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Attack of the Philips is a 2020 TTTE movie. The movie centers around many different characters. Diesel 10 is the main antagonist and the Philip Army serve as the villians. The movie was released on December 9, 2020.


On the Island of Sodor, all the engines like being really useful, they huff and they puff, they shunt and they pull goods trains. There are many wonderful places on this uniqe railway, from stations to harbours, and tunnels and bridges. There are quarries and castles, where Millie works. "Another hard day ahead" she said. "Oh, Millie, you are not useful if you don't work" said Stephen. "I am useful!" said Millie crossly. "Allright" said Stephen "Enjoy yourself" and he left. Millie was thinking of having an adventure one day, but her jobs were more important and that would have to wait.

On the shunting yard, Percy was waiting for Thomas, when Philip came,"Hello Percy" he said. "Oh, hey there Philip" said Percy. "I have to take all these trucks to the docks" said Philip and he left. Then Thomas came,"What was Philip doing?" asked Thomas. "You know" replied Percy.

When Philip arrived at the docks,Salty was there waiting for him,"Right on time,shipmate" he said. "Thank you" said Philip,"Well,looks like this is all for me" and he started to leave. Suddenly a ship came and stopped by the Docks,everyone was surpriesd,"What in my hook?" said Cranky. The ship opened and out came 67 Philips. "Hey,be careful" said Salty,but the Philips kept going. One of the Philips said to Salty, "Sorry,no time to chat,we are very busy" he said and left. "Busy doing what?" said Salty,but the Philips were already gone. "Oh no" said Cranky.

Millie had finished giving her tours and was ready for a wash,when Thomas arrived. "You know,you are really useful for a little engine". "Wow,that is very nice" said Millie happily. "Well,now I have to find James" said Thomas and he left. Thomas went looking around for James everywhere. He then saw Philip. "Philip,have you seen James?" asked Thomas. "Yes,he was here a while ago" replied Philip. "Thank you Philip" and Thomas left. Just as Thomas left,Philip heard a familiar voice, "You".Philip was surprised,he haven't heard that voice in years. The Philips came out and got close to Philip. "What are you guys doing here?" he said. "We came to visit you, its been a very long time" replied one of the Philips. "Oh, I wasn't expecting for any of you to visit me anytime" said Philip nervously. "Well, now that we are back together, lets cause confusion and delay" said a Philip. "Yeah!" replied the other Philips. Philip didn't know what to say, but he finally gave them an answer. "Well, the thing is, that I, oh, I like being useful and I don't want to cause confusion and delay anymore. "replied Philip. All the Philips were surprised,"What?" they all said. "That's right,I am not causing any type of trouble with you guys" said Philip. "We came all this way just for you not to care for us!"said some of the Philips crossly. "Its not like that,I don't want to cause confusion and delay, thats all" replied Philip. "Well if you don't help us, we quit and won't want you to be our leader" they said and left. Philip didn't know what had happened or what was to come.

Soon it was night time, Millie was getting ready to sleep, so were her friends. "What a day,tommorow can't be any worse?" she said, "Am I right?",but no one answered her. "Oh well,good night you all" and she went to sleep. That same night,the Philips were trying to find their way to the docks,but they didn't know the way. "Which way now?"said a Philip. All the Philips thought for a moment,then they made a decusion,"That way",they said and went that direction. They didn't know that was a dangerous place. "This doesn't look good" said the Philips,"Allright,we are lost,and its all that 68 diesel boxcab who made us lost". Out from the shadows,came a familiar diesel with a claw on its roof. It was Diesel 10. The Philips were very scared of this diesel."What do you want?",they said. "Nothing,but what are you doing here?" asked Diesel 10. "Well we are lost,we don't like our leader,he doesn't want us and made us lost" replied the Philips. Then Diesel 10 came up with an evil plan." Its really bad if you had a terrible leader,what if you worked for me?" said Diesel 10,"and you can cause as much confusion and delay as you want under my order". The Philips agreed to this,"Yes",they all said. "Then its settled,you are now my new team and we will take over this railway"said Diesel 10. "Yes"said all the Philips in agremment and they went with their new leader,the evil Diesel 10.

The next day,Thomas went out to do his jobs. James was waiting for him,"Hi there Thomas"he said. Thomas replied"Today is a nice day,everything seems to be really good",then a Philip arrived and stole James' coaches. "Hey,you can't just go and take someone's things without asking" said James. Percy came,he looked worried,"Have any of you seen my mail trucks?" he asked. "No",replied Thomas and James. Then another Philip came and bumped Percy. "Philip?"they said,"What was that for?". The Philip didn't answer and went to steal some coal trucks. "Philip,please stop or we will tell Sir Topham Hatt",but the Philip didn't listen. "I think we really need to tell him"said James. Gordon was waiting for his Express coaches but the real Philip couldn't find them. "Sir,what will I do?"said Gordon. "I'm not sure" said Sir Topham Hatt,then he saw Philip,"You,you did this,Thomas and James told me". "What,but I didn't,Sir" said Philip. Then Emily arrived,"My coaches are missing,Sir",she said. They all looked at Philip. "Well Philip" said Gordon crossly. Then James arrived, "Sir,Henry's goods train has dissapeared!". "Allright Philip,what is going on?",said Sir Topham Hatt. "I didn't Sir" said Philip sadly. Then Sir Topham Hatt's telephone rang,"Excuse me" he said and went to check it out. He came out,"Nia has been delayed because there wasn't any coal,the Coal Manager said he saw a yellow diesel boxcab stealing trucks of coal". Thomas came,"Sir I just saw Philip stealing some trucks". "Philip,you have caused tons of confusion and delay on my railway",said Sir Topham Hatt crossly,"You will stay in your shed until you return everything you stole". "Yes Sir" said Philip sadly and he left. Thomas knew something strange was going on but wasn't exactly sure. As Philip went to his shed,he didn't notice some Philips hiding in a siding. "Diesel 10,was right,we get to cause all the confusion and delay we want and Philip gets blamed for it" they said and laughed.

Thomas came back to Tidmouth Sheds because there was no jobs to do. The rest of the Steam Team were there,"Welcome back Thomas" they said. Thomas was worried about Philip,"Guys,I have something to tell you". "What?" they replied. "Philip,he didn't do it",said Thomas. "But he did" said Gordon. "How Thomas" said James. "Philip can be annoying at times but he would never do something evil" said Thomas,"We have to help Philip and find out who is behind all of this,now who is with me". "I can help" said Percy,"Me too" replied Emily, Nia,and Rebecca. "I don't think so" said Gordon. "What about you James?" asked Thomas. "Well,fine I will help too". "What?!" said Gordon,he looked at his friends,"Allright,I'll help". The Steam Team would go find out who was really causing all the confusion and delay. "How do we find out who did this?" asked Rebecca. Percy came up with a plan,"We put some trucks and we wait for someone to come and steal them,then we follow them". All the engines agreed with this plan and did find some coal trucks. They hid in a siding,waiting for Philip. It was getting dark,but the engines were determined to stop Philip. "This is taking forever" said James. "Be patient" is what Nia and Emily kept telling James. Then out came eight diesel boxcabs. "What?" whispered James,"How is this possible" "There are more than one" said Thomas,"I told you it wasn't Philip". "Oh the indignity" said Gordon. "Lets follow them" said Emily. The Philips took the coal trucks with them and the Steam Team followed them. The Philips stopped in the Smelter's Yard,in which there were more Philips. "Look,they have all the stolen items" said Nia. "Now what?",said James,"They are now more annoying". Thomas thought for a moment,"We either wait for them to leave and take everything or we tell Sir Topham Hatt right away". Then,out came Diesel 10,"Well done,my Philips,you are doing a good job,soon once those silly steamies are locked in their sheds for not doing any of their jobs,it will make me the most powerful engine and no one can stop me" and he laughed. "Its Diesel 10!" said Percy. "Don't think about panicking Percy" said James,"You will blow our cover". But Percy was scared,he tried not to scream,but as he was backing up,he crashed into some trucks. "What was that" said Diesel 10,"I know there is someone around here,Philips,go find out who it is". "Yes master" said the Philips. "We should leave now" said Emily. The engines backed up and bumped into the Philips. "You!" said Diesel 10,"What are you doing here?". "The better question is what are you doing with these Philips?" said Thomas,"Did you sent these Philips to get Philip in trouble?". "Maybe" he answered,"Philips,take them inside and lock them in that shed over there". "Yes" and the Philips did lock the Steam Team up. "Wait,they might have told their friends about my plans" said Diesel 10,"Philips,go and capture the following engines..."and he said the engines that he thought were the Steam Team's friends. The following morning,they came back with Edward, Henry, Toby, Duck, Oliver, Donald and Douglas, Rosie, Stanley,and Ryan. "Well done Philips,you are really useful" said Diesel 10.

Millie had just begun her jobs,when she saw a diesel boxcab come. "What does he want?" she said,"Excuse me,can I help you?". The diesel boxcab didn't answer instead he saw some coal trucks and went straight for them. Millie gasped,"Oh no you don't"she said and went and pushed the trucks away from the Philip. The Philip went the wrong way and left. "What was with that engine" she said. She later told Stephen and Glynn but they didn't believe her. "You are just making this up,aren't you?" they said. "But its true!" she said and she left. "If they don't believe me,I know someone who will" she said and left the castle.

Millie went all the way to Blue Mountain quarry to see Luke. "Where is he?" she said. Then she saw Luke,"Luke!". "Millie,what are you doing here?" answered Luke. "I have something to tell you,Luke" said Millie. "What is it?" said Luke. "Its about a diesel boxcab who tried to steal coal from the castle". "That sounds wrong" said Luke. "I know,Im worried this might happen again or maybe to you,Luke",Millie told Luke. "Then some Philips came and started attacking the narrow gauge engines. The engines hid inside tunnels for safety. The Philips started stealing trucks full of coal. "There are more?" Millie said confused. "It appears they are stealing coal so steam engines don't work" said Luke. Millie thought for a moment,"You are right,we have to stop them". "Just how are we going to stop like 20 diesel boxcabs?" said Luke. "We can get help" answered Millie. "We will help" said the narrow gauge engines. "Really?"said Luke. "Yes,those Philips are causing so much confusion and delay" said Skarloey. "How do you know that" said Luke. "Paxton told us Philip was causing confusion and delay" said Duncan. "Well,its time we stop these Philips once and for all!" Millie told everyone.

Philip was still in his shed thinking about what would happen if he didn't return anything when he saw the Philips pass by. "You did this" said Philip crossly. "Of course,if you don't care about us,we won't care about you" said the Philips and left. Philip couldn't let the Philips keep getting him in trouble,so he decided to get out of his shed and stop the Philips.

Luke, Millie,and the rest of the narrow gauge engines came up with a plan to stop the Philips. "We will wait for them to come steal coal trucks and we will try to capture them" said Luke. They saw some Philips pass by,"Let's follow them" said Millie. They followed the Philips,then the Philips split up and went seperate directions,"What now" said Peter Sam. "Look there is one more" said Skarloey. They tried to get close to him,but the Philip was the real Philip,"Stop,I am not one of them" he said. "How are we supposed to trust him" said Duncan. "Im not evil,I want to stop them just like you" said Philip. "Allright,you can help" Millie told Philip. "The Philips are stealing Coal trucks and everything that belongs to steam engines" said Philip,"They are hiding in the Smelter's Yard". "Well let's go there right away" said Luke and they went to stop the Philips.

That night,in Sir Topham Hatt's office,Sir Topham Hatt wasn't very happy,"Oh,what am I going to do?" he asked himself. He then heard a diesel's horn outside. He checked who it was and it was Paxton. "Hello,Sir" said Paxton. "I don't think today is a good day when we have Philip being evil" said Sir Topham Hatt. "About that,I don't think that was Philip" Paxton told Sir Topham Hatt. "What?"said Sir Topham Hatt,"Then who was it?". Paxton told Sir Topham Hatt,"It was a bunch of Philips". "Oh,I didn't know,I have to apologize to Philip right away" said Sir Topham Hatt,"Please Paxton,take me to Philip's shed". "Yes Sir"and they left.

Philip lead the narrow gauge engines to the Smelter's Yard where all the Philips were. "Now,how exactly are we going to stop all of them?" said Duncan. "I have an idea" said Millie,"We take all of the stolen items to the docks,were the Philips would try to get them back,and then we capture them and send them away". "That is actually a very good idea" said Luke,everyone agreed. The engines started to take trucks and coaches when the Philips weren't looking. "Its working" said Luke. Then Philip saw a shed,"There is someone in there" said Philip and he tried to see who was inside. Philip gasped,"Its the Steam Team,they are trapped in that shed,we have to get them out!". The engines got some trucks and pushed them hard against the shed's door and it broke the door. The engines came out,"Thank you"they said. Suddenly out from the main shed came out Diesel 10,"Who is trying to stop me!!" he said,he then saw the Steam Team and some of the other engines,"Philips,attack!!!". Some of the Philips started to attack the engines. "Leave that boxcab for me" Diesel 10 said. Meanwhile Luke and Millie were running away with some of the trucks. "Are they after us? Millie asked. "Im not sure" said Luke. The Philips were after Duncan and Peter Sam, "Hey Philips,look at my special funnel" he said. The Philips stared at it,"Very nice" they said. Then they saw Sir Handel and Skarloey pass by with some trucks and went after them instead. The engines brought all the trucks to the docks. "What is all this?" asked Salty. "We hace to get rid of the Philips" said Ryan,"Cranes,get ready to capture some Philips. "Bring it on!"said Cranky.

Back at the Smelter's yard the Steam Team were able to take the trucks away and the remaing Philips chased after them. "You won't get away that easily" Diesel 10 told Philip. Thomas saw Philip was in trouble so he decided to help him "Leave my friend alone" he said. The there got into a fight. It was almost dawn,the Philips were coming to the docks,chasing after the engines. "They are coming!!" said Duck. The engines put the trucks in position and waited for the Philips to enter. Once they came in,the engines blocked their way so they couldn't escape. "Now!!"said Oliver. Cranky, Carly,and Big Mickey started grabbing the Philips with their hooks and started loading them away. The Philips tried to escape but were blocked by engines everywhere. Luke and Millie made it to the castle,Stephen and Glynn were very surprised,"Where have you been all night?"they asked. "We were trying to stop some diesel engines" said Millie. "What,it was true?" they replied. Then Paxton came in with Sir Topham Hatt,"Has anyone seen Philip?",he asked,"He wasn't in his shed". "He is helping stop the Philips" said Luke,"He might be at the docks by now". "Thank you,allright Paxton,we are off to the docks" said Sir Topham Hatt and they left.

"You can't stop me!" said Diesel 10. "Yes we can" said Thomas. Diesel 10 tried to use his claw,but some scrap landed on it and jamed it. "No!" he said in defeat. "Its over" Thomas and Philip told him. Diesel 10 decided to leave "You might have stopped me today but I will be back one day" and he dissapeared into the shadows. Thomas and Philip decided to go to the docks to help the other engines. By the time they got there,the Philips were all captured and loaded into ships. "They are being sent to Misty Island" said Cranky. "Hooray" the engines cheered. Then Paxton came in with Sir Topham Hatt,"Well done,everyone" he said,then he saw Philip,"Philip,I am very sorry to think you were evil" "That's allright" said Philip,"The railway is safe and everything is back to normal". The engines left and took everything back and went to their jobs.

From that day,the railway was running smoothly. No Philips. No confusion and delay. The engines were happy everything was back to normal. Thomas saw Philip in the yard that day. "You look worried" said Thomas. Philip didn't answer but he did,"The Philips,they will be back" he whispered. "What?" said Thomas confused. "Nothing" replied Philip. The two went back to work and the screen fades to black.

The End



Production for the movie started in December 4, 2020. There had been at least four drafts of how the movie would be like. The final draft was completed on December 8, 2020 and the movie was released the following day.

Bonus Features

Behind the Scenes with Lukeillie

Director/Voice Actors Commentary

Thomas and Friends Season 25 Trailer

Capture the Philips Game

The Philips on the Way Song

Bonus Episode: Luke and Millie's Day Off


  • This movie serves as an introduction for Lukeillie's Series.
  • This is the first appearance and speaking roles of the Philip Army since Philip's Number from Thomas and Friends.
  • This is the first time the Philip Army are used as villians.
  • Misty Island is mentioned by Cranky.
  • A calendar in Sir Topham Hatt's office shows its December 9, which is a reference to the day the movie was released.
  • The main image and front DVD cover uses an edited image of the Journey Beyond Sodor DVD cover, which is used to represent the Smelter's Yard in the movie.