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Alyssa is an engine with mysterious origin who teamed up with Edward to take down ‘The Spirit Trains’.


Sudrian Stories

A design by the Great Western Railway’s George Jackson Churchward, Alyssa’s blueprints were sent to some engine builders in France. She was then shipped to the United Kingdom when construction was finished in 1905 with the name President and the number 103. While she didn’t do anything stellar, President worked quite well until her withdrawl in 1926.

Sitting in a scrapyard for a few months, the last remaining of the French engines on the Great Western Railway, President was purchased by the mysterious Mr. S. Keeping her old name and number, but gaining a new livery, President was his private engine, mostly transporting her owner. But, in 1993, when Alyssa, Mr. S’ wife passed away, President took upon the name of Alyssa.

In 2017, Alyssa came to Sodor upon Edward contacting Mr. S about ‘The Spirit Trains’, scaring Neville. But, Edward would not meet her until a few months later, and the two became quick friends, deciding to work together to stop ‘The Spirit Trains’.


While appearing serious and professional, Alyssa is anything but. A hard worker, Alyssa is always willing to help out, but when it comes to her secret missions, she is quick to defend herself, to the point that she may attack them. In her words, she’s a “firecracker”, Alyssa may go off at any point, not afraid of consequences. Edward compares her to her owner, Mr. S, as both of them are quick to act without thinking. While she may appear rude and abrasive, Alyssa will slowly warm up engines and people she trusts, albeit a bit antisocial at times.


Alyssa is based off the Great Western Railway’s number 103, named President. It was one of three French locomotives ordered by the railway between 1903-1905, withdrawn in 1926. An identical locomotive, Alliance, was numbered 104, being built and withdrawn in the same year. The real President has been scrapped, unlike in Sudrian Stories.


Alyssa is painted in a deep, shiny blue with white lining and black wheels. She also has the number 103 in brass on her cab sides, silver buffers, and golden headlamp. Alyssa has a pair of black glasses bolted to her smokebox as well.


  • Alyssa’s livery was based off of the short-lived blue livery used by express engines on British Rail, one of TheLocoLover’s favorites.
  • Alyssa’s backstory is mostly inspired by the engine she was based on.
  • The appearance of Alyssa was actually voted on in polls, TheLocoLover calls her a ‘community character’.
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