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Ravenglass and Eskdale Railway's River Irt


Sir Arthur Heywood


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Bert is a blue engine who works for the Arlesdale Railway.


Bert worked on an unnamed line in England until 1967, at which time it closed down and he, Rex and Mike were sent to Sodor to work the Arlesdale Railway. Some time after his arrival, Bert took offence when the Reverend W. Awdry and theReverend Teddy Boston accidentally sprayed him with mud while passing him in their car, and in retaliation Bert drenched the Reverend Teddy Boston with water when he took a ride in Bert's cab. However, both parties made up and as a result, Bert was featured in the Reverend W. Awdry's next book, Small Railway Engines.


Bert is the quietest of the Arlesdale Railway engines. He is the oldest out of the original three and appears to be very easy going and friendly. One thing Bert doesn’t like, however, is the idea that bigger engines (and some people) might look down on the little engines just because they’re small. Bert usually gets on with his jobs without complaining and doesn’t mind what kind of work he does as long as he’s treated with respect.


Bert is painted NWR blue with red-and-yellow lining. He has a brass dome, blue wheels, red nameplates with yellow writing mounted each side of his boiler and "Arlesdale" written on his tender in yellow.


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