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Season 9 of Adventures on Rails contains ten episodes that aired from October 22, 2012 to Halloween 2012.


  1. Gordon's Brother- With Henry gone, the Fat Controller needs another engine, luckily there is a famous engine available.
  2. James and the Flying Scotsman- After being teased for being a goods engine, James tries to prove that wrong.
  3. Edward's Heating Solution- Edward is old, but manages to find a solution for warmth
  4. Edward the Back Engine- Whilst trying not to stall, Gordon ends up needing a banker earlier than Gordon's Hill.
  5. Flying Scotsman and the Express- Flying Scotsman pulls his first Wil' Nor Western
  6. Turntable Trouble- The engines encounter difficulties with the turntable
  7. The Case of the Missing Tankers- Percy thinks a thief stole his TAR tankers, but there was a change of plans
  8. Gordon's Double Chimney- So certain about getting a new coat of paint, Gordon ends up getting a double chimney
  9. The Day of a Busy Engine- A usual busy day for Percy is told
  10. Nix's Halloween Tale- Nix the Reid D34 tells a Halloween story to the engines.

The episode The Return of Henry is technically part of the season.


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