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A New Year is the sixth episode of The Dark Days of Thomas the Tank Engine.


(Thomas narrates this episode)

1915 was approaching us, and we had enjoyed the Christmas party, but in a usual day at Southampton Docks, there was plenty to see. Ships still ran, and even more passengers came and left to see their families.

Goods also arrived, but not as much as in September.

We often shunted coaches, so well, both the Dock Manager and Controller agreed we could be 'station pilots'.

I had no idea what that meant until 1923.

The day of New Year's Eve came, and my brothers and I were talking at the shed.

"So my Driver says there's this thing called 'New Year Resolutions' and apparently its what you want to do or change in the year," No. 100 explained.

"Well I for one want to go more often to London," I said.

"More work, more trucks for me," No. 101 said.

"Less bumps," grumbled No. 102.

"A new whistle for me," No. 103 moaned. "This one feels clogged up."

Five minutes before midnight came, and we excited peering through the window and watched the clock.

"I can't believe we're just minutes away from 1915," No. 101 exclaimed.

"Then, in just a couple days, it'll be a year since I was built," I pointed out.

4,3, 2, 1...

"Happy 1915!" we all shouted and blew our whistles.

"You definetly need a new one," No. 100 commented at No. 103's whistle.

(Reverts back to 1991)

"It was my favourite New Year. My last and only one," Thomas finished.

And the three engines fell asleep.