Season 5 is the fifth season of Thomas & Friends: Adventures on Rails. It will air from Febraury 14-19th, 2012. But the DVD New Friends on Sodor pre-released them on February 6th- Eight days before television airing.

NOTE: This page contains information that has not been released. So, be careful as you read.


  1. Hank
  2. Bill, Ben, and The Diseasel
  3. A Sister
  4. Dirty Engines
  5. The Visitor


Season 5 will start to air on Valentine's Day to the nineteenth. Season 6 is to mid-2012 with only 10 episodes Seasons 7&8 also will have 10 episodes. Seasons 9-19 will only have 7 and the final season, Season 20 will have 10 episodes with a big grand series finale.


This season excluded the Mystic River Traction Company Engines some Neptune Planetrain Island Engines. The season introduced 5 new characters.


  1. Thomas
  2. Edward
  3. Henry
  4. Gordon
  5. James
  6. Percy
  7. Toby
  8. Duck
  9. Donald
  10. Douglas
  11. Oliver
  12. Bulgy
  13. Molly
  14. Rosie
  15. Emily
  16. Mars
  17. Saturn
  18. Uranus
  19. Neptune
  20. Nix
  21. Diesel 10
  22. Diesel
  23. 'Arry
  24. Bert
  25. Paxton
  26. Norman
  27. Hiro
  28. Victor
  29. Spencer
  30. Charile
  31. Stanley
  32. Flynn
  33. Muroch
  34. Arthur
  35. Salty
  36. Rocky
  37. Captain


  1. Whiff
  2. Hank
  3. BoCo
  4. Nexus
  5. Culdee


  1. Sun, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Jupiter, Belle, and Sidney will not appear in the season.
  2. This season introduced the fewest characters and had the fewest episodes.
  3. This is the second season to have an start or end date in 2012 but the first to have both the start and end date in 2012.
  4. This season was to be directly after Season 4 and start February 10th-the 14th., 2012. But it would look like part of Season 4. So it was moved to February 14-19, 2012.
  5. This season had a special intro and will be put on the 'New Friends on Sodor' DVD, which came out on February 6th, 2012
  6. Thomas Proves His Point was to be the first episode, but was moved out, because BoCo then would not have a proper introduction. It can only be found on the 'New Friends on Sodor' DVD.

After This

A special will be released on March 2, 2012 and Season 6 should follow May 11, 2012 and the June special on June 1, 2012. Also the September special will be canceled. Seasons' 7-20 air dates are TBD.

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