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This is the second episode of Jimmy the Mainland Engine.


After a long journey, Jimmy arrived at his new railway. There weren't many steamies, only four (including himself). There were very much diesels. The diesels teased the steamies.

"I don't like it that much." Jimmy told his crew.

"I had expected more," his driver added, "more steamies."

Next day, the diesels pushed Jimmy into the back of the shed. They left him a lot of trucks.

"I can't pull all of them." he compained.

That afternoon, Jimmy was pulling trucks.

"Is that the fastest you can?" a diesel teased.

Jimmy started to speed. He went to fast. There was a bend.

"Stop!" Jimmy's driver yelled.

Jimmy derailed and crashed into a stone wall.

"You stupid engine!" the controller shouted, "After you go to the works, I will make sure that you will leave my railway. Its a disgrace."

Some later, Jimmy and his crew were at the works.

"I'm rather happy that I'm going to another railway." Jimmy said.

"So are we!" the fireman said.

Then, the controller walked in.

"There's nothing funnym," he said, "Except that you're going to another railway. They can have you. You're useless."

When the controller was away, Jimmy felt sad.

"You aren't useless," his driver said, "you only need a few lessons."


  • Jimmy
  • Various Diesels