Season 13 of Adventures on Rails aired from July 4th to September 7th, 2013.


Dear readers,

As Sodor had a lot of events in the 1960s, I decided to split the book into two parts. Previously, you saw how an old friend got saved from scrap. In this edition, you'll see Edward surprising everyone, some of the Fat Controller's engines doing great acts. Like Henry pulling....

You shall have to read the stories for yourself to find out.

Sincerly, The Author


  1. Diseasel- Bill and Ben meet BoCo whilst trying to get back their 'stolen' trucks.
  2. Edward's Exploit- Edward proves he still has life in him when he brings in a heavy train despite being badly damaged.
  3. Tenders for Henry- Henry get jealous about Flying Scotsman having two tenders when he visits, so Duck decides to play a trick on him.
  4. Enterprising Engines Part 1- Henry pulls two trains, whilst Douglas saves an engine from scrap.
  5. Enterprising Engines Part 2- Thomas, David, and Dodger make 'Enterprising' acts.
  6. Resource and Sagacity- Oliver ignors advice on trucks and pays the price.
  7. Toad Stands By- Toad helps Oliver teach the trucks a lesson.
  8. Bulgy- A rude bus named Bulgy steals Duck and Oliver's passengers, but gets his comeupprance.
  9. New Friends, Old Enemies- Two new diesels come to Sodor, but an old familar diesel comes too.
  10. Paxton and Norman- A permanent shunter is needed at Tidmouth, so Sir Topham Hatt counts on two diesels to asist. However, when one breaks down, he might just meet his doom...



Characters Introduced

  • Paxton- a preserved BR Class 08 that will help at Blue Mountain Quarry.
  • 'Arry and Bert- two other BR Class 08s that help Diesel redeem himself.
  • Norman- Project 11001.

Confirmed information

The season will be the end to the '60s and will introduce four 'revolutionizars', along with the original 'revoluntionizar'. It will see Enterprising Engines merged in one, along with other enterprising acts from other engines. 'Arry, Bert, Paxton, and Norman will gain their proper introductions, and it will see a bit more about the Wellsworth-Brendam Branch.

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