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Adventures on Sodor is a reboot of Thomas' Adventures on Sodor. All the old characters will return, and new ones. Such as three of the characters in Thomas, Oliver, and The Lost Engine, Cyrille, 93 (Renamed), and Jordan. A few changes have been made now that the timeline can fit with Bruce the Runaway Engine, which takes place at the same time. It was cancelled, and was rewritten into The Tales of Sodor.


Season 1

  1. Thomas and Oliver - Duck needs to take a train to the Mainland, so Thomas comes to the Little Western. Thomas and Oliver work together great.
  2. Trouble at Tidmouth - James falls through the turntable at Tidmouth Sheds, and the other six must do a rescue mission.
  3. Percy Wonders - After Donald tells him he may be Great Western, Percy is stressed and gets in an accident.
  4. A4 Antics - When Spencer comes to visit, he teases Gordon, calling him an elder. However, when he breaks down, he has to help Spencer.
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