Amy is a character that appeared in The End of Sodor.


She was built at Stratford Works in 1904, and allocated there. In October 1939, she was fitted with a vacuum ejector. In August 1960, she was reallocated to Parkeston Quay, and withdrawn November 1960. However, she was preserved for static display at the National Railway Muesum in York.

She then visited Sodor around the End of Steam, where she was bossy and rude, especially to Percy. After the Sack of Tidmouth, she was scrapped by 'Arry and Bert never to be seen again.




She is based on the preserved Holden J69/1 No. 87.


She is painted in GER blue with GER in yellow on her tanks, and 87 in yellow on her bunker. In the middle of the film, she is repainted NWR blue with yellow lining and the number 3 in yellow on her cab.


Amy is kind-hearted at times, but during the film she acts bossy, rude, and believes being the visitor makes her the centre of attraction and that everyone should welcome her and act well around her.


  • Unlike most characters, Amy's number was real. The engine possessing this number is currently preserved at the National Railway Muesum.
  • The End of Sodor has, as of now, marked Amy's only appearence in Adventures on Rails.
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