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Avalanche! is the second episode of Dodger the Coal Mines Engine.


Dodger the J50 Tank Engine was sent to work at the Coal Mines. Percy was glad of a change. Dodger's paintwork was already dirty, but he didn't mind. One day, Donald and Douglas came to shunt and take some coal trucks.

Dodger shunted his trucks under the hopper, and went for a drink.

"It's nice to get a rest", said Dodger to no one in preticular.

When he got his drink, he noticed something.

"I'm wheezing", Dodger told his Driver.

"We'll have to carry on", his Driver replied.

Meanwhile, Donald was having trouble with some trucks.

"Come on. Move!", he roared at them.

Then, came trouble. Donald biffed them, but too hard. They slipped into the Mine Shaft!

The alarm started to blast.

"AVALANCHE!", called the speakers.

Quickly, workmen got into trucks, or ran for their lives.

Dodger buffered up to Donald, and pulled him. There is a hill right outside the Mines, so the Coal Dust Cloud was gaining ground on it. Douglas was waiting anxiously for them.

"Oh no!", cried Donald.

But Dodger, pushed Donald to safety, his crew left him. But he was trapped under the coal.

It took two days to find Dodger. When they did, he wheezed louder than ever and coughed.

"Are you alright?", asked the Fat Controller.

"I'm (cough, wheeze) alright", Dodger replied.

Dodger was also battered.

"Och. Ya save' me life", said Donald thankful.

"You will need an overhaul", added the Fat Controller. "I'll have to talk to the Doncaster Works Manager."

Dodger coughed and wheezed.

Later, the Fat Controller came to see Dodger.

"I've got in contact with the manager at Doncaster. He says he'll be happy to restore you."

"But, Sir! Will I (cough) stay here or go back?", asked Dodger.

"Your work has proved effiecient, so I have decided you will stay on Sodor", the Fat Controller replied.

"Thank you, Sir."

So, the next day, Gordon took Dodger to Barrow-in-Furness where an engine took him to Doncaster for repairs.


  • Donald
  • Dodger
  • Sir Topham Hatt
  • Douglas (non-speaking role)
  • Thomas (cameo)
  • Henry (cameo)
  • Gordon (cameo)