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Arlesburgh is a seaside town based on both sides of the River Arle Estuary.

Arlesburgh was an ancient port once stockaded by King Orry. The town is a popular tourist attraction on Sodor, mainly because of the Arlesdale Railway, of which one of the two stations here, Arlesburgh West, is the top station of Duck's Branch Line. This is also the terminus of the Arlesdale Railway and was once served by the Mid Sodor Railway. The Mid Sodor operated a steamer service to Douglas on the Isle of Man. The other station is Arlesburgh Bridge Street, which is served only by trains on the Arlesdale Railway.

In ancient times, the town was created as a port, stockaded by Godred MacHarold, and remained so for several centuries. The Mid Sodor Railway once operated a steamer service to Douglas, Man for passengers and freight, but its traffic dwindled after the railway's passenger traffic stopped and completely dissolved when the railway closed in 1947. The port was re-opened by Sir Topham Hatt in 1968 to transport ballast from the old mines at Arlesdale.

The NWR engine sheds at Arlesburgh are home to Duck, Oliver and sometimes Donald or Douglas.

Several early maps of Sodor, including ones drawn by the Reverend W. Awdry, have Arlesburgh spelt "Arlsburgh". This was also seen on a signpost in the first season episode, Toby and the Stout Gentleman.