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TheLocoLover's (mediocre) drawing of Albert.



GER Class S69


Between 1911-1928





Albert was the main antagonist of Saving Diesel, and is the leader of 'The Spirit Trains'. He is set to reappear in the second season of Sudrian Stories.


Albert is a maniacal and cynical leader of 'The Spirit Trains', like the rest of the group, it's presumed he was abandoned, likely during the end of steam of British Railways. While it's currently unknown if this is true or not, it's likely. Albert has manipulated all the engines he controls to take over various railways, and it's his end goal to take over the entirety of the railways in the United Kingdom, even though it's unlikely. While appearing to be sinister and enraged, Albert is quite calm and classy, although he's a bit nuts. No matter what he has to do, Albert wants to complete his motives, and even when Edward and James shut him up in that incinerator, he will still try to get the job done.


Albert is based off of the Great Eastern Railway Class S69, better known as the LNER B12. They were built from 1911 to 1928, and while one was withdrawn due to a major accident in 1913, the rest survived, until withdrawls started in 1945 and ended in 1961. The last one withdrawn, BR number 61572, would later be preserved and sent to the North Norfolk Railway.


Like the rest of 'The Spirit Trains', Albert is painted in black with a circle in yellow glowing paint on his tender. There is also a red square in that circle, it is a design only he has, it's presumed the design belongs to the leader.


  • Willy accidentally calls Albert the wrong name, Alfred. This is a joke, refrencing Alfred, a sinister B12 who is often an antagonist in 'Thomas & Friends' fan works.
  • Albert is the first character TheLocoLover tried to draw, and while it's only his smokebox and funnel, he still thinks it looks odd. It can be seen above with the image.