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An Odd Beginning is the first episode of the first season of A Sad Future.


An old 0-4-4 tank engine had been sitting for many years, it's 2043, all other rail engines have been scrapped. The engine's name was Morty. I'll never come out. I'll never come out. He'd think, but he was wrong! One day, a man walked to him. It was a breezy November, and Morty was cold. "Hello there, you must be Morty! I'm here to buy you!" The man said, he was kinda... wide. He wore a top hat. Morty may not know this yet, but the man is a great grandson of Sir Topham Hatt! Though, Morty never knew Sir Topham Hatt anyways. "My name is Gary Hatt." He said, and Morty smiled. "Yes I am!" He told Gary, who boarded Morty, got his fire burning, and was able to get him puffing away.

Eventually, Morty arrived at an old line. "This was the North Western Railway. Sadly, no engines have worked here since it closed down. All the engines were scrapped, but, actually, the number eleven may still be around. He was never accounted for scrapping." Gary told Morty, he was heartbroken. "That's terrible." He said, and Gary agreed. "You're the only rail engine still around. Maybe. Diesel fuel and electricity are all gone, so no engines that run on those." Morty was shocked, and Gary hired two young men the next day as Morty's driver and fireman.

Morty got working well. Although all the engines were scrapped, the rolling stock was still there. Well, some of it. Really just eight trucks, a brakevan, and two coaches named Annie and Clarabel that Morty had never met. But, trucks weren't reckless anymore, and it was odd. Annie and Clarabel liked Morty, and he liked them back. "We had an engine named Thomas." Annie said, and Clarabel added more. "Another engine, Edward, tried to save him from scrap, but was scrapped too!" Morty was sad for the coaches. "I'll promise, I'll make sure that doesn't happen to you." Morty said, and the coaches smiled at Morty.

That night, Morty went on the branch line that Thomas actually owned, and went into a shed with three berths, and fell asleep. But, he wondered how more engines would come.