Season 14 of Adventures on Rails contained ten episodes that aired from 22 October to 31 October 2013.


Dear Friends,

My good friend, the late Rev. W. Awdry left a rather big gap in the 1970s. Many people have questioned why. I was requested by Christopher to write for this big time period. I can tell you, life on Sodor wasn't boring. Many things happened! And these are just some of these.

I hope you enjoy them.

Sincerely, The Author.


  1. Paxton and the Blue Mountain Quarry - Paxton starts work at the Blue Mountain Quarry.
  2. James and Paxton - Paxton faces discrimination from James.
  3. Edward to the Rescue - Edward is old, but proves he is still useful.
  4. Nix and the Flying Kipper - After Henry has a nasty accident with the Flying Kipper, Nix is called in to help.
  5. Salty's Secret - A new diesel named Salty comes to Sodor.
  6. Gordon Takes a Tumble - Gordon's pride soon lands him trouble when he his told to take a load of trucks.
  7. Dirty Tricks - Percy plays tricks on the big Main Line engines.
  8. Duncan's Dive - Duncan carelessness and rudeness lands him in trouble.
  9. Something Fishy - Thomas is assigned a new job.
  10. Ghost Train - Percy scares Thomas by pretending he's a ghost.


Characters Introduced

  • Salty- a  BR Class 07 that comes to help at Brendam Docks.
  • Victor - a narrow guage tank engine that works at the Steamworks.
  • Kevin - a clumsy crane who has a good heart.

Confirmed Information

The season will take place during the '70s and introduce Salty. Much of it will be original content due to lack of Railway Series books in the '70s, however it will include 'Ghost Train' and be the last episode and Halloween special. This season will also see Victor and Kevin's official introduction.


  • James and Paxton was a draft episode and was never meant to be aired, but some real life inspiration forced the writer to keep it on.
  • This is the last season to have Charles Topham Hatt as Fat Controller.
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