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Bad Luck is the fourteenth episode of Delete the Mixed-Traffic Engine.


One evening, Delete's Driver said, "Tomorrow, we're going to take the Flying Kipper."

"The Fat Controller, is pleased with your work, and thinks you can be a back-up to the Flying Kipper", added the Fireman.

Delete had heard of the Flying Kipper, from Henry, and mostly the other engines.

"The smell, can get the better of you", Henry had said. "But, once you get running, the smell goes away. Don't be careless, and crash into brake vans, or be cross about having extra trucks, or be a real submarine."

Getting to the Harbour was the easy part, getting to the Mainland was the hard part.

"Come on you silly trucks, come on, come", urged Delete.

"Fine, fine, fine", answered the trucks.

Delete had a headlamp, so he didn't need any others.

(Screen fades to a goods train)

Up ahead a late goods train had been left. The engine had needed more fuel, but Delete was coming in.

Delete saw the goods train... until it too late!

A gray cloud dust went over Delete's paint, and unfortunely his headlamp had been damaged, as well as his bufferbeam and funnel.

It was morning when he could be rescued. Henry had taken the surviving trucks, and the engine had taken the surviving trucks.

"I'm sorry, Sir. That train just... well... appeared", apoligized Delete.

"That's alright, for your bad luck. But, you will be mended. And soon, you will be a Really Useful Engine again."


  • Henry
  • Delete
  • Sir Topham Hatt