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A New Colour is the thirty-fifth episode of the fourth season

"Uh! I have to agree Douggie, the Fat Controller, never is fair to us"

"Told you, Donal'. Will need to be really Useful. That way he'll give us a reward"

-Donald and Douglas

A New Colour
Season 4, Episode 35
Air date December 28, 2011
Written by HenryDashPaxton3000
Directed by HenryDashPaxton3000
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Donald and Douglas are Scottish Twins. They are Black have 6 wheels on their Tender and Main Body. They are nearly identical and they take advantage of chance whenever they can. But they are Useful, and friendly. One day, they are very tired and dirty, they want a wash, but James is getting New Paint. They are very cross because they have worked so hard. Douglas whispers something to Donald, he agrees, and they'll do it the next day. Fire Lighter comes and starts their fire. Their Boilers are burning nicely by the time their Driver and Firemen, they do their work. They pull coaches, coal cars, tar wagons, The Daily Milk Delivery, or slate cars, and so on. They are doing their very best to prove the Fat Controller that THEY deserve a re-paint. At the Sodor Slate Quarry, the Trucks pull Douglas under the hopper, but he just continues. At the Coal Depot, coal dust goes all over Donald, but he just carries on. The Fat Controller is waiting at their Shed. He asks them what Colour would they like. They chose Blue and are sent to the SteamWorks to be painted. Donald and Douglas agree Blue is the best colour for them and their plan has worked.


  • Donald
  • Douglas
  • The Fat Controller
  • James (mentioned)
  • Percy (cameo)
  • Henry (cameo)
  • Duck (cameo)
  • Thomas (cameo).
  • Diesel (cameo)
  • Norman (cameo)
  • Thomas (cameo)


  • Donald and Douglas chose blue like at the end of The Twin Engines.
  • Throught the episode, their name plaques are postined in the centre of their Boiler, for Donald mostly. After Paint Cans their name plaques will be on their Smoke boxes.