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Belle is a blue tank engine but she is a special tank engine she has water hoses attached to her tanks and a loud bell fitted on her boiler one windy day she was puffing to the search and rescue center but the wind pushed her so hard she almost flew off the rails! Her bell rang loudly but there was people and engines nearby so they thought there was an emergency so they hurried off to sir topham hatt soon word spread about the emergency and the search and rescue center was confused “why aren’t you helping with the emergency!?” Some angry people scolded to the rescue center “there is no emergency” Flynn said just than belle arrived with her bell still ringing and sir topham hatt was on board “this search and rescue center aren’t helping with the emergency!” The passengers shouted “you shouldn’t listen to rumors” sir topham hatt said “yes it’s just very windy” belle said soon all of sodor knew there was no emergency and those who did believe it were embarrassed


  • Belle
  • flynn
  • sir topham hatt
  • passengers
  • rocky (does not speak)
  • butch (does not speak)
  • thomas (does not speak)


  • the search and rescue center
  • wellsworth
  • Vicarstown
  • knapford