Season 6 is the sixth season of Thomas & Friends: Adventures on Rails.


The sixth season came after the special Thomas, His Friends, & the Secert Island and the June special, Percy's Adventure will come afterwards. The seventh season will follow later in June/July.


This season has 10 episodes not yet confirmed but to be confirmed in March 2012.

  1. A Rough Day- James is not in his good mood and pays the price when some trucks teach him a lesson.
  2. Henry's Big Day- Henry gets to go to the Other Railway.
  3. Tenders- Gordon has a difficulty with his tender.
  4. Donald's Advice- Daisy ignors Donald's advice.
  5. Douglas' Advice- Mavis ignores Douglas' advice.
  6. Fish and Forklifts- Thomas pays the price for being late.
  7. The Oily Rails- 7101 slips on some oliy rails.
  8. Peter Sam and The Television Train- Peter Sam is given the honour to pull the Television Train
  9. Late Again- Duncan is late usually, but one day he is early, but crashes into Skarloey making him late.
  10. Skarloey's Ride- Skarloey gets various rides to the Crovan's Gate SteamWorks.
  11. Rusty and Duncan- Duncan starts fire, but soon makes friends with Rusty.
  12. City of Truro- Gordon is jealous of City of Truro's record, but after his dome gets lost- he says nothing.
  13. Thomas and the Spring-Time Party- Thomas has an accident, but is made the 'Guest of Honour' at a party.

After This

As stated above the special Thomas. His Friends, & the Secert Island will follow and then the seventh season. The eighth season will follow with the ninth. The tenth will air after a November special. The 11-20 are do not have an exact date slated.



  1. Thomas
  2. Edward
  3. Henry
  4. Gordon
  5. James
  6. Percy
  7. Toby
  8. Duck
  9. Donald
  10. Douglas
  11. Oliver
  12. Emily
  13. Arthur
  14. Murdoch
  15. Salty
  16. Harvey
  17. Spencer
  18. Sun
  19. Mercury
  20. Venus
  21. Earth
  22. Mars
  23. Jupiter
  24. Saturn
  25. Uranus
  26. Neptune
  27. Nix
  28. Diesel 10
  29. Diesel
  30. 'Arry
  31. Bert
  32. Paxton
  33. Sidney
  34. Norman
  35. Den
  36. Dart
  37. BoCo
  38. Whiff
  39. Nexus
  40. Hank
  41. Molly
  42. Rosie
  43. Hiro
  44. Charlie
  45. Stanley
  46. Victor
  47. Kevin
  48. Rocky
  49. Captain
  50. Dash
  51. Bash
  52. Ferdinand
  53. Bulgy
  54. Mavis
  55. Flynn

New Characters

  1. Butch
  2. Bear (originaly 7101)
  3. Trevor
  4. City of Truro


  • The missing NPR engines from Season 5 returned with Belle and Sidney.
  • This is the third season to have an episode made every day. Seasons 4, and 5 were the first. The seventh season will have an episode made each Thursday.
  • This was the last season up to the series' rebranding on July 1st, and from the seventh season onwards the show would be simply be called Adventures on Rails.
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