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Season 11 is the eleventh season of Adventures on Rails. It contained ten episodes that aired from January 4th of March 5th of 2013.


  1. Toby the Tram Engine- Toby is a tram engine who works a small tramway, but when his tramway closes it seems there is little hope to be saved from scrap.
  2. Dirty Objects- James teases Toby and Henrietta about having shabby paint, but has to eat his own words after colliding with some tar wagons.
  3. Old Iron- Edward is old and in need of repair, but he proves useful when he saves James from running down the line.
  4. Nix the Loaned Engine- Nix is called in to help whilst Edward is having his overhaul.
  5. The Unstoppable Nix- Nix's brakes fail and she becomes almost unstoppable.
  6. Nix and the Troublesome Boys- Nix teaches some troublesome boys a lesson.
  7. Night Engine- Nix pulls the Flying Kipper with Dodger.
  8. Edward Returns- Edward returns to service.
  9. Duck the Great Western Engine- Duck is brought in to help with the heavy workload at Tidmouth.
  10. Dennis' Visit- A special Diesel visits Sodor.


Characters Introduced

  • Nix- a Reid D34 who comes to help during Edward's overhaul.
  • Dennis - the Bulleid prototype Diesel No. 11001.

Confirmed Information

The season will be airing in the January and February of 2013, with an episode each Tuesday. It will properly introduce Nix, and establish her position as 'loan' engine, or in otherwords an engine who comes from time to time to Sodor. It will see Toby and Duck's arrivals on Sodor, and Edward's overhaul. Toby's arrival will be a combination of Toby and the Stout Gentleman and Thomas in Trouble with some original content. The season will include Dirty Objects and Old Iron. Then, it will see several adventures that happen during Edward's overhaul with Nix, including the day Edward returns from the Works. It will also see Dennis visit to Sodor.