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Allen is a tender engine who sometimes comes to visit Sodor occasionally.


Allen is a kind, hard-working engine who helps others when they need it. Even with his age, he tries his hardest to pull through.


The Sudrians

  • Visitor

Tales of Sodor

  • Series 1 - TBD


When he was first built, he was full of energy and rather vain. One day while working in a Harbour, he shunted a fuel tanker too hard. It rolled into a port where an engine was resting. The tanker smashed into the engine and exploded. The force from the explosion sent the engine rolling down the track and through a set of buffers. The engine rolled into the sea and disappeared out of site. After this, Allen experienced a series of guilt, and was sent to Barry Scrapyard. However, he was bought by the Slanksworth line. After this, all his guilt went away. This however, would end soon after he visited Sodor.


  • Allen is BIGWIKISTUDIOS' main OC.
  • He is based off of an actual engine of the same number.
  • Allen has his own branch.