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All for Thomas
Season 2, Episode 20
Air date June 28th, 2021
Written by Semaj5nodrog4
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All for Thomas is the twentieth episode and season finale of the second season of the Many Adventures on the Island of Sodor. It is also the final episode of the series.


Thomas the tank engine has worked on the Island of Sodor for many years and enjoys every part of it. Whether it’s a station, or the seaside, or a forest, he loves passing by every place and whistling cheerfully to everyone he meets. However, there is one place he is happy to be more than any other and that is his branch line. Ever since Sir Topham Hatt awarded him the line years ago, Thomas has taken great pride and joy in running the branchline and loves it very much. He loves taking passengers along the line with his faithful coaches Annie and Clarabel, whistling to all the familiar faces he sees, and working alongside his friends, Toby, Bertie, Terence, Mavis, and especially Percy. They all enjoy working on the branchline too and they know how much it means to Thomas as well. They also know too that if anything happened to it, Thomas would be most upset and they hope nothing will ever come between him and the line. Thomas hopes so too and is just happy to be running what he considers to be the most important line on Sir Topham Hatt's railway and can't think of being anywhere better.

One day, Thomas was puffing along his branchline with Annie and Clarabel. He was just enjoying the nice summer breeze and humming quietly to himself, when he heard a familiar horn honking from behind him. Thomas knew who this was.

Then at that point, Bertie the bus came up beside him. "Hello there, old timer," he teased. "Care for a little race today?"

"Well I would be," chuffed Thomas, "if you even had a chance of beating me, which I doubt you do."

"Oh ho, you want to challenge that, Mr. Molasses?" mocked Bertie cheekily. "First one to Ffarquhar is the winner."

"Alright, you're on," replied Thomas confidently. "One…two…"

"No Thomas," whispered Annie nervously.

"Not again," begged Clarabel.

"Three!!!" shouted Thomas, then he and Bertie took off.

"No!!!" wailed the coaches, as they were dragged along behind Thomas.

Thomas and Bertie raced like the wind along the branchline. The wind whipping past them, trees flashing by, and people cheering as they raced along. They were having great fun.

Soon, Ffarquhar station appeared in the distance. Percy, Toby and Henrietta were there and saw Thomas and Bertie approaching, and waited to see who would win.

Thomas and Bertie were pumping and racing as fast as they could, trying to out-beat each other. Then as they were approaching the station, they both slammed on their brakes and tried to stop. They skidded along the rails and road until they both came to a grinding halt right at the station.

"Ah ha! I won! Fair and square!" cheered Thomas. "Face it, Bertie. You know I won this time."

"Uh, uh. No you didn't," objected Bertie. "You put your brakes on too late and took too long to stop. So I believe I'm the real winner in this case."

"Oh nonsense," huffed Thomas. "I was the first one to stop and you continued skidding after I did, so I believe I'm the real winner."

"Oh yeah?" chuffed Bertie. "Well how about we leave it for the judges to decide? What do you say everyone? Who really won this race?"

Percy, Toby, and Henrietta look at each other. "Well, it was a tough call since it looked like you both stopped at the same time," chuffed Toby, "but if I had to look very closely from where I am, I think it was Bertie who won."

"Ha, ha! Told you!" Bertie chuckled to Thomas.

"Um, I don't know, Toby," puffed Percy. "I thought I saw Bertie brake too late and from what I could see, Thomas looked like he stopped first. So I agree with Thomas: I think he's the real winner in this case."

"Ha! Told you, Bertie!" chuckled Thomas back. Bertie scoffed.

"Oh, honestly everyone," chuckled Henrietta. "Don't you think we all can agree Thomas and Bertie both won? I mean, they race all the time and it doesn't really matter who's the winner, right?"

"Yes, I quite agree, Henrietta," chuffed Annie, "and therefore, I think all this racing around needs to stop."

"Indeed," agreed Clarabel. "All this bouncing around like peas in a frying pan is getting to me and I'm sure I lose several bolts whenever you race like this, Thomas."

Thomas smiled. "Oh I'm sorry, Annie and Clarabel," he chuffed. "Bertie and I just like racing each other for the fun of it. It's kind of our routine in a way. Also, it's part of the joy of running this branchline, as well as taking care of it as well, of course."

"Well, it's nice that you two enjoy racing," said Henrietta, "but if you don't mind me saying, I think it would be better if you focused more on taking care of your branchline. You do have to run it, you know, and I'm sure Sir Topham Hatt would prefer it if you did."

"Don't worry," puffed Thomas. "Sir Topham Hatt knows I run the branchline well and I take things seriously when I need to. Plus, I always have all of you to help me run it too. So it's not like I'm doing everything on this line, and I'm grateful for all of your help."

"That's good a point, Thomas," chuffed Toby. "We do help you all the time and we're happy to do so, but I think you may need to be serious with taking care of it. I've been running up and down the branchline a lot and I noticed that the rails are starting to look a little worn out and rusty lately. So it might be in need of repairs soon."

"Oh, I'm sure it's fine, Toby," soothed Thomas. "If my branchline can handle my racing along with all of you running on it all the time, then it handle anything. Besides, it's not like Sir Topham Hatt is going to shut it down just so the whole branchline can be repaired. I mean, who would take care of all my passengers? They would need an engine to take them everywhere."

"Uh, ahem?!" huffed Bertie.

"Or a very smart and helpful bus," added Thomas quickly. Everyone chuckled at this, even Bertie had to laugh.

"Or a smart and modern double-decker bus. Ha-ha," came a voice. Everyone looked and saw it was Bulgy, and were not exactly happy to see him.

"Oh dear, what do you want, Bulgy?" asked Thomas.

"Well, I was just driving by and I heard what you said," said Bulgy, "and I just wanted to say this: I've always said rails need to be ripped up and everyone should choose roads, and based on what I just heard, it sounds like that ought to finally happen. Your branchline is out of date, Thomas. I've noticed too that it's looking worn out and rusty and needs to be retired. So why not leave it to us buses to handle and you can find yourself a yard to shunt in? Hmm? That would be really useful, and even more useful for me and Bertie here." The others got cross with Bulgy for saying this.

"Bulgy, why don't you mind your own business and go away?" huffed Percy. "You always say that rubbish and it never happens and it never will happen. Thomas has been running this branchline for years and chances of it being retired are highly unlikely."

"Plus, I don't really care about taking all of his passengers," added Bertie. "Thomas and I share them equally and even I am happy that he takes them as well as it would too much for me to handle."

"Indeed," agreed Annie, "and passengers would certainly love riding in smart coaches like Clarabel and I as opposed to an egotistical and rough-riding bus like you, Bulgy."

"I quite agree," said Clarabel. "So mind your manners and be off with you and let us run this branchline the way we've always done it, you big scarlet buffoon." Everyone else agreed.

Bulgy just scoffed. "Huh, suit yourselves," he huffed, "but sooner or later, it will happen and when it does, don't say I didn't warn you. Roads will rule over the rails someday and I guarantee it." Then Bulgy drove away, chanting as he did: "Down with railways! Down with railways!"

Everyone was very thankful when he left, but Thomas was cross. "Never mind him, Thomas," soothed Toby. "He just says those things to be a brute and be a nuisance. You know everything he said isn't true and will never happen."

"Huh, yes I know," sighed Thomas. "I just don't like hearing things like that about my branchline. I know it will never happen, but the thought of it is just, well…worrying. Regardless, thank you all for supporting me. I'm glad that I have friends like you to be there for me. Even if something does happen to my branchline, I'll at least have you all to help and support me always."

"And we're always happy to be there for you as well, old friend," smiled Bertie. "No matter what happens, you can rely on us to cheer you up."

"Yes, indeed," agreed all the coaches.

"Quite so," said Toby. "Though I think we should get back to work now. One way to keep this branchline going is to run it after all."

"Good point, Toby," said Henrietta. "Well tootles everyone, and have a nice day."

"Tootles," replied the others, then Toby and Henrietta left and Bertie drove away.

Percy was a little worried though. "Uh Thomas, you don't really think Sir Topham Hatt would ever shut down your branchline, do you?"

"No, of course not," chuckled Thomas. "My branchline is fine and Sir Topham Hatt will never do that. So you don't have to worry about that happening, Percy. Like we said, I, well, everyone in fact, has been running it for years, so chances of it being shut down are highly unlikely."

Percy smiled a bit. "Well, that is very true, we have been running it for years," chuffed Percy, "but I probably should have mentioned this before but…Toby is kind of right: I've noticed too that in many areas, the rails are looking a little rusty and worn out and could stand to be repaired. I just don't want anything bad to happen and then it does need to be shut down. I'm just trying to look out for you, Thomas, since you're my best friend and best friends make sure everything remains safe."

Thomas smiled. "I do appreciate you looking out for me, Percy, but there's really no need to worry. If something does happen, I'm sure Sir Topham Hatt will have a plan and will make sure everything is under control. So it's fine, my friend."

Percy perked up a little bit. "Alright, if you're sure about that, Thomas, then I believe you."

Then the two engines heard a booming sound in this distance. They looked around to see what it was.

"Um, excuse me, gentlemen," said Annie. "I don't mean to intrude in your conversation, but may I advise we finish our work and take shelter pretty soon?"

"Why?" asked the tank engines.

"Well, because Annie and I noticed," replied Clarabel, "some rather dark-looking clouds approaching in the distance and they do not look very welcoming. So we may need to hurry up and take cover very soon."

Then the wind started to pick up speed rapidly. Thomas and Percy both agreed Annie and Clarabel were right.

"Yes, right away ladies," chuffed Thomas. "I'll see you back at the sheds, Percy."

"Same to you too, Thomas," replied Percy, "and be careful." Then the two engines whistled good-bye and quickly went back to work and back to Tidmouth Sheds as soon as possible.

That night, the storm arrived and it was a strong and fierce one. Rain pelted down, sleet and hail pounded buildings, and the wind blew everything around and up in the air. It was definitely not safe to be outside right now. At Tidmouth Sheds, the engines found it hard to sleep during the storm. They were worried about it more than anything and hoped nothing bad would happen as a result. Thomas and Percy definitely hoped so too, and tried to keep their hopes up too, but they were nervous all the same.

At last, morning came and the storm had passed, but had left damage and debris everywhere across the island. Trees were blown over, buildings were damaged, and trucks and coaches were derailed and blocking lines. The island was in quite a mess.

Sir Topham Hatt was most annoyed about this. When he arrived at Tidmouth Sheds, he told the engines the news. "Good morning, engines," he said. "As you all probably heard during the night, we were hit by a pretty vicious storm and it has caused significant damage everywhere. So I will need all of you to do your best with helping to get everything back on track. It'll be a lot of work unfortunately, but I know I can rely on all of you to help out." The engines looked at each other curiously. "Also, given that, I'll need you to help out as well, Thomas. This is an all engines on deck situation and your help will be needed."

"Oh, uh, yes sir," replied Thomas, then he thought of something. "Um sir, what does that mean for my branchline? Who's going to run it?"

Sir Topham Hatt sighed. "Well Thomas, I hate to say this, but the worst of the storm struck across many areas of your branchline and it is in bad condition. Many trees have been blown down blocking the lines, tunnels and bridges have been damaged, and after taking a close look, many of the rails are in poor condition as well. So unfortunately Thomas, given the amount of damage there, repairs will have to take some time along with repairing the mainline. That's why I'm having you help out with the mainline for now until repairs can start on your branchline."

Thomas was upset. "Yes sir, but in that case, what about my passengers? Who will take care of them?"

"Don't worry," soothed Sir Topham Hatt. "I know your passengers are important and for the time being, I'm having Bertie and Bulgy take turns with taking them until you come back."

Thomas was shocked. "Bulgy, sir?!"

"Yes that's right!" came a snooty voice. It was Bulgy, driving into the yard. "Oh ho, I told you someday this was going to happen, Thomas! Didn't expect it to happen the very next day though, but still, this is a step closer to roads taking over the railway and the buses taking over! Ha! Ha! Down with railways! Down with railways!"

"Enough!!!" scolded Sir Topham Hatt. Bulgy stopped laughing. "This is only temporary, Bulgy. Thomas will be back on his branchline soon and you and Bertie are helping out until he comes back. So mind your mouth and attitude and please get to work, NOW!"

"Uh, yes sir, sorry sir," squirmed Bulgy. "Won't let it happen again, sir." Then Bulgy drove away again, smiling smugly at Thomas.

"Huh, well anyway," continued Sir Topham Hatt, turning back to Thomas, "I'm sorry about the situation, Thomas. I know how much you love working on your branchline, but desperate times calls for desperate measures and I need you to participate in it. Though I do assure you, you will be back working on your branchline in no time, I promise."

Thomas felt a little better after hearing this. "Thank you, sir," he said. "I appreciate that and I won't let you down."

"Very good," said Sir Topham Hatt. "Now it's best we all get started, everyone. We still have a railway to run and clean up as well. So do your best today and good luck." Then Sir Topham Hatt drove away.

After he did, Thomas felt a little depressed. Percy could tell. "Don't worry, Thomas," he chuffed confidently. "This will just be temporary like Sir Topham Hatt said. Your branchline will still be there once everything is back to normal and you'll be back on it before you know it."

Thomas sighed. "Thank you, Percy," he said, cheering up a bit. "That is true and does make me feel better, and you're right: it is just temporary. It's not like it's shut down or anything, so everything will be alright and I'll be back on my branchline before anyone knows it."

"Exactly," puffed Percy. "Now, I think the best way to make that happen is to get to work, agreed?"

"Yes indeed," said Thomas, "and allow me to be the first one to get started." Then Thomas puffed onto the turntable and got ready for work. "Well, see you later, Percy, and good luck everyone! I'll be seeing you around!" Then Thomas puffed away to work. After he did, the engines could tell that deep down inside, Thomas was not exactly happy about his situation, and were concerned for him, especially Percy, who was more worried than concerned.

Soon Thomas was hard at work with Annie and Clarabel and helping to clean up the island. All day, he brought workmen to wherever they were needed and helped remove trees and other objects off the rails. All of this was keeping him busy and he was happy to help out, but at the same time, he was starting to miss his branchline and was hoping he would return back to it as soon as possible. Unfortunately, it didn't seem like that was going to happen because in addition to helping with cleaning the island, Sir Topham Hatt also had Thomas helping out with taking the local trains around the island for a while to make up for all the delays that happened due to the storm as well. Thomas was disappointed about this too, but he knew passengers were important and was happy to help out with the local trains, so he conceded.

At first, Thomas was feeling slightly better with taking passengers around the island, but to him, it didn't feel the same as being on his branchline. Although he was happy to see many people and places, he was starting to miss seeing all the ones he usually sees on his branchline. To make matters worse, his time taking the local and cleaning up the island was turning into days and he was spending more time than he expected away from his branchline, which really didn't make Thomas feel any better. The other engines who saw Thomas could tell he wasn't happy and whenever they saw him, they would tell Percy about him too, which made Percy feel sorry for Thomas and a little worried for him too.

Even when Percy would see them in their shed when Thomas was not around, Annie and Clarabel confirmed he was not happy too. "He really is quite miserable, to be completely honest, Percy," sighed Annie. "He only whistles and says a quick hello, but that's it."

"Yes, and he moves quite slowly and you can just tell he's not very chipper," added Clarabel. "I can't believe I'm saying this, but I would actually prefer it if he would go fast like he usually does. I do hope we can go back to the branchline soon, and our Thomas can be happy again."

Percy sighed. "So do I, Annie and Clarabel. So do I."

One day, when he met Toby, Henrietta, and Bertie at Elsbridge station, Percy told them what Annie, Clarabel, and everyone else were telling him about Thomas. "So overall, it sounds like Thomas is just plain miserable working away from his branchline and he misses it very much. I just wish there was something we could do to help him out and make him happy again."

"Well, I wish we could do something too," interrupted Toby, "as I heard from others about Thomas too, but I don't really see what we could do as Sir Topham Hatt already has workmen repairing his branchline. So I think they probably have everything under control."

"Um yes, well funny you mentioned that…" Bertie began.

"Indeed," agreed Henrietta. "So while it's nice that you want to help our friend, and in your case your best friend Percy, I think it's best that we continue on with our work and let the workmen continue on with theirs and then Thomas and the rest of us will be back on the branchline in no time."

"Uh, can I say something about…" Bertie tried again.

"Huh, yeah I guess you two are right," sighed Percy. "I just don't like seeing Thomas so upset. It just seems like given it's been several days since we were on the branchline, it's almost like the workmen need our help with the repairs."

"Um, excuse me?!?!" burst out Bertie. "But I have something to say about all of that!"

Everyone looked at Bertie. "Oh, we're sorry Bertie," chuffed Toby. "What did you want to tell us?"

Bertie was about to tell them, but then an impatient honk sounded and Bulgy came in looking cross and annoyed. "Ooh, these passengers," he grumbled. "Always complaining, never happy with me, and don't understand how buses are so much better than engines. Huh!"

Everyone was puzzled. "Um, what's up with you, Bulgy?" asked Percy.

"Ooh, it's all these passengers," huffed Bulgy. "They've done nothing but give me a hard time for how much better Bertie and I run this nonsensical branchline and don't appreciate the work we do. Grrr, if you see Sir Topham Hatt at any point, tell him to get someone over to that branchline of Thomas' and finally get going on repairing that line."

Percy, Toby, and Henrietta were shocked. "What?!" they all exclaimed.

"Yeah, that's right," replied Bulgy. "Day in and day out, Bertie and I drive past that line and there is absolutely no work being done on it. It looks just like how it did when that storm hit and it looks completely abandoned. So if these passengers want Thomas back, they can have him because I've had it with them and I can't take this anymore."

Everyone looked at each other in surprise. "No one is repairing Thomas' branchline?" exclaimed Percy. "I can't believe it."

"Well it certainly makes sense now," added Toby. "No wonder it's taking forever for Thomas to get back there."

"That's what I've been trying to tell you all!" grumbled Bertie. "Everything Bulgy said is surprisingly true. Not even a workman has been seen cleaning a tree off the line or even laying down a rail. I don't know what's going on here, but I think Sir Topham Hatt might have forgotten about Thomas' branchline and it is in desperate need for attention."

"Or he is aware of it," cut in Henrietta, "and just hasn't gotten around to it yet. This is a big island and I think there are some places that still need repairs, though I'm surprised it's taking everyone this long to repair them. Surely, Sir Topham Hatt would've sent at least someone over to the branchline by now to repair it."

Percy thought for a moment during this time, then he had an idea. "He won't have to, Henrietta, because I know who will." Everyone stared at Percy. "Oh? And who were you thinking of, Percy?" asked Toby.

"Well, given how we all want Thomas to be happy and back on his branchline again, as well as we do," explained Percy, "I say we are going to be the ones to help repair and reopen the branchline!"

Everyone gasped. "We?!" they all exclaimed.

"Yes," said Percy. "We. I'm sure we can do it if we try."

"But Percy," said Toby, "what can we do? We still have our own work to do and we can't just abandon it. Besides, we're just two engines, two buses, and a coach and there are trees, bushes and worn out rails all over the branchline. We would need a lot more help to make repairing the branchline happen."

"Well if that's what it's going to take, then we'll make that happen," declared Percy assertively. Everyone looked at each other and Percy with uncertain looks. "Listen," Percy continued. "We all have worked on Thomas' branchline for nearly as long as he has and each and every day, we see how happy he is and you can just tell he loves working on that line. It's his pride and joy and he takes responsibility for it very seriously. I don't know if you all noticed it, but Thomas tends to be miserable whenever he is not on his branchline and I for one really don't like seeing him looking so upset. He is my best friend and all of us are his closest friends and given how much we have done for each other, whether it's helping him with a job or cheering him up or even him doing the same for us, I feel like it's our job to help him feel better again and take repairing the branchline into our own hands. What do you all say?"

Toby, Bertie, Henrietta, and even Bulgy thought about this for a moment. Then after a long pause, each of them gave Percy a smile.

"You know, Percy," chuffed Toby. "After hearing all of what you just said, I think you are right. It is our responsibility to make our best friend happy again. So I'm in."

"Me too," agreed Henrietta. "If Thomas is willing to help us, then we should help him too."

"Same here," said Bertie. "I may like roads, but Thomas is certainly my friend too and I'll be happy to help with repairs as well." Then they looked at Bulgy.

Bulgy glared. "Grr, alright fine, I guess I'll help too," he sighed, "but just until that crummy branchline of his is repaired and I can stop listening to all his whiny passengers."

Percy was delighted. "Oh thank you everyone!" he whistled happily. "I know we can do this! It's still take time though, but with all our help and any extra help we can get, we'll have Thomas' branchline up and running again and Thomas will be our happy, really useful friend again. So I say 'All for Thomas'!"

"All for Thomas!" chanted everyone else, and they whistled and honked in agreement.

"Oh so in that case," pondered Henrietta, "what exactly is your plan for the restoration, Percy?"

"Well, I have one and I hope it works," puffed Percy. "So here's what I'm thinking first." Then Percy told everyone his plan and gave each of them their positions. After a while, everyone knew what to do and after a 'good luck' wish from Percy, they all set off on their duties.

First, Toby and Henrietta headed all the way to the Vicarage Orchard to see Trevor the Traction Engine. When they got there, they told Trevor Percy's plan about repairing Thomas' Branchline.

"Hmm, well considering I'm done cleaning up trees and other ruble from the rails and I don't have much work to do right now, I'll be happy to help you all out with this project," said Trevor. Toby and Henrietta were delighted to hear this.

Next, Bertie drove to Terence's field and told him Percy's plan too. "Well of course I can help," chuckled Terence. "Thomas is certainly my friend too and I would be happy to help out an old friend."

Bertie was pleased. "Thank you Terence!" he honked.

Lastly, Percy headed for Knapford Yards to see Mavis, who was stationed there until Ffarquhar Quarry opened up again. When he told Mavis her plan, she was most delighted.

"Oh yes, absolutely I can help," she said. "Anything to help Thomas and get back to the quarry again, and also spend some time away from Philip's antics and Charlie's jokes for a while."

Even Percy had to laugh. "Great! That sounds perfect!" he said. "Thank you very much Mavis!"

"Of course," smiled Mavis.

A little later, when the restoration team met up again, Percy went over the rest of the plans and gave each of them their responsibilities.

"Now does everyone know they're doing?" asked Percy.

"Yes sir," replied everyone.

"Excellent!" said Percy. "I know this project is going to take a while, but since this is for our friend Thomas, I know we'll have his branchline up and running again in no time. So let's do this! 'All for Thomas' on three. One…two…three…"

"All for Thomas!" they all cheered, then they set to work at once.

The first thing that needed to be taken care of was clearing all the trees and bushes from the line, and there was a lot too. So Terence, Trevor, Mavis, and Toby set to work hauling and pushing the them off the line. Terence and Trevor had chains hooked up to them and pulled them off the line, while Toby and Mavis used their cowcatchers to push the trees off the line and the workmen Toby, Henrietta, and Bertie brought helped load the trees onto flatbeds for Percy to take away. It was also harder than they expected, but they did their best.

"Phew!" chuffed Trevor. "These trees are actually quite heavier than I expected. I may haul things around, but these are quite a lot to handle."

"Oh pssh," chuckled Terence. "These trees are nothing to me. If I can pull something as big and heavy as a tank engine out of a snowdrift, then I can handle trees as well."

"Ha, ha, good point, Terence," laughed Trevor. "That seems fair enough, and plus, this is for Thomas after all and I can certainly do it too."

"That's the way to think, Trevor," chuffed Mavis. "Nothing is too much for us if we're doing it for our friend to make him happy again."

"That's right everyone," smiled Percy, "and thank you all for doing this. I know Thomas will be most pleased with us, and to be back on his branchline, so let's keep this up."

"You got it, Percy," chuffed Terence. "We'll have these trees off the line in no time and Thomas will be back here very soon."

"Um, well don't forget," puffed Toby, "the rails need repairing too, so it won't be that soon."

"Toby is right," agreed Henrietta. "Replacing and laying down rails takes some time and it is a lot of work. So we may need more help if we want to get this line repaired quickly."

"Don't worry, everyone," smiled Percy. "Everything is under control, so we'll have the line repaired one way or another, you'll see. I'll be back soon, I just need to take these trees and bushes to the timber mill. So keep it up everyone and I'll see you later."

"Good-bye Percy!" they called, and Percy puffed away, though secretly, he was a little worried about his plans.

Meanwhile, at Knapford station, Thomas sat glumly at the platform waiting for his next train, still feeling depressed about being away from his branchline. Sir Topham Hatt noticed.

"Oh cheer up, Thomas," he said. "Everything will be alright. I know this restoration is taking a long time, but the good news is that the timetables are nearly back to normal and you won't have to take the local anymore."

"Well, that's nice to hear, sir," puffed Thomas, "and I don't mind taking the local, but it's just that…"

Then they heard Percy's whistle and they looked over to the other side of the station and saw him puffing by with his train of dead trees and bushes, and looking concerned too. Percy was still deep in thought about his choices and was unaware that Thomas and Sir Topham Hatt saw him, and were curious.

"Now what on earth is Percy doing?" pondered Sir Topham Hatt. "He wasn't meant to take that train as far as I know. I wonder what he's up to. Come to think of it, I haven't seen him or Toby or a few others either all day."

Thomas thought for a moment. "Do you think they might be up to something, sir?" he asked, rather hopefully.

"Hmm, I wonder if they are," chuffed Sir Topham Hatt. "Tell you what, Thomas. After you're done with the local, we'll follow Percy and see what he's up to."

"Yes sir," said Thomas, then Sir Topham Hatt went back into his office. After he did, Thomas was curious. "Do you think Percy, Toby, and the others are up to something?" he whispered to Annie and Clarabel.

"I don't know," replied Annie, "but I do wonder what they're up to since I haven't seen them lately either."

"Maybe they're doing something to cheer you up, Thomas," suggested Clarabel. "Like…ooh! Repairing your branchline! That's probably what they're doing, and to be honest, I hope that's what it is too."

"Ooh, yes, quite so," chuffed Annie. "I hope they are too to be honest, but surely they would've told us about this and had us help too. What do you think Thomas?"

But Thomas was deep in thought, wondering if they were right. "I'm not sure, to be honest, but after hearing what you said, I hope that's the case too. I really do."

A little later, Percy returned to the branchline and met up with the team again. When he met them, he surprised to see Toby, Mavis, and Henrietta had stopped working.

"Hello everyone," he said. "What's happened? Why did you stop? We were doing so well with cleaning up the line and got it cleaned up pretty quickly too, so what happened?"

"Well," sighed Toby. "We were doing pretty good, but we came to the watermill and…" Toby looked forward. Percy looked and saw the bridge had been damaged so much, that it collapsed and the engines couldn't get across.

"Oh dear! This isn't good," groaned Percy.

"Well, the good thing was," chuffed Mavis, "that Terence and Trevor could go ahead and continue without us, but there's still a lot that needs to be done. I hate to say it Percy, but while your plan is good and we know you want to do this for Thomas, but this is definitely going to take a while and if we truly want to repair it faster, we need more help."

Percy sighed. "You know what Mavis," he chuffed. "I agree. I thought with the whole branchline team, we would be enough to help fix everything, but I was wrong. This is a lot of work and we need more help. I just can't think of who's available right now to help us. Oh dear, this is not good."

"Ahem!" came a sudden voice. The engines jumped, then they saw it was Sir Topham Hatt, who surprisingly arrived onboard Thomas. Everyone was a little worried about what he was going to say.

"Hullo, hullo, hullo," said Sir Topham Hatt, "and what exactly is this little gathering about? I heard from some reliable sources that something was going on between all of you and I want to know what this is about. Now who wants to explain it?"

Everyone looked around at each other, then looked at Percy. Percy squirmed, but decided to pluck up courage. "Please sir," he said. "We all heard from other engines that Thomas has been miserable lately because he's been away from his branchline and, well, we heard today that no one has been over here to help remove trees from the line or place new rails down either. So beg pardon, sir, but we thought that…that meant…you forgot about Thomas' branchline and…and…and we decided to help repair it ourselves, sir. So please sir, if it's alright with you, we really want to help repair the branchline."

Sir Topham Hatt took a pause to think about Percy's words. Everyone looked at him anxiously, including Thomas, wondering what he was going to say. "Hmm, well…I do have to admit with all the restoration that had to be done this week from that storm, I did get a little sidetracked from some things and ironically, Thomas' branchline was one of them, so I did forgot about it. Now, I'm not entirely impressed you all decided to form this group behind my back as you all should be doing your own work…" Everyone squirmed. "…but given how the bigger rescue teams are still fixing some areas of the island and you all are willing to do this for Thomas and based on what Thomas and I saw making our way down the branchline to here, I guess I would have to say…don't let me stop you." Then everyone gasped and smiled.

"Sir? Do you mean it?" asked Percy excitedly.

"Absolutely," smiled Sir Topham Hatt. "I too have noticed Thomas here looking glum this week and I agree it is time to get his branchline up and running again. So please, continue on everyone, and I'll make all the necessary adjustments to your regular jobs."

Everyone was delighted, and Thomas was very happy. "Oh thank you, sir!" smiled Percy. "That is wonderful, and we will continue to do our best."

"Oh, but before we forget," added Henrietta. "We do need more help here with repairing tunnels and bridges, sir, so we wondering if that was possible."

"I'm sure I can make that happen," smiled Sir Topham Hatt, "and if he wants to, I'm sure I can have Thomas help you out too and have someone else take the local. What do you think Thomas?"

Thomas was excited. "Oh please sir! I would very much like to help them and get back to here as soon as possible."

"Oh ho okay, you can," chuckled Sir Topham Hatt. "Now I'll do my best to find help and in the meantime, everyone keep up the excellent work and do your very best."

"Yes sir!" replied the engines.

Then Sir Topham Hatt climbed back into Thomas' cab and Thomas beamed happily at everyone, then he puffed back to Knapford. Everyone was most pleased with what was about to happen, and Percy felt quite happy to see his friend smile for the first time in days.

Soon, the repairing and restoration of Thomas' branchline was in full force and getting done. Sir Topham Hatt had made all the necessary arrangements and had ordered all the supplies needed for repairing the line. He even got some more help to make the repairs go by faster too, and work was certainly getting done.

After a while, once all the trees and bushes had been removed the line, the real restoration began. The engines, the vehicles, and the workmen were all hard at work removing the old rails and ties, preparing to lay down new ones, and repair any damaged bridge or tunnels on the line as well. Thomas & Percy and Toby & Mavis brought all the bricks and stones needed for the tunnels and bridges, Bertie helped transport the workmen around, and Trevor helped saw the wood needed for the railway ties and Terence helped bring the prepared ties to the workmen.

"Alright Terence, here's another batch," chuffed Trevor.

"Thank you, Trevor," replied Terence. "Teamwork is always the key and it helps get the work done faster."

"I couldn't agree more," chuckled Trevor.

As the workmen laid down the ties, the engines wondered where the rails were. Then they heard some unfamiliar whistles and looked and Thomas was surprised to see two engines who he hadn't seen in a while.

"Frankie! Hurricane!" he exclaimed cheerfully.

"Ah! Thomas!" chuffed Hurricane. "Good to see you again, little chap. Frankie and I heard you and your friends needed some rails for repairs. Does that sound correct?"

"Oh yes, it does," replied Thomas, "and thank you and Frankie for bringing them, Hurricane."

"Well, we kind of owe it to you for helping us at the Steelworks once, even if we did kind of keep you there," added Frankie cheekily. "So here's our way of saying thank you for that."

"Ha, ha, no problem, Frankie," smiled Thomas. "It's alright."

"Well that," chuffed Hurricane, "but also because I think your friend Mavis there remembered Frankie here and told your controller about the Steelworks too."

Thomas was surprised, but Mavis chuckled. "Yes, that's right," she chuckled. "I remember Frankie mentioning the Steelworks when she helped me at the quarry once and she mentioned rails, so I thought they could help us out with this project."

"And we're certainly happy to do that too," smiled Frankie, "and you can expect to see us multiple times as we'll be your main source for rails."

Thomas was pleased. "Oh thank you very much for this," he smiled.

"You're quite welcome, Thomas," chuffed Hurricane. "Well, we better be off now. It's a little hard to help you when we're just sitting here. So ta-ta, everyone and see you later!"

"Bye Frankie and Hurricane!" called Thomas. "Oh, and tell Lexi, Theo and especially Merlin I said hi!"

"We will!" called the two engines, and they puffed away.

Percy was curious. "Um, who are they? And who especially is Merlin?"

"Oh he's someone I know from my time at the Steelworks," puffed Thomas. "He and the other two are quite nice and friendly. You might meet one of them someday, as a matter of fact." Percy was puzzled, but he conceded.

As the work continued, the restoration was starting to turn into days. It was quite a lot to get everything repaired and took longer than expected, but Thomas, Percy, and the others worked very hard as they knew it would be worth it in the end. Even the people and vehicles who were nearby saw how hard they were working and cheered on them for all their work. Bulgy was even happy to see how hard they were working and cheered on them too as he continued taking passengers.

"Keep it up, everyone!" he called. "We're all counting on you to get this done, so don't let us down!"

Thomas was quite surprised, but Percy laughed. "It's a long story," he explained. Thomas laughed.

At last, after several days of hard work and restoration, all the repairs to the line was officially completed. The engines, vehicles felt quite exhausted, but were very happy and pleased to have done such an amazing job, especially Thomas, who was also most grateful as well.

"Phew," chuffed Toby. "Now 'that' was certainly a lot of work. I told you all the branchline definitely needed restoration."

"Well, you certainly were right about that, Toby," chuckled Henrietta, "but I think we can all agree that even though it was a lot of hard and tiresome work, it was absolutely worth it in the end."

"I quite agree, Henrietta," said Terence, "especially since we all did this for our dear old friend, Thomas, who I must say looks pretty happy right now."

Thomas smiled. "Oh yes, I am quite happy, Terence," he chuffed. "I thought my branchline would never get repaired considered how long I've been away from it, but thanks to all of you, we repaired the line and I can't tell you how happy I am for this and to have each and every one of you as my friends. So thank you, everyone."

"You're welcome," replied everyone.

"But you know," chuffed Mavis, "the one you should be giving special thanks to is Percy. This was actually all his idea and he's the one who talked us all of us into doing this for you."

Thomas was surprised. "Really?! You were the one behind this, Percy?"

Percy blushed. "Yes I was," he smiled. "I heard from many other engines that you were pretty upset about everything regarding your branchline and after much thought, I decided it was time to take action and help repair your branchline, especially since we all work on it and we know it's your pride and joy. Also, and like I mentioned before, you're my best friend, Thomas, and we look out for each other always."

Thomas smiled. "Oh Percy, you're my best friend too and thank you especially for making this happen. It really means a lot and I appreciate to have you, and everyone else for that matter, as my friend. Also, you proved that friends do always look out for each other too and will do anything to make them happy. So yes, you're a good friend indeed, Percy, and thank you again." Percy beamed happily.

Then Sir Topham Hatt drove up, looking pleased. "Well everyone, I just inspected everything and I must say you all did outstanding work this week with all the restoration. The branchline looks superb and as good as new once again and ready to be reopened as well. So well done to each and every one of you for your hard and dedicated work."

Everyone was pleased. "Thank you very much, sir!" they all cheered.

"Also, as a special treat for all of you, particularly Thomas," added Sir Topham Hatt, "when the branchline is officially reopened tomorrow, I want all of you to meet up at Knapford so we can celebrate the reopening of the branchline together when we all take a trip down the line."

This made everyone feel even happier. "Yes sir! We will, sir!" they all chanted.

"Excellent," said Sir Topham Hatt. "Now as a reward for all your hard work, you all deserve some much needed rest and I hope you all have a good night sleep and I'll see you all bright and early tomorrow morning."

"Yes sir," replied everyone.

"Very well, everyone," said Sir Topham. "In that case, good night to each of you and excellent work once again." Then Sir Topham Hatt drove away.

Everyone was feeling pleased about everything and couldn't wait until tomorrow, especially Thomas, who was the most excited of all. Percy and the others could tell.

The next morning, the branchline engines met up at Knapford station. Thomas was hooked to Annie and Clarabel, Percy next to him, and Mavis was behind Percy while Toby was behind Thomas and Annie and Clarabel with Henrietta. There were also a huge group of people on the platform as well. They all could not wait to get going. Then Sir Topham Hatt stepped out of his office.

"Good morning everyone," he said. "Glad to see you all could make it. Now as you all know, we have gathered here this morning to celebrate the reopening of the Ffarquhar Branchline, or more commonly known as Thomas' Branchline. He and everyone here, among others, worked really hard this week to help repair the line and they have done it. So as a special treat for all their hard work, we all are going to take a trip down the branchline to celebrate the opening together. So please everyone, climb onboard and let's get going."

The passengers cheered then climbed into Annie and Clarabel, both of whom felt pleased to have their regular passengers again. Soon everyone was onboard and ready to go.

"Alright Thomas," called Sir Topham Hatt from inside Annie. "We're ready when you are."

"Yes sir," replied Thomas proudly. "Ready Percy?"

"You bet I am," chuffed Percy. "Are you ready too, Toby, Mavis, and Henrietta?"

"Yes we are," they replied eagerly, then with that, at the sound of the guard's whistle, Thomas led the party out of Knapford and over the points to his branchline.

Soon, they were all on Thomas' branchline and making their way down the line. As they were all puffing along, Thomas, Percy, and everyone else looked all around and enjoyed seeing the sites of the branchline again. Seeing all the familiar places, like the windmill, the stations, and the people living along the branchline, made everyone feel happy again, especially of course Thomas, who had a beaming smile on his face all the way.

Then when they joined the road, Bertie met up with them. "Hello everyone!" he called. "Nice to see you all again. Mind if I join you all on the tour?"

"Absolutely, Bertie," chuffed Thomas. "The more, the merrier."

"But uh, please no racing," Annie cut in.

"Yes, at least not right now anyway," added Clarabel nervously. Everyone chuckled.

"Don't worry. That won't happen," laughed Thomas. "At least not today anyway." Even Annie and Clarabel had to laugh at this too.

At last, after travelling the whole way down the line, the touring party was finally approaching Ffarquhar station. Terence, Trevor, and even Bulgy were there waiting for them. Then one by one, the engines entered the station on each platform and everyone began cheering and cheering loudly. Thomas was quite happy to hear this.

Once everyone disembarked from the coaches and were gathered on the platform, Sir Topham Hatt stepped on a podium and gave an announcement.

"Thank you all very much for coming along on this trip today," he announced. "I hope you all enjoyed your ride and most particularly, riding with Thomas once again. I know everyone here waited for what felt like forever to have this branchline up and running again and I will take full responsibility for putting it off, but thanks to Percy here and the rest of the Ffarquhar Branchline engines and vehicles, they stepped up and got right to repairing and they accomplished their task. So I say we must give everyone three cheers for all their hard work. Hip, hip…"

"Hooray!" chanted everyone, and they cheered and cheered. Percy smiled happily and so did Toby, Mavis, and the vehicles too.

Thomas smiled at them too. "Oh, so sir," he asked Sir Topham Hatt, when the cheering stopped, "I'm pretty sure I know this, but does this mean that the branchline is officially reopened now?"

Sir Topham Hatt smiled. "Well considering how the branchline looks as good as new and it is your pride and joy after all, Thomas, I say…yes, as of this moment, the Ffarquhar Branchline is officially reopened to you and everyone else."

Then the station area erupted with the chorus of cheers, whistles and honks. Everyone was most delighted with this news and they couldn't be happier. Thomas, of course, was the most happiest of all.

"Oh thank you very much, sir," he said. "I truly do appreciate that."

"You're quite welcome, Thomas," replied Sir Topham Hatt, "and before I forget, I just want to say I'm sorry that it took so long for me to get repairs going to your branchline. I got a little sidetracked from that storm and forgot about it, but with great thanks to Percy for his thoughtful and quick thinking plans, he got the repairs going quicker than I had planned and if it wasn't for him and the rest of everyone here, this branchline would still be in disrepair. So I think we owe a great deal of gratitude for Percy for everything he did for you, Thomas."

Thomas smiled, and Percy beamed. "We certainly do, sir," Thomas agreed, "and Percy, I know I said it already, but thank you so much for everything you did. You really did go out of your way to help me, and everyone else and yourself for that matter, and you proved just how much of a really useful engine you are by helping to get my branchline repaired. You truly are a great friend, and a best friend to me always."

Percy smiled. "You're quite welcome, Thomas," he chuffed, "and I know I said this already as well, but you are my best friend too and best friends look out for each other no matter what happens, and I and everyone else was happy to help out with everything. Right everyone?" He asked Toby, Mavis, Henrietta, Terence, and Trevor.

"That's right, " they all replied in unison.

"And Percy was quite the motivator to get us to help out too," added Toby. "He made several points that were quite true about you and your branchline, Thomas, and we all knew deep down he was right and he got us to help out."

"Indeed," agreed Henrietta. "Percy is definitely a clever engine and he really does look out for everyone he cares for, especially his best friend." Percy blushed.

"And he even got Bulgy here to help out too," laughed Terence.

Thomas chuckled too. "Is that true, Bulgy?" he asked cheekily.

Bulgy squirmed. "Grrr, well, yes in a way, he did," he grumbled, "but it was just so we could repair your line and you could have those passengers of yours back. I can't believe I'm saying this, but this is one of the few times where you steamers win. Your passengers really do appreciate you guys more and there was nothing I could do to change their mind. So congratulations on getting your branchline back, Thomas, and you can have your passengers back for that matter too."

Thomas had to laugh a little bit. "Well, thank you too, Bulgy," he chuffed. "I appreciate it. So does that mean you kind of have to admit that rails are better than roads sometimes."

Bulgy scoffed. "Huh! You wish! As I said before, one of these days, roads will…"

"Ahem!" interrupted Sir Topham Hatt.

Bulgy stopped quickly. "Um…yes, rails are better sometimes," he finished hastily. "Uh, I think I better be heading off now. So good-bye everyone, and congrats again, Thomas." Then Bulgy drove quickly away. Everyone couldn't help but laugh at him.

"Well Thomas," said Sir Topham Hatt, "I hope with the reopening of your branchline, you'll take good care of it and continue to run it properly and on time, just like you always did."

"Oh I will, sir," promised Thomas. "You can count on me, Percy, and everyone else to run it just as we always have. After everything we went through this week, I think we are all most happy to be back here on the branchline we all know so well. Right everyone?"

"Yes indeed," agreed the others.

"And I'm sure out of everyone, you're the most happiest to be back here, Thomas," chuffed Toby. "You certainly do work it well and you enjoy it very much."

"Indeed you do," agreed Bertie. "Besides, from the sound of it, it sounded like you were growing bored of working on the mainline. So if you got tired of that and if your branchline was never repaired, where would you work? Somewhere else in the world? Like India, Australia, or even China?" Everyone had to laugh at Bertie's joke.

"Ha, ha, well hopefully that doesn't happen, Bertie," chuckled Thomas. "Although that would be interesting, I am perfectly happy to be here on the Island of Sodor, working on my branchline, and working alongside all of you, no matter what happens."

"And we are the same to you too, Thomas," smiled Percy. "We're happy to work alongside you and we'll always be friends, from here until the end."

"Here! Here!" agreed everyone else, and they continued celebrating the reopening of Thomas' Branchline and they all agreed that it was certainly a happy day for all of them, especially for Thomas the Tank Engine, for whom they know they always have a good friend in always.




  • Several references/foreshadows to television series episodes/specials are made in this episode:
    • The mentioning of Sir Topham Hatt rewarding Thomas his branchline years ago is a reference to Thomas and the Breakdown Train.
    • Thomas and Bertie racing is a callback to Thomas and Bertie.
    • Terence mentioning pulling Thomas out of a snowdrift is a reference to Thomas, Terence and the Snow.
    • Frankie mentioning Thomas working at the Steelworks is a reference to the special, Journey Beyond Sodor.
    • Thomas telling Percy he might meet Merlin some day is a foreshadow to Seeing is Believing.
    • Bertie joking about Thomas working around the world is a foreshadow to the special, Big World! Big Adventures!: The Movie, and the reboot that follows it.
  • Another reference to Mother Mavis is made as well.
  • This episode marks Bulgy's only appearance, Hurricane's only speaking role, and Charlie's only non-cameoing role in this season of The Many Adventures on the Island of Sodor.
  • To date, this is the longest episode of The Many Adventures on the Island of Sodor.
  • According to the author, this is the final episode of The Many Adventures on the Island of Sodor, making this episode the official end of the entire series overall.