Bertie Rides the Rails
Season 1, Episode 10
Air date April 22, 2017
Written by Semaj5nodrog4
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Bertie Rides the Rails is the tenth episode of the first season of The Many Adventures on the Island of Sodor.


Bertie the bus has worked on the Island of Sodor for many years and he could not think of any other place to be. He is proud to be a bus and to work alongside Thomas on his branchline. Often at times, he likes racing Thomas to see who is the fastest and sometimes he wins and other times he doesn't. Sometimes when he wins, he teases Thomas about being slow, but he really does not mean it. He knows that Thomas is good at what he does and he is good at being a bus, and he could not think of being anything else.

One morning, Thomas was resting at Tidmouth Sheds. He was just dozing nicely when he heard a familiar honk.

"Hello, lazy wheels!" called Bertie. "Too tired for a race today, are you?"

Thomas yawned and smirked. "You wish," he retorted. "Once I'm awake, I'll show you who's too tired to race, for by the time I make it from Knapford to Ffarquhar, you'll just barely be outside of Knapford."

"Oh ho, feeling a bit challenging today, are we?" chuckled Bertie. "Well, let me know when you're ready, so I can be prepared to beat you again."

"Ha! We'll see about that," replied Thomas cheekily.

Just then they heard a whistle, the they looked over and saw it was Charlie, who was shunting nearby.

"Hello you two," he called. "Did I hear you were thinking of having another race?"

"Yep, we're planning on it," replied Bertie.

"Oooh, sounds exciting," remarked Charlie. "Oh! Before you begin, I have a little joke for you."

Thomas and Bertie smiled. "Alright Charlie," said Bertie. "What is your joke?"

"Who won the race, the thunder or the lightning?" asked Charlie.

"Ummmmmm, I don't know," replied Bertie.

"Neither do I," added Thomas. "Who did win that race?"

"The lightning," replied Charlie, "because it got to the finish line…in a flash!" And then everyone laughed.

"Good joke, Charlie," puffed Thomas.

"Yes, indeed," agreed Bertie. "You never cease to make us laugh."

"Why thank you," replied Charlie proudly. "So who do you think is going to win this race?"

"Good question," said Bertie. "Since Thomas is taking quite a while to get ready, I have a feeling it's going to be me this time."

"So you think," puffed Thomas, "but once I am ready, you better mind your mouth."

Bertie was puzzled. "What do you mean by that?"

"Because you might wind up eating my steam!" chuckled Thomas, and he laughed. Bertie couldn't help but laugh either.

"Wow, you two really enjoy challenging each other," noticed Charlie. "I guess that's what happens when you race a lot, doesn't it?"

"Ha, ha. I guess you could say that," agreed Thomas. "Bertie and I have been racing for years, so I guess you could say this is natural for us."

"Yep, but we're really just joking, that's all," added Bertie.

Just then they heard a horn, and saw Philip had just arrived.

"Hello everyone!" he hooted. "Did I hear someone's having a race? Is it Gordon? I would love to race him again and show how fast I am. I beat him in a race before you know and…"

"Yes, yes, I'm sure everyone knows about your race by now, little Philip," chuckled Bertie modestly.

"But the race isn't about Gordon," added Thomas. "It's about Bertie and I having another race, that's all."

"Yep, and from the sound of it," Charlie added in, "they are preparing to start soon."

"Oh," replied Philip. "Okay, still sounds pretty exciting. Your races always sound very thrilling whenever I hear about them, you know. 'Road vs. Rail: The Neverending Races Between Bus and Engine.'"

Everyone laughed. "Say, that was a pretty good title for them, Philip," chuffed Charlie.

"Thank you," said Philip proudly. "I came up with it myself."

"Well, I like it," said Thomas.

"Yes indeed," agreed Bertie. "It has a nice ring to it."

Philip chuckled and blushed. "Oh! You know, speaking of bus and engine, that makes me wonder something about you two."

"What is it, Philip?" asked Thomas.

"Well, I know you're proud of being an engine, Thomas, and your proud of being a bus, Bertie," began Philip., "but did you two ever want to see how it was like if you were the other? You know, just to see how it is like racing when you're a bus instead of an engine and engine instead of a bus?"

Thomas and Bertie chuckled. "We thought about that a few times," replied Thomas, "but we both kind of agreed that we are happy being ourselves."

"Yes indeed," said Bertie. "It was an interesting idea, but it was also something that we agreed couldn't happen."

"Well, why couldn't it?" asked Philip curiously. "I think it would be interesting to see you race on the roads, Thomas, and you on the rails, Bertie."

"That does sound interesting," admitted Thomas, "but even if we wanted to, it couldn't happen with me because I need to run my branchline."

"Oh right, that's true," puffed Philip, "but what about you Bertie? Surely you wanted to ride on the rails at some point."

"Well, I'll have to admit I have thought of that a couple of times," admitted Bertie, "but it couldn't happen to me either because I'm a bus, and you know we cannot ride on rails."

"You could have specially built-in wheels for that," suggested Charlie. "Like Flynn, and he can run on road or rail without any trouble."

"Exactly," said Philip. "If it can happen to Flynn, then it can happen to you too, so what do you say, Bertie?"

Bertie chuckled. "I say that is also an interesting idea, but I'm still sticking to my roads no matter what, gentlemen."

Philip frowned. "Oh come on, Bertie. If you did that, you could possibly go even faster…"

Bertie was starting to get slightly annoyed. "I can still go pretty fast even if I'm on the roads, thank you Philip. Besides, how can I prove that roads are faster if I'm on the rails?"

"He has a point there, Philip," puffed Thomas, "and who would I race against when Bertie's on the rails? There's not too many other vehicles on my branchline that I can race against."

Before Philip could reply, Winston rolled into the yard with Sir Topham Hatt. "Hello everyone," said Sir Topham Hatt.

"Good morning, sir," replied everyone.

"Ah Thomas, there you are," said Sir Topham Hatt. "I need to speak with you."

"Yes sir," said Thomas. "What is it?"

While Sir Topham Hatt spoke with Thomas, Philip looked over at Winston. "Oh, and Winston too, Bertie," he said to Bertie. "He's also a vehicle that runs on rails too. I think you really could try it."

"But Winston here was made for the rails, Philip," said Bertie. "Isn't that right, Winston?"

"Yes that's correct," replied Winston. "I was always made for the rails and never for the road."

"Oh, I didn't know that," said Philip meekly.

"That's alright," said Winston. "By the way, what are you all talking about."

"Philip got this idea that Thomas and Bertie could switch places," explained Charlie. "Meaning Thomas could be a bus and Bertie could be a train."

"And although Thomas said he couldn't because of his branchline," added Philip, "we thought Bertie could definitely do it because he could have special wheels built in, like Flynn and, up until I found out that you've always been on the rails, you Winston."

"But I don't want to because I'm happy to be a bus that runs on roads," finished Bertie.

"Well it's a good thing you do, Bertie," Sir Topham Hatt cut in, who had been listening, "because I'm going to need you to run Thomas' Branchline today since he has to pull the local train for Percy."

"Yes sir," replied Bertie. "I'll be happy to do that."

"Oh see, Bertie?" chuffed Philip. "Running Thomas' Branchline means you have to run on rails, so…"

"No, no, no, Philip," chuckled Sir Topham Hatt. "I mean Bertie has to take Thomas' passengers, which doesn't require riding on the rails as Bertie can easily do that on the roads."

"Oh," puffed Philip. "Oops, hee hee hee."

"And," added Sir Topham Hatt, "I agree with Bertie. If he is happy to be a bus that runs on roads, then he can, so I suggest we all leave this to rest and," looking particularly at Philip and Charlie, "in order for that to happen, get back to work as well."

"Oh right," puffed Philip. "Yes sir." And he rolled away.

"Right away, sir," added Charlie and he puffed away too.

"And you two should get started soon," Sir Topham Hatt said to Thomas and Bertie, "and if Philip continues with that, I'd recommend ignoring him."

"Yes sir," replied Thomas.

"That won't be a problem, sir," agreed Bertie.

"Good," said Sir Topham Hatt. "Now if you will excuse me, Winston and I need to continue on with our inspections, isn't that right, Winston?"

"Yes indeed, sir," replied Winston. "Ready when you are."

"Alright, well in that case, good-bye you two, and work hard today," called Sir Topham Hatt.

"We will, sir," replied the friends, "and good-bye!"

And with that, Sir Topham Hatt and Winston left the yard, roughly as usual.

After they were gone, Bertie was feeling a little exasperated. "Boy, that Philip is really persuasive, isn't he?" he puffed to Thomas.

Thomas chuckled. "He can be, but you know he means well, Bertie. I know he tends to go a little too far sometimes, but like Sir Topham Hatt said: it's best to just ignore him."

"Yeah, I guess you're right," sighed Bertie. "It's just the way he kept trying to convince me to ride on the rails was getting annoying. It's almost like he didn't want me to be a bus."

"Nonsense, Bertie," objected Thomas. "He wasn't trying to say that. I'm sure he knows you're proud to be a bus and you know what? I'm proud that you're that too."

Bertie smiled. "Thanks, old friend," he said.

"You're welcome, Bertie," said Thomas. "And like I said, who would I race against if you were also on the rails?"

"Ha, ha, that's true," chuckled Bertie. "It would be hard to prove that rails are better." And he and Thomas laughed.

"Well, I have to get ready to pull the local now," chuffed Thomas. "So you take care of my branchline, Bertie, and don't worry about what Philip said."

"Don't worry, Thomas," replied Bertie. "I'll take care of everything and I promise I'll not think about it. Good-bye!"

"Good-bye, Bertie," called Thomas, "and good luck." and with that, Thomas puffed away to collect Annie and Clarabel and Bertie set off for his branchline.

A little later, as he was taking Thomas' passengers, Bertie was driving happily along. But then Philip's words started surrounding him again.

"Oh bother, that diesel boxcab," he muttered. "Why couldn't he just let it go? Now he's gotten me thinking about riding on rails again." But secretly, the more he thought about it, the more Bertie wanted the chance to ride the rails. He was thinking about it so much, that he wasn't paying attention to the road and didn't see it was loaded with nails. Though when he did, it was too late.

"Ow! Owf! Eeh! Aah! Oh dear, that's blown it," he sighed.

"I'll say it has," said his driver. "You ran over so many nails, you blew out all of your tires, Bertie, and I'm afraid you don't have any spares."

"Oh botheration," groaned Bertie. "I knew I should've have let that Philip get to me. Now what are we going to do?"

"Don't worry," soothed his driver. "I'll call for help and everything will be fine." And then he went to a telephone and made the call.

Soon, Rocky arrived and helped place Bertie on a low-loader while Toby arrived with Henrietta to take Bertie's passengers away.

"There you go, Bertie," said Rocky after Bertie had been secured. "Now you're all set and ready to go to the bus depot."

"Thank you, Rocky," sighed Bertie, "but who's going to take me? I can't move by myself you know."

Just then they heard a familiar horn. "I will!" called Philip, racing up. "I don't have any other work to do and I'd be happy to take you, Bertie."

Bertie really didn't want to, but at the same time, he did want to get back to work very soon, so reluctantly, he agreed. "Very well, Philip. I guess that would be okay."

"Great!" said Philip. "Ready to go?"

"As ready as I'll ever be," said Bertie.

"Alright," puffed Philip cheerily. "Here we go." And then he set off with Bertie for the bus depot.

"Um, did anyone couple Philip up to that low loader?" Rocky asked the workmen.

The workmen looked at each other, and shook their heads.

"Uh oh," said Rocky. "This can't be good."

On their way to the depot, Philip spoke to Bertie. "Um, Bertie, about what I said earlier. If I was pushing you too hard, I didn't mean to."

Bertie paused for a moment. "Well, you wouldn't stop asking me about being the rails Philip," he said, "and that was starting to get on my nerves, but I know you weren't trying to be mean. Just try to remember that if people are happy with who they are, then you should listen to them."

"Alright Bertie," smiled Philip. "I'll promise to do that next time."

"Very good," chuffed Bertie, "and you know what," he added thoughtfully, "after thinking about what you said, I actually wouldn't mind experiencing what it's like riding on the rails."

Philip gave a broad smile. "You mean you want to get those special wheels?"

"Well, no not that," pondered Bertie, "but since you are pushing me and I can see the rails in front of me, you could go a little faster and show me the rail life."

Philip smiled. "I'll be happy to, Bertie," he replied proudly. "I can go very fast you know, so hang on." And he started going faster and faster.

"Well, not too fast now," advised Bertie. "We don't want to have an accident, you know."

"Don't worry, Bertie," called Philip. "I'll be extra careful."

"Well, alright then," conceded Bertie. "If you say so." But he was a little worried.

However, once Philip was going fast enough, Bertie was starting to enjoy himself. "Well, I must say," he chuckled. "This is pretty fun. Riding on the rails is better than I thought."

"See? I told you!" laughed Philip. "And if you think this is fun, just wait until we reach the top of this hill." And Philip charged up a steep hill.

Bertie was getting more and more excited. Soon they reached the top. Bertie looked down and could wait to get to the bottom. But then, it happened: one moment, the low loader was buffered up to Philip, then the next, it started rolling away from him, and faster down the hill.

"Uh oh," thought Philip.

Bertie was unaware of this, but he was getting concerned as the low loader started rolling faster and faster down the hill.

"Whoa, okay Philip," he called nervously. "That's fast enough for me. You can slow down now. Philip? Philip?!" But he looked behind him and saw that Philip wasn't there. Bertie suddenly realized what was happening. "Oh no! I'm a runaway! Help!!!" And he raced on past the bottom of the hill.

"Don’t worry, Bertie, don't worry!" called Philip. "I'll save you!" And he quickly raced after Bertie, as the chase began.

Bertie was nervous. He had never gone this fast before, though he was partially enjoying it once he was past the hill.

"Perhaps this can be fun after all," he thought, as he raced on.

At Knapford Station, Charlie was talking to Emily. He was telling her jokes.

"Oh here's one I told earlier today," he said. "Who won the race, the thunder or the lightning?"

"Uuuuuuummmmmm, I have no idea," replied Emily. "Who did win between them?"

"The lightning," said Charlie, "because he got to the finish line…"

But at that point, Bertie zoomed by on his low loader. "Wheeeeeeeee!!!!" he cheered.

Charlie and Emily were surprised. "Um, was it in a flash, like that?" Emily asked Charlie.

"Uhhhh, yeah exactly like that," replied Charlie meekly, still figuring out what just happened.

"Come back, Bertie!" yelled Philip, as he raced by. "Come back!"

"Oh dear," said Emily. "That can't be good."

Meanwhile, Bertie was starting to have the time of his life. "Who ever thought that that this could be so much fun!" he yelled. "Oh, but better make sure Thomas doesn’t find out about that."

But soon his fun was starting to end, for he looked ahead and saw James was coming right towards him. "Oh no! James, look out!" cried Bertie. "I can't stop!"

"I can't either!" cried James back, and the two of them shut their eyes, fearing for the worst. Luckily, a signalman had been watching and quickly changed the points for Bertie, just in time.

"Phew," sighed Bertie. "That was close. Sorry James!"

But James snorted. "What is with everything charging at me?" he huffed. "First, it was Toad, then it was Henry, and now, it's a bus. What's next? A diesel?"

Just then Philip rushed by. "Bertie!! Waaaaaaaiiiiit!!!!" he cried.

James rolled his eyes. "Figures," he muttered.

Now Bertie wasn't particularly enjoying his little adventure anymore. He was a little worried. "Oh I hope this low loader slows down soon," he sighed, but it didn't seem like it was going to happen soon enough.

Further up the track, Belle and Flynn had just finished putting out a fire at Henry's Forest.

"There," said Flynn. "All extinguished and everything's alright."

"Yep," said Belle. "We certainly make a pretty good team."

"Yes," said Flynn. "We certainly do, but you know, I feel like I do a better job of putting out fires."

"Oh? And why do you say that?" asked Belle.

"Well you know," said Flynn. "I can get to a fire by road or rail quicker and possibly put it out faster."

"Sure you do, Flynn," puffed Belle sarcastically. "Sure you do."

"And that's not all," added Flynn. "For all we know, some people may want to be me. Being a road-rail hybrid is very interesting you know."

Before Belle could reply, Bertie suddenly raced by on his low loader. "Heeeeeeeeelllllllllllllpppp!!!!" he yelled.

"Was that Bertie?" asked Flynn.

"I think it was," replied Belle.

They paused for a moment. "Well there, you see?" said Flynn breaking the silence. "Told you someone wants to be me, and it looks like Bertie is trying it."

"Um Flynn," pondered Belle. "I think Bertie's a runaway."

"Oh right," muttered Flynn. "That's possible too." Belle rolled her eyes.

Meanwhile, Bertie was getting more and more nervous, but soon, the low loader was starting to slow down. "Oh thank goodness," he thought, and soon, he came to a complete stop. "Phew, at last," he thought. Just then, Winston and Sir Topham Hatt came from a junction. They were surprised.

"Bertie?" exclaimed Sir Topham Hatt. "What on earth are you doing out here on the mainline?"

"Without an engine?" added Winston.

"Ah ha, well you see sir," began Bertie, "I broke down and Philip was taking me to the bus depot when…"

But before he could finish, they all heard a familiar, loud, low whistle. "Oh--no," Bertie exclaimed very nervously. "Sir, please tell me I'm not on the express line?"

"I'm afraid you are Bertie," replied Sir Topham Hatt, then at that point, Gordon came rushing behind Bertie at a tremendous rate.

"Express coming through!" he called, then he saw Bertie, and quickly put on his breaks. Bertie, Winston, and Sir Topham Hatt all shut their eyes fearing for the worst.

Luckily, Gordon slowed down enough to buffer up to the low loader, but he didn't stop. He kept going and started regaining speed again. Bertie was very surprised.

"Whoa Gordon!" he cried. "What are you doing?"

"What am I doing? What are you doing, Bertie?" exclaimed Gordon. "This is the express line and you're not supposed to be here."

"I know!" called Bertie. "and it's a long story, but could you slow down and push me into a siding please?"

"I'm sorry Bertie, I can't," called Gordon back. "I'm the express and I have to stay on time. You're just going to have wait until we reach Vicarstown. It's not too far away now, so you're just going to have to hang on tight."

"Oh dear," groaned Bertie. "If you say so." And he and Gordon raced all the way to Vicarstown.

A little further up the track, Thomas was taking the local train with Annie and Clarabel. He was telling them about the conversation he and Bertie had with Philip and Charlie earlier.

"Oh Bertie shouldn't have taken that so hard," said Annie.

"I quite agree," added Clarabel. "Philip is harmless really, and if Bertie chooses to be on the roads and be a bus, he certainly should."

"Indeed," agreed Annie. "Besides, it's like what you said Thomas. If Bertie did race on the rails, who would race you on the roads?"

Thomas and the coaches chuckled. "Exactly Annie," he puffed. "That's what I told him, and I'm sure he's over that by now."

But just at that point, Gordon and Bertie charged past them. "Whoooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!" came a frantic Bertie cry.

"Hold on, Bertie," called Gordon. "We're almost there."

Thomas, Annie, and Clarabel were very surprised. "W-w-was that Bertie?" asked Annie.

"On Gordon's express?!" exclaimed Clarabel.

"I think it was," puffed Thomas, "but how and why is he doing that?" They were all very surprised and confused.

Meanwhile, Gordon was still going very fast and Bertie had had enough. "Oh," he groaned. "If I ever get out of this, I promise I'll never try to ride the rails nor tease Thomas or the rest of you engines about your rails again!"

"Oh calm down, Bertie," called Gordon. "Won’t be long now. Vicarstown is just up ahead."

And sure enough, they could see Vicarstown in the distance. But there was trouble again. Bertie's low loader was not coupled up to Gordon and even though Gordon was able to slow down, Bertie couldn't without any breaks.

"Oh come on!" groaned Bertie again. "Will this low loader ever stop?!" But Bertie's wish came true, for a signalman saw him, changed the points, and Bertie's low loader finally slowed down enough that it came to final stop right into a waiting goods train.

Bertie could finally give a huge sigh of relief. "Thank heavens," he sighed.

At that point, Gordon and Thomas pulled into the station next to him, all full of questions.

"Bertie," puffed Thomas. "What happened? Are you alright?"

"Phew, well now I am," sighed Bertie.

"But what were you doing on the mainline?" asked Gordon indignantly.

"Well you see," explained Bertie. "My tires blew out on Thomas' branchline and I needed to go to the bus depot to be repaired, so Philip offered to take him but then…" But before he could say anything else, Philip pulled into the station, completely out of breath.

"Bertie," he sighed. "Finally…you…came…to…a stop."

Bertie chuckled. "Yes, Philip. I finally stopped."

"Oh…well…that's nice….to hear," panted Philip.

Just then Sir Topham Hatt and Winston arrived right behind them.

"Bertie and Philip," he said. "What on earth happened today? You both nearly caused severe accidents, and possibly some confusion and delay."

Philip felt bad. "It's all my fault, sir," he said. "I wasn't coupled up to the flatbed and when we came to the top of a hill, I let Bertie roll away from me and caused all this havoc. I'm really sorry, sir."

Sir Topham Hatt was cross. "Philip, if this is about you trying to convince Bertie to ride on the rails again, then I thought I told you this morning to leave him alone! If he does not want to ride the rails, then he…"

"Wait sir," interrupted Bertie. "It's not all his fault. It's mine as well."

Sir Topham Hatt paused. "Oh? Go on, Bertie," he said. "Let's hear it."

"Well, you see, sir," explained Bertie. "I was actually a little curious to see what it was like riding on the rails, so I asked Philip to push me and go faster, but once we got to that hill, I didn't realize how fast we were going and then, that's when the whole chase started. So if I hadn't told Philip to do that, as well as he remembered to couple up to the low loader, then this wouldn't have happened. So I'm sorry too, sir."

Sir Topham Hatt pondered. "Hmmmmmm, well, I guess we all should be careful of what we wish for," he said, "and luckily no one was hurt, but we must make sure that his does not happen again, agreed?"

"Yes sir," replied Philip and Bertie.

"Good," said Sir Topham Hatt. "Now I'm not necessarily mad at you two, but please be more careful about what you do and say, alright?"

"Yes sir," replied Philip and Bertie again. "We promise."

"Excellent," smiled Sir Topham Hatt. "Now Bertie, I understand you still need to get your tires fixed, so Thomas, would you mind taking Bertie back on your return journey and dropping him off at the bus depot?"

"Certainly sir," replied Thomas. "I'd be happy too."

"And could you also take Philip back as well?" added Sir Topham Hatt. "He looks worn out and considering he was trying to stop Bertie all afternoon, he deserves a little rest."

Thomas laughed. "Yes sir. I can do that too."

"Thank you Thomas," said Bertie.

"Yes, thank you very, very, very much, Thomas," sighed Philip, giving a huge sigh of relief.

Soon Thomas was on his way back with Annie and Clarabel, with Bertie and Philip coupled at the back.

"I'm sorry if I gave you a bit of scare today, Bertie," apologized Philip. "I didn't mean to make you go across the whole island."

"That's alright, Philip," soothed Bertie. "Like I said, it was my fault too for telling you to go fast. I was just getting a little carried away, so to speak. So you're fine."

"Oh, say Bertie," called Thomas. "Now that you've experienced it, do you want to start riding on the rails now?"

"Ha, ha, not--even--a little bit," replied Bertie assertively, but jokingly. "This experience has been quite a big one for me and I'd prefer to keep it as the only one I'll ever have."

Everyone chuckled. "Well, even if you don't want to ride the rails again," added Annie.

"Which do you think is faster now: the roads or the rails?" asked Clarabel.

Bertie smiled. "Well, as long as I'm not part of Gordon's express………I still say roads are faster," he replied cheekily.

Everyone was surprised. "Really? Even when you weren't part of the express, you still think that?" asked Philip.

"Yep, I certainly do," replied Bertie proudly.

"Well sounds to me like you need round two in order to be convince," laughed Thomas. "Shall I go ahead and do it?"

"Noooooo!!!!!!" cried Bertie, then everyone laughed.

"I'm just teasing you Bertie," chuckled Thomas. "I know you had a long day and you've had enough. And besides, like I said, I still need a road racing buddy on my branchline, you know."

"That's true," said Bertie, "and first thing tomorrow, I'll prove that roads are still faster than rail."

"Ha, you're on Bertie," replied Thomas, and they all continued home, and Bertie promised himself, never to ride the rails again, without an engine that is!




  • This episode shares some similarities to the television series episodes Busy Going Backwards, Thomas and the Runaway Car, and Wayward Winston.
    • References to the former episode as well as Henry Spots Trouble and The Little Engine Who Raced Ahead were made in this episode as well.
  • This episode marks Philip's only appearance and Charlie, Flynn, and Belle's only speaking roles in this season of The Many Adventures on the Island of Sodor.


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