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'Arry and Bert invite their triplet to come help Diesel. It all goes well until the Triplet starts to become the more devious diesel, which makes Diesel angry.


One night at the Dieselworks, Diesel was telling 'Arry and Bert about his next devious plan, which was to scrap Thomas. The diesels agreed they needed another diesel to make their plan complete. Diesel couldn't think of another diesel that would like to help them with their plan. 'Arry and Bert told Diesel about their triplet, who was a very devious diesel that hated steam engines. Diesel liked this diesel already. He was invited to come visit Sodor the next day. He finally arrived and Diesel was happy he had arrived. They arranged their plan and had everything set up. Diesel sent the three brothers to trick Thomas into visiting the scrapyard as soon as he could. The Triplet knew the right way to trick Thomas. Thomas has never seen this diesel before but he knew he looked familiar. Thomas didn't know what to do, but he went anyway. Percy saw this and was worried. Thomas came to where the diesel told him to go. As he went in, the diesels got in their position and waited for the perfect time. 'Arry and Bert got behind Thomas and Diesel got in his front. Diesel has finally had his plan complete, but he then realized something;it was the Triplet who had to block Thomas from the front and not him. To make matters worse, the Triplet wasn't seen anywhere, which made Diesel a bit worried. The Triplet soon came out and claimed that he was the new leader and it was him who had the plan complete. He then ordered Diesel to do the next part of the plan. Diesel refused to do what he said and was angry at the Triplet for tricking them all. They both got into an argument for who was the more devious diesel. 'Arry and Bert tried to stop them and left Thomas alone. Percy saw what was happening and got the chance to sneak in and rescue Thomas. The two friends left the scrapyard. Diesel was trying to get his role as the leader back but the Triplet ordered 'Arry and Bert to capture Diesel. Then 'Arry and Bert asked if they could now scrap Thomas. The Triplet said yes and when they went to find Thomas, he was gone. The two diesels, once agian, both were very angry at each other. 'Arry and Bert just left the scrapyard and asked Thomas and Percy to help. Thomas didn't want to help them because he knew it was a trap. 'Arry and Bert said it wasn't a trap and they needed to stop the Triplet. They agreed and went back to the scrapyard. The Triplet was winning and was ready to scrap Diesel, when Thomas and Percy shunted the Triplet away from Diesel. The Triplet was angry that nobody was listening to him, so he left and said this wasn't the end of him. Everyone was safe and both Thomas and Percy and Diesel and the Ironworks Twins left on their seperate ways. Diesel was happy the Triplet was gone for good.



  • This is the first time 'Arry and Bert's Triplet appears in an episode.
    • His line "This isn't the last you see of me!" foreshadows his possible return in a future episode.
  • This is the first time Diesel was close to being scraped.