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A Perfect New Year is the thirieth episode of Delete the Mixed-Traffic Engine.


As Christmas passed the engines prepared for the Annual New Year Celebration. There was fireworks, food, drinks, music, and games.

"Should I shunt the coaches or just leave them here?", asked Delete.

"I don't know", replied Gordon. "Do whatever you want."

"I guess I could shunt them once."

"Why did you ask me that anyway?"

"I'm trying to see if there's anything I could change about myself. New Year's Resolutions, people call it."

"My New Year's Resolution is be useful enough to get the Express Passenger Lined Blue livery. Henry has it, and i want it more than ever. My brother the Flying Scotsman wore that livery, so why shouldn't I?"

Delete went on to Tidmouth Sheds.

He found Henry and James talking and arguing about liveries.

"Black is the only livery that suits a L&YR Class 27. War time black specifically", said Henry.

"Black is also the only livery suting an LMS Black Five. Not blue. I deserve a famous type of red", James retorted

"The only famous livery I can see you get is LNER apple green."

"Green. Green. Huh."

"OK, that's enough", Delete said. "What's all this about?"

"Well", began Henry. "Gordon was talking to James about how I 'stole' his livery. Then, I told Gordon I deserved this livery, and that he should try to be very useful, or try war time black. Then, James asked me what livery suited him, and I told him black, but he was cross. Besides, he was black when he first arrived here."

"Well, I think your current liveies are satisfying enough", Delete said, and began to think about more resolutions.


  • Henry
  • Gordon
  • James
  • Delete