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A Millie Christmas is a 2020 Christmas special focusing on Millie and the winter holidays.


The winter holidays were almost here and Millie was really excited for them. She worked hard everyday and helped out when she could. She was really ready and wouldn't let anything ruin her special days. There was going to be a Christmas party for the engines. Everyone on Sodor looked forward to these holidays.

Millie had just finished her job an was really excited Christmas was two days away. She hoped she would have a great time with her friends. Luke was going to deliver a Christmas tree to the party. The other engines told Millie to calm down but she said she really couldn't wait and nothing bad would happen.

That day, there was a big snowstorm and the engines were really having trouble traveling around. The snow made it impossible for them to see where they were going. Luke wasn't able to collect the Christmas tree so he had to wait for the storm to be over. Luke didn't want to upset Millie. He promised everything would be ready for Christmas Eve. Sir Topham Hatt could see the problems the snow was causing, so he decided to not let any engine out until the snow cleared. It kept snowing for the rest of the day ,now Millie was really worried about the next day.

The next day, it stopped snowing,but there was lots of snow on the tracks that would make all the deliveries late for the party. Sir Topham Hatt send his engines to clear the tracks. Luke decided to take the tree to Millie's party. Millie was very happy to see Luke and they decided to help clear the snow and make the final deliveries for the party.

There was one more delivery to be made;it was a truck of presents, and it was getting buried in the snow. Luke and Millie were determined to find it on time. They searched everywhere but they couldn't find it. Finally Luke saw it and went to collect it. Suddenly, a big snowball rolled toward Luke. Millie saved Luke, but the presents were smashed. Luke and Millie decided to go to the party without presents.

Millie was sad, but Luke said it was ok and Millie agreed. They had fun that night. More engines came and even Sir Topham Hatt came to the party. Millie said that being with Luke was the best thing she could think of for the party. Soon the party was over and everyone left. Millie went to sleep and wished everyone a merry Christmas.

Millie woke up the next day and was very happy Christmas day was here. Luke came to visit her that morning and they had a great time with their friends. Luke comes up with the line "A Millie Christmas" and Millie is happy.

The End



  • The specials title is a pun on the line, Merry Christmas
  • This is the first special that is about Millie.
  • The special was released 5 days before Christmas.
  • This is the second special in Lukeillie's Series.
  • Millie speaks French throughout the special.