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Emily realizes she might have bad luck due to her past accidents and incidents, so she decides to stay away from her friends.


Emily is a really useful engine on Sir Topham Hatt's railway. She works hard and never gives up. One day she was pulling a heavy load of Troublesome Trucks, and her breaks didn't work. She couldn't stop and crashed. She was taken to the Sodor Steamworks where she would be repaired. Emily couldn't understand why things like that always happened to her. Kevin said it was because she had bad luck and was causing her to have bad things happen to her. Victor told Kevin and Emily there is no such thing as luck. Emily was soon repeaired and left. She kept thinking about all her past accidents and incidents. The more she thought of them, the more she started to believe she was unlucky. She thought Sir Topham Hatt wouldn't want an unlucky engine on his railway as she would ruin everything. She finally made a decision, she would not spend the night at the sheds. That night, Emily didn't came to sleep and the engines were worried about her. Thomas decided to look for her. The engines agreed and Thomas went off to find Emily. Thomas searched all night but he couldn't find Emily. He was about to give up, when Emily came out of Hiro's hidout. They were both surprised and Emily wanted to run away as fast as she could, but Thomas told her there is nothing wrong with her. Emily still felt unlucky but Thomas told her that her friends are the ones that keep her lucky and that she should come back. Emily finally agreed and they both came back. The engines were happy nothing bad had happened to Emily and were all happy she was back.



  • Events from Emily's New Route, Excellent Emily, Emily Saves the World, Emily in the Middle, Rangers of the Rails, and Emily's Best Friend were seen in Emily's flashback.
  • A CGI recreation of Emily's New Route was added to the episode.
  • The Big Ballloon makes a cameo appearance in the episode.