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Bagnall Trouble
Season 1, Episode 3
Air date 6/28/2022
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Bagnall Trouble is the third episode of Tales of Sodor.


Judy and Alfred come to Sodor, and they team up with Bill and Ben and try to confuse the engines who is actually who.


One day on the island of Sodor, Bill and Ben were messing around the China Clay Pits when they heard 2 whistles.

”Who’s that Bill?” Ben asked.

”I don’t know,” Bill replied.

Just then, two green twins, the same class as Bill and Ben, puffed into the Clay Pits.

”Hello there, I’m Judy!” the engine on the left said.

”And I’m Alfred,” the one on the right finished.

”Nice to meet you two! I’m Bill, and he’s Ben.”

“You know Bill, we look similar, are you thinking what I’m thinking?” Ben said sneakily.

”Oh I think I am.”

”Can we switch paint jobs?” the both of them said at once.

”Sure,” Alfred and Judy replied.

And so the four went to the Steamworks. Kevin was there.

”Hello Kevin, where’s Victor?” Bill asked.

”Hi you guys, Victor is out for the day, so I’m in charge!”

”Well, me, Ben, Alfred, and Judy would like to switch paint jobs!”

”Why not?” And so Kevin set to work.

Later that day, the four of them left the Steamworks. They didn’t realize Edward was watching them.

”Oh dear, they’re bound to cause trouble,” he said to himself.

Later, at the docks, Alfred and Judy painted as Bill and Ben were bugging Cranky.

”Bill, Ben! Get those flatbeds over here right now!” He shouted.

“Alright,” Judy said slyly.

She pushed the flatbeds under Cranky’s crane. Just as the box of fruits was about to drop onto the Flatbed, she quickly pulled the flatbeds away. The fruits spilled all over the tracks!

“Now look what you’ve done!”

”Oh dear me harty, you’ve caused good fruit to be wasted!” Salty exclaimed.

But Judy just laughed, and she and Alfred sped away.

Meanwhile, Bill and Ben as Judy and Alfred were setting up the Flying Scotsman’s train. They were setting up some fish vans for him instead of coaches. They left the vans on the platform and waited for Scotsman. When he came, he was shocked.

”Alfred and Judy, what are you doing here?”

”We have come to visit,” Bill and Ben said trying not to laugh.

”But I thought I was pulling coaches.”

”There was a change in the schedule, you need to pull this train to Barrow.”

”Oh alright.”

And the flying Scotsman set off with the fish vans, leaving his passengers behind.

Later that day, Judy, Alfred, Bill, and Ben went back to the Steamworks to be painted back when…

”You four!” boomed a familiar voice.

”Uh oh,” the four said.

“I am very disappointed with all of you.”

”Sorry sir,” they all said.

”Bill, Ben, back to the clay pits. Judy, Alfred head back to the mainland. You have all caused trouble.”

“Yes sir.”

And the Fat Controller stormed off.




  • There were different choices for what Scotsman would pull, from Brakevans, to Coaches filled with fish.