Best Dressed Engine is the ninth episode of the seventeenth season.

Best Dressed Engine
Season 17, Episode 9
Air date 25 July 2014
Written by Polly Churchill (original)

MainLineEngines (adapted)

Directed by MainLineEngines
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It was spring on the Island of Sodor.

All the engines were busy.

The stations looked especially beautiful.

One day, Henry, James, Percy and Thomas were at Tidmouth Sheds.

"Now that the weather's beautiful and the stations are decorated, we should have a competition for the 'best dressed engine'," said James.

"That'd be a nice idea. I'd like to have flags on my front," agreed Percy.

"Sounds like a great idea to me!" agreed Henry.

"I'll have a big red banner across my tanks," said Thomas. "I'll take this competition for sure."

"What's all this about a competition?" Gordon shunted in. "I'm bound to win any competition."

"This is a 'best dressed engine' competition," said James.

"Decorations! Huh! Decorations are undignified!"

Gordon puffed away.

Thomas, Henry, James and Percy were soon decorated, and showing off their decorations to the people.

(scene fades to Tidmouth)

"People say I'm handsome. Besides, I'm an Enterprising Engine, too," Henry boasted as people came near him.

"Uh! Whatever," replied James

"I can climb hills too," Henry continued.

"Stop insulting me!"

"This is a competition."

On the other platform, Gordon's Guard blew his whistle, and Gordon steamed away crossly.

"Silly little engines," thought Gordon. "Decorations are undignified! Huh! Who cares about a competition anyways?"

Gordon reached Barrow-in-Furness, and rested there.

A couple hours later, Thomas, Henry, and Percy assembled at Tidmouth.

Gordon meanwhile was heading back towards Tidmouth.

James was the last engine to join the competition, or so he thought.

A colourful banner was strung across the bridge. Suddenly, the wind blew!

As Gordon crossed, it came loose and wrapped around his smoke box!

Gordon's view was blocked, he couldn't see!

"Stop!" cried Gordon.

"Don't worry, I've got a view!" his Driver called back.


Gordon sped past Trevor and Bertie at a level crossing!

Children cheered.

"What was that?" asked Trevor.

"That was a dressed engine for the 'best dressed engine' competition," said Bertie on the other side.

People were beginning to decide, when Gordon steamed in.

"I thought you weren't part of the 'best dressed engine' competition," teased James.

"I didn't," replied Gordon.

"Well, you're certainly the 'best dressed engine'," said Thomas.

Everyone agreed.

Gordon was secretly pleased. Silly Gordon.




  • This episode is based on the seventh season episode of the same name.
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