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Millie is feels sad that she doesn't get a present for Christmas but it all soon changes.


Millie likes Christmas. She loves this time of the year. One day, Thomas saw that she looked sad as she looked at people who were opening presents. Thomas asked Millie why was she sad. Millie didn't answer but she soon did. Thomas knew Millie wanted a present but he didn't have time to find one so he went to ask the narrow gauge engines to help. Some of them agreed to help. Luke was happy to help.Thomas left the job to them and he left. The engines looked everywhere for something special Millie would love. Luke decided to stay with Millie so she didn't find out. Luke soon found out something Millie would love. The engines went to ask the Thin Controller. He agreed to help. Soon Millie's present was completed. The engines went back to find Millie that night and gave her the present. She was very happy with her present. The engines were tired and left but Luke stayed behind. The two were happy and Millie said having Luke as her best friend is the best present she could ever have.



  • This is the last episode in the first season of Lukeillie's Series.
  • Millie mentions her basis in the episode, making her the first character who mentions their basis in the series.
  • "Master" is incorrectly spelled as "Manter" in French.