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Billy and Charlie are put to work at Whiff's Waste Dump together but have trouble being with each other.


Charlie is an engine who likes to have fun and tell jokes. Not everyone seems to like him. He may be annoying to others but he tries his best to be a useful engine. Billy is also an engine many dislike. He hates it when others try to help him and many find him annoying. One day, Sir Topham Hatt send Billy to Whiff's Waste Dump. He needed to work here while Whiff went to get new glasses after he lost them and Scruff went around the island to look for them. Billy thought the job was only for him, until Sir Topham Hatt decided to bring Charlie to help too. Billy didn't want another engine to help him. Some moments later, Charlie came and started to work. Everything was going fine. Maybe having another engine to help wasn't a bad idea after all. Billy went out to collect more garbage but then Charlie started telling jokes. Billy didn't think they were funny and found them annoying. While Billy left, Charlie tried to come up with better jokes. Billy was happy he was gone from Charlie. He collected the garbage trucks and came back. When he came back, Charlie came and started to be funny. Billy hated what Charlie was doing and ordered him to stop. Charlie thought Billy was a boring engine. The two got mad at each other and refused to work with each other. Billy left Charlie to do all the work. Billy was happy he didn't have to be with Charlie anymore but he then crashed into some garbage trucks he didn't collect. He couldn't move now. Charlie wasn't doing a good job. The place was in a mess and there was still many garbage that needed to brought here. Charlie went out to find an engine that could help him. The other engines didn't want to help him. He thought maybe he was too annoying and needed to change his ways. As he was passing by, he saw Billy. Charlie didn't know if he should help him. Billy told him he was being annoying and that they should have been working together. Charlie decided to help him. The two soon came back and started to clean up, but now it was late. Soon, Whiff and Scruff came back. They weren't happy about what happened but decided to help them. At last, the job was completed and the two engines were free to go. They were both sorry about what had happened and as they left, they both thought maybe they could be friends.