 20 episodes instead.

Second of all, I gave it some thought and I’m plann…

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TheLocoLover TheLocoLover 5 January 2018

Sudrian Stories Announcements

Hey guys, long time no see! I’m here to give you all some updates on Sodor’s Final Frontier. If you follow me on Twitter, you may already know, but for everybody else, here we go!

  • 1 Sudrian Stories Discord
  • 2 Sodor’s Final Frontier
  • 3 The Personal Project
  • 4 The Sudrian Rejects - Season 2

I have now created a Discord server for Sudrian Stories, it is a place where any reader of Sudrian Stories can discuss the series, and I can give updates there as well. I’ve given the occasional update on Twitter, but that’s pretty much it. Here is a link if any of you are interested:

Sodor’s Final Frontier, which was originally meant to be the twentieth episode of the second season, is being turned into the new Season 2 special, I will work …

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MainLineEngines MainLineEngines 3 January 2018

Updates and things to come in 2018

Happy New Year! It's a new year and plenty to look forward to.

  • First up, I am pleased to announce that there will be two shorts this year and I'll explain them below.
  • First off, will be Very Famous Engines. Inspired partially by The Great Race it will deal mostly with Flying Scotsman's long overhaul and also engines such as Mallard who have made a great impact on railways. I've had this idea since last year, but I've decided to officially go along with it. As for a release date, I would aim for a late March release at the earliest, however, after what happened with Saving the Mountain Engines, I will leave it open but definitely before June.
  • As for the second short, I have a couple ideas, which I won't reveal now, but it would be released in …
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MainLineEngines MainLineEngines 2 December 2017

Updates as of December 2017

Hullo everyone! I hope everyone's had a lovely November. Mine's was busy and I'll explain a bit later. At any rate, here's updates for Adventures on Rails.

  • First off, and as some of you may have noticed, I have not released Saving the Mountain Engines yet. The slated release date was November 27th, however due to my busy schedule within the last few months, I just simply have not had the adequate time to write it out. For now, it is postponed, possibly until after Christmas. I hope everyone understands but I would rather postpone it rather than release a rushed product.
  • With the later release date for Saving the Mountain Engines, that does mean that it is very low chance of a short released in January 2018. However, if all goes well, the one…
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MainLineEngines MainLineEngines 1 November 2017

Updates as of November 2017

Hullo everyone. Here's the updates for November!

  • I have officially announced the release date for Saving the Mountain Engines which is November 27th. This is definitely later than the other shorts/specials I have released in November but understand that it is simply my outside which has lead me to push the release date further than before. In addition, due to my busy schedule, I have not had enough time to write out the short, but I will have it done by then.
  • Looking forward to 2018; I still have in mind to do at least one short definitely in June. I have a couple ideas but nothing official. But rest asured, there is a June 2018 short. Afterwards, I am not sure if I will be able to continue but if I can, I definitely will.

Life just keeps get…

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MainLineEngines MainLineEngines 2 September 2017

Updates as of September 2017

New month! School's back so things are going to get busy, but I don't mind. Anyways, here are some updates for Adventures on Rails.

  • A trailer for Saving the Mountain Engines has been released. There should be at least one more trailer released before November. I'll also be confirming the release date soon. This year, it will probably be later than Veteran's Day (which is when I have released shorts/specials for the past couple years) mainly due to my busy outside schedule.
  • I am still holding off on giving any official announcements for 2018 short(s). It really depends on how the next couple of months work out. Until then, just keep hope up!
  • Also, I have now decided to consider most of The Engines of Sodor non-canon to my series bar a couple o…
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TheLocoLover TheLocoLover 27 August 2017

Sudrian Stories Special

I literally have no idea what I should do for a special after the second season of Sudrian Stories. While Saving Diesel is the conclusion of Season 1, I think I can complete Season 2 by episode 21. Thus, I wanted to get your guys' opinion, so kind of like the Community Character I had you vote on, I have some poll for you to fill out, so that I can get a general idea of what it should be.

Voting ends once episode 21 of Season 2 is released.

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TheLocoLover TheLocoLover 9 August 2017

JBS Rewritten

This was something I wrote last night, it's the plot overview of a version of Journey Beyond Sodor if I wrote it. While the beginning is somewhat similar, the second half is where things change. I've removed some of the songs, and the entire character of Beresford. I think he's quite interesting and has potential, but he really didn't do anything in the special, and was just filler. This isn't something I've written in the same format as my other stories, and it isn't a fully original story, so I'm putting it here.

I think the special had potential, and I liked, it's definitely one of the better Thomas specials, number 4 on my personal list. But, the ending was the real think that bugged me, it really ruined a lot of potential for Frankie, …

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MainLineEngines MainLineEngines 5 August 2017

Updates as of August 2017

Well, a bit later but still with more updates from Adventures on Rails!

  • First off, Saving the Mountain Engines is due for release this November! I will be giving out a trailer sometime this month so look forward to that.
  • Next, I am planning for two shorts for 2018. This is at least tentative and it really depends on what happens in the next few months. Understand there is a reason why I'm being cautious and I promise to give all the answers quite soon. For now, I can only say that I'm hoping that one of those specials (if there is two) will be a "going away" type special. I haven't figured everything out, but that's my intention. And if there is only one short, it will be released in June 2018.
  • Finally, I hope you're all looking forward to Jo…
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TheLocoLover TheLocoLover 2 August 2017


For Sudrian Stories, I have been creating little pictures for characters, although they're really not that good. If you really feel like seeing it, it will be below. I plan on doing this for a bit, and when my art skills improve, I may start doing some work for others, no pay or anything, so look out for that!

You really want to see the picture, don't you?

Seriously, if you care about your eyes, don't look any farther.

I'm warning you...

The funnel's too small, it's looks really awkward.

Fine, here it is. My drawing of Albert.

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OliverDuckandToad11 OliverDuckandToad11 23 July 2017

Episode Grammar, Story ideas

  • 1 July 24th 2017
  • 2 July 26th 2017
  • 3 August 5th, 2017
  • 4 August 21st 2017

Hi, as you see, I'm currently working on a series called Thomas' Engine Adventures, I'm planning on making four seasons, but it looks like only two will be made for now. I have nearly finished making episode pages for the first season of my series, I've still got the last six episodes of the season left.

As you may have also seen, I have rewritten my stories a bit, because of mainly punctuation being put into the wrong place, spelling mistakes, grammar, etc. The reason being is because I mainly rush when I do my stories. I've not just done that, but I've also rewritten the story up a bit, giving them a more better plot then the original plot I gave the episodes.

After I've made …

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TheLocoLover TheLocoLover 23 July 2017

Saving Edward Sneak Peak - James and the Search Party

Albeit short, here's a quick scene from Saving Diesel. It'll take place later on in the story, and there will be some things that won't make sense, but you'll get it once the special comes out.

So, here it is.

The next morning, the news of Edward's near incident at King's Cross had spread to Sodor, mostly thanks to a gossiping Samson. This lead to Sir Topham Hatt having Henry and BoCo go to the Mainland with Samson and Bradford. "Is everyone ready?" Bradford asked.

"Sure are!" The two engines replied. But, right before they left, a whistle sounded.

"Not him." Henry groaned.

James rushed into Vicarstown, obviously exhausted. "Take me with you guys!" The red engine pleaded.

BoCo scoffed. "Why should we? Edward got mad at you, and you're the reason …

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TheLocoLover TheLocoLover 4 July 2017

Community Character

For Sudrian Stories, I want my readers to remain involved with the series, not only with constructive criticism, but I want the readers to create characters. Entitled a "community character", it will appear in Season 2, and you can vote in these poll to influnce their overall appearance.

Voting ends on July 12th.

Update: July 12th, 2017

The results are in!

The first "community character" will be a female mixed traffic engine. She will be a steam engine, and will be painted blue.

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MainLineEngines MainLineEngines 3 July 2017

Updates as of July 2017

A tad late, but here we go with some updates.

  • First off, James and the Fat Controller has been released! It's all available to read so I hope you enjoy!
  • Next, I've given a teaser for Saving the Mountain Engines which is the next short and will be released in November of this year. I'll be giving more details as the release date (which I'll announce later) approaches.
  • So the aforementioned special will close off this year, but I am still hoping to give at least one more short or possibly two for 2018. They would both most likely be released in January and June 2018, but as of now, I cannot comfirm anything, but keep your hopes up!

That's it for now! I hope you are enjoying summer and take care. MainLineEngines (talk) 01:11, July 3, 2017 (UTC)

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MainLineEngines MainLineEngines 1 June 2017

Updates as of June 2017

Well, the school year's coming to an end! Hurray I suppose. Anyways, still several things to look forward to.

  • James and the Fat Controller will be released on the 19th of June. One more trailer will come soon (possibly this weekend) and stay tuned for the release of that.
  • In November, Saving the Mountain Engines will be released. A trailer will be released along with the release of the short mentioned in the bullet above. More information will follow in the upcoming months leading to its release.
  • Moving onto 2018! Well, I'm hoping for at least one short and if I can, I will do two. I cannot state any confirmed information, but I do have some ideas in mind for 2018.
  • Finally, Journey Beyond Sodor's trailer has been released. I'll be brief; there…
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MainLineEngines MainLineEngines 3 May 2017

Updates as of May 2017

It's May now and here we go with some more updates!

  • James and the Fat Controller's release date is coming up really soon. I wasn't able to post a trailer out in April but at least one will come before June and I'll announce the official release date as well.
  • Later, in Autumn, Saving the Mountain Engines will be released. I'll be giving a lot more details after the release of the short stated up above.
  • Now, looking onto 2018; I'm hoping at least. It seems things could work out that way. If there is only one it would likely be released in June but I can't guarantee more than two. Time will tell what happens and I'll do everything possible to give my best work that year.

Pretty short this month, but that's about it! Take care! MainLineEngines (ta…

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MainLineEngines MainLineEngines 1 April 2017

Henry's "Special" Coal

Well, it's April 1st and that means it April Fools. Well, this year, I'm trying something a bit new for me and this episode is a satire of sorts regarding (as the title might suggest) what was the issue of Henry needing 'special' coal beginning from HiT's takeover in 2004 until 2013 in King of the Railway where the issue was finally put to rest. So why bring out something from the past? I say why not make fun of it? So, I'll leave you to it. Enjoy!

Henry the Green Engine has worked on the Fat Controller's Railway for a very long time. But when he first arrived, he caused a great deal of trouble for the Fat Controller.

He stuck in a tunnel once to avoid getting his paint wet in the rain and then suffered many steaming problems afterwards.


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MainLineEngines MainLineEngines 1 April 2017

Updates as of April 2017

Happy April everyone! And here is this month's updates.

  • First off, James and the Fat Controller will be released in June (with exact day to be revealed soon). One trailer will be released in April and another in May, so I hope you're looking forward to that.
  • Later, in Autumn, Saving the Mountain Engines will be released. This is based off Snowdon Mountain Railway's No. 7 and No. 8's current state which is very uncertain at the moment. So we'll see how it goes from Alaric and Eric, the Culdee Fell Railway's own No. 7 and No. 8 respectively.
  • As I have mentioned regularly, there's some changes coming about within the the year or two in my outside life, so we'll see how it affects my wiki activity, but I do hope to continue comissioning shorts as…
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MainLineEngines MainLineEngines 6 March 2017

Updates as of March 2017

A couple days late, but no worries! Here are the updates for Adventures on Rails.

  • James and the Fat Controller will be released in June. I am still figuring out the exact date, but it'll be announced soon. Ahead of the release, there'll be about two more trailers, so look out for that!
  • Saving the Mountain Engines will be released in November of this year. There's still plenty of time but I'm already working on figuring out all the details such as trailers, release date and such.
  • And why not, let's look forward to 2018. I can only say I have a couple ideas in mind. But, it really depends on how things go with my outside life. I can't reveal everything but let's just say there's some changes going on and those changes may or may not affect my a…
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MainLineEngines MainLineEngines 2 February 2017

Updates as of February 2017

It's February now! So time for the monthly announcements!

  • First off, the all-new short Thomas, the Really Useful Engine was released in January! I hope you have all enjoyed it or if not, please take a look!
  • Now, in regards to James, the engines who suffered an unfortunenate accident will recieve his very own short this June in James and the Fat Controller. I have already released a scene of the short and I will reveal a trailer this month, so keep an eye out for that.
  • Then, in November, the Culdee Fell Railway will be the primary focus of Saving the Mountain Engines. More details will come on this short as the months go by, but hope you're all looking forward to it!
  • Looking ahead to 2018, I've still several ideas that just have to be kept disc…
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MainLineEngines MainLineEngines 2 January 2017

Updates and things to come in 2017

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you're all having a great start to this new year. And well, yes, there's still stuff to look forward to in Adventures on Rails.

  • Starting off the year, we have Thomas, the Really Useful Engine. A short revolving around our favourite No. 1's origins and beginnings on the North Western Railway. This short will be released on 16 January 2017, so only a mere two weeks! Hope you're looking forward to that.
  • Next up, in June, the next short, James and the Fat Controller will be released. I am planning to release a scene of the short with the release of Thomas, the Really Useful Engine, just to kinda get it moving. Then of course, in the following months, I'll release a trailer for the short.
  • November 2017 will see the …
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MainLineEngines MainLineEngines 26 December 2016

A Very Caledonian Christmas

Merry Christmas! Here's a short episodes feautring the Caledonian Twins, Donald and Douglas. It's a follow-up of Thomas and the Avalanche. Hope you enjoy.

Dear Friends

I've had a lot of inquiries regarding our Caledonian Twins, Donald and Douglas. In my latest story, they were involved in an accident with our No. 1, Thomas. They were sent to the Steamworks and had to spend Christmas there . . . They had a very interesting time there. But you must read for yourself.

Merry Christmas, The Author

It was a snowy morning on the Island of Sodor.

Donald and Douglas woke up early.

"Are ye readdie, Douggie?" asked Donald.

"Aye. I'm always ready," replied Douglas.

The Twins had their snowploughs attached to their fronts. Then, they went off to the Yard to fi…

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MainLineEngines MainLineEngines 2 December 2016

Updates as of December 2016

Alright! Here we with more announcements for Adventures on Rails!

  • Thomas and the Avalanche is due for release on the 19th of December. I'm hoping to release a trailer soon, so keep an eye out for that!
  • Moving onto next year, Thomas, the Really Useful Engine will be released in January. The official release date for this is 16 January 2017. Another trailer will most likely be released along with Thomas and the Avalanche.
  • In June, we'll see James' early days on Sodor in James and the Fat Controller. More details on that to be revealed in the upcoming months.
  • Finally, Saving the Mountain Engines due for release in Autumn of 2017. This short will deal with something Alaric's and Eric's basis on the Snowdown Mountain Rilaway, Ralph and Eryri, are c…
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