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Big Mickey is a large crane who works alongside Cranky and Carly at Brendam Docks.

Big Mickey


League Island Crane


350-ton hammerhead crane

Year Built



For many years, Big Mickey was a faceless, background character and would be seen working at various places on the Island of Sodor, most notably Knapford Harbour and sometimes at the scrap yard. He was eventually placed at Brendam Docks and continues to work there to this day.

Once, he was unloading a ship's boiler but he accidentally swung it too low and accidentally knocked Edward off the tracks, almost costing him his chance to take the brass band.

It wasn't until years later that Big Mickey gained a face and was properly introduced when he revealed to Cranky, Carly, Thomas, and Salty that he could speak. He also revealed the reason why he never spoke was because no bothered to speak to him. Now he, Cranky and Carly work alongside each other at the docks and work together as well.


Little was known about Big Mickey before he spoke, but once he did, he was shown to be nice and friendly and willing to work with other engines and machines.


Big Mickey is based on the 350-ton Hammerhead Crane. He most strongly resembles the US Navy's "League Island Crane" built in 1919 by the McMyler-Interstate Company for the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard. At a height of 100 feet and a weight of 3,500 tons, it was the world's largest crane at the time. It was scrapped in 1996 following the yard's closure.


In the earliest seasons, Big Mickey had cool grey paintwork, but in the later seasons, he had warm grey paintwork.

In Thomas the Slender Engine

Big Mickey is an antagonist. He inhabits Brendam Docks at Dusk with Carly and Porter.

Big Mickey is a large grey robot.


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The Adventures on Sodor


Sudrian Stories

The Many Adventures on the Island of Sodor


Lukeillie's Series


  • Big Mickey is currently the only TUGS character to be referred to by their original name in Thomas & Friends.