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This is the sixth episode of Tafea Season 5.


One morning, Ivy sees Percy.

Ivy: "Hello, Percy!"

Percy: "Hi Ivy."

Ivy: "I wish I had a job to do."

???: "Then your wish has come true."

Percy: "Sir Richard."

Sir Richard: "I know you are bored, so I asked Sir Topham Hatt if you can do work. You can shunt trucks in the yard."

Ivy: "Hurray!"

Some later, Ivy arrives at the yard.

Thomas: "I heard you have a job. Be careful with trucks, they can be troublesome."

Ivy: "I'll manage."

She is to impatient to listen to Thomas' advise, and goes shunting trucks. She bumpes the trucks hard.

Trucks: "Don't do that!"

Ivy isn't listening. She takes a train of trucks, and pulls them to Maithwaite. However, the trucks have other plans. When Ivy is at the top of a hill, they start to push her.

Ivy: "Stop!"

Trucks: "On, on, on!"

Ivy and the trucks rush past Gordon.

Gordon: "But my buffers!"

She rushes past Thomas.

Thomas: "Fizzling fireboxes!"

Then, she rushes past Maithwaite station.

Ivy: "Oh no!"

Luckily, the signalman has seen her. He swithes the points into a siding. Ivy crashes through the bushes. Some later, she is brought to the Steamworks.

Ivy: "Sorry that I didn't listen to you, Thomas."

Thomas: "That's alright. Now you know how to handle trucks."

Ivy: "I'm not going to pull them again!"

Thomas: "Hahaha!"


  • Ivy
  • Thomas
  • Percy
  • Henry
  • Sir Richard Cobblerock
  • Victor (cameo)
  • Kevin (cameo)
  • Mavis (cameo)
  • Stepney (cameo)
  • Stafford (cameo)